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how can i make my deck a perfct place to sit ,eat and realax?

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i have considerably big sized deck, i want to make it a perfect place where we can eat and enjoy leisure. what can be the possible ways to make it as mentioned?
asked Jan 7, 2013 in Gardening by dega Beginner (102 points)
recategorized Jan 8, 2013 by admin_jduck1979

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you have bundle of ways to make your deck design adorable and perfect place to sit. you can have outdoor kitcken on your deck . outdoor kitchen can help you with easy cooking and serving of wood. yes, you can also have custom decks. to add security you can give boundaries to your deck and staircases too is good optiion. 

answered Jan 9, 2013 by grace Beginner (103 points)
edited Jan 16, 2013 by admin_jduck1979
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