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Why "Man Made Global Warming" is total BS (Read 850 times)
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Why "Man Made Global Warming" is total BS
6th Nov, 2014 at 5:10am
Since 2009 it is become increasingly clear that the theory of "Man Made Global Warming" aka "AGW" aka "Climate Change" is a load of crap.

Iffy scientists + "policy analysts" pretending to be scientists have been using bad science to scam the shit out of us.

From tree ring studies that cut out 1 or 2 hundred trees of the many originally studied to bodged together computer models claiming massive sea level rises based on a 1 off result in a single location, I've done my best to keep track of all the stories that matter to debunk these dubious claims over at my other politics website...........
The ultimate guide to the AGW scam
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