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Okay so I am 18 years old, a soon-to-be college student who has always dreamed of moving to England. I'm thinking of applying for a job there after I get out of college. I just have a few questions about it first.
-What's the economy like in England?
-What careers do the best there?
-How expensive is it to live there?
-Do Brits like Americans?
-What are the main differences between England & the US?
-What is the culture like?
-Any other information/tips I would need to know

Additional Details

-What is the best/cheapest place to live?

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1) Economy... slowly sputtering back to life, then slowly dying again on & off... better than it was, but not quite better enough.

2) Stacking shelves in Poundland, Serving food in McDonalds, Accountancy (need 'em with over 11,000 pages of tax laws and rising), spamming people with annoying PPI claim calls, spamming people with no win no fee injury calls, call centre working, Romanian scrap metal thieving, Eastern European fruit picker, lawyer making bogus whiplash injury claims for eastern european gangs, scrounging off benefits.

3) £145 a year for a TV licence, even more again for a subscription to Sky satelite, Fuel for your car costs around £1.35 a litre (60% of which is government tax), a can of coke now costs 50p ($0.78), Insuring a car costs at least a minimum £600 for a 1litre Nissan Micra upto about £900+ for a Volvo V70 estate (and get higher still) due to bogus whiplash injury claims that the insurance companies until recently don't bother to tackle and just pay up.
Vehicle excise duty (aka Road tax) costs anything from £30 to £430 a year depending on size of car + other factors.
Energy costs are some of the highest in the developped world due to pandering to the green lobby with subsidies for renewable energy sources that are about as effective as a dynamo powered by an asthmatic hamster on a wheel.
Train tickets can end up costing more than a Nintendo DS unless you buy the tickets in advance online.

4) Yes, vast majority of Brits like Americans.... apart from various lefties who've been duped into thinking America invaded Iraq for oil (instead of because of being messed around) + the influx of islamic extremists in certain parts of the country these days + tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists.

5) We drive on the opposite side of the road, all but one of our motor racing venues are "road courses" as you'd call them, our beer tastes of beer instead of beer flavoured water, we prefer "soccer" football to NFL football (though both available on British TV), and Formula1 to NASCAR.

6) The culture..... at it's very best, our music & comedy & drama & sports coverage are freakin' awesome

< 1970's classic
< one of the best drama's
< best sports
< drinking culture

7) As my friend Melissa (originally from Illinois, but now living 5hrs away from me in Southern England) will testify, be very wary of English cider.... it's REALLY good stuff, but all English cider is the alcholic sort I believe you'd refer to as "hard cider" (and non-alcoholic Apple is called Juice / sparkling apple) that blows your head off, and it's not unknown for people in bars to play "get the American girl drunk" if they aren't aware of this fact about cider.

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