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How to begin a recruiting company in the UK? [closed]

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I have previously an online portal site for on line recruiting (resume creator and online program), therefore I am searching for immediate recruitment


closed with the note: Another fucking India SEO spammer asking & answering their own questions under different usernames from the same IP Address!
asked Mar 19, 2013 in Careers & Employment by LaurencePringle Beginner (104 points)
closed Mar 19, 2013 by admin_jduck1979

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I should imagine it would be rather difficult seeing as your IP Address has been traced to India, as has that of the other answerer.

Kindly fuck off and stop spamming my website posting questions & answers from the same IP Address under different usernames for your own SEO purposes.

answered Mar 19, 2013 by admin_jduck1979 Five-hundred+ points user (736 points)
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Require a little more details about what it's you're attempting to attain. Is it beginning your own agency? If so performing what particularly?

Without understanding more, I recommend calling the REC that are the industry organization for recruiting experts. Based on for what business you are seeking to sponsor you may require extra account (i.e. Gangmasters Licence).

Maybe not desired to dampen your excitement,online recruitment software but recruitment is an extremely competitive company - and there's a gigantic difference between having a RESUME creator site and really operating a hiring businessrecruiting software
If you counsel more in what your doing I'll try and assist further, otherwise - best of luck!

answered Mar 19, 2013 by JenBryant Beginner (102 points)
edited Mar 19, 2013 by admin_jduck1979
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