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1. Metropolitan Control-Freaks Are Putting the Future of the Conservative Party at Risk
Last week it was revealed that the Conservative Party's income from membership has fallen to within £50,000 of UKIP's, and the average age of a Conservative Party member has risen to 68.At Conservative Party Conference last year, the Bow Group released a report demonstrating that at current rate UKIP would overtake the Conservative Party in membership terms within 5-7 years, and that UKIP already has a far healthier average membership age.As a follow up, after consultation the Bow Group, Conservative Grassroots and Conservative Voice produced a list of ten points that the Conservative Party should urgently enact to reverse the arrest in membership and restore freedom and democracy to the Party.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/08/04/Metropolitan-Control-Freaks-Are-Putting-the-Future-of-the-Conservative-Party-at-Risk - 57KB - 05 Aug 2014
Excerpt: are putting the future of the conservative party at risk print article send a...
2. Where were UKIP?
The story of yesterday’s local elections is of a big swing to federalist Labour. The Labour party that landed this country in the Nice Treaty, the Amsterdam Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty had a good night in many English and Welsh local Councils. I do not think people voted for them because they want more EU, but the fact remains that a leading federalist party has polled well and gained many Councils.I will try once again to explain my thoughts about UKIP, as several here write in in shrill tones. They claimed that UKIP is about to make a break through. They claim it has all the right policies. They argue that the Conservatives are not worthy of support. They say that someone like me has to join UKIP, as UKIP now share some of the views I have argued for over many years.This morning is a good morning to review progress. Most would agree that yesterday was an ideal day for a newer party to make a break through. Voters had plenty of reasons to be disenchanted with the three main parties. Yet break through came there none. There are today no UKIP Mayors, no UKIP controlled Councils, just as I forecast.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/04/where-were-ukip/ - 418KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: union is to stay within the conservative party and to argue from inside ukip...
3. Boris Johnson speech's extraordinary attack on the 'quitters, the splitters, the kippers' |...
The London Mayor addresses a rally of Conservative activists tonight, before his official speech to the conference faithful in Birmingham tomorrow.Mr Johnson vowed to take on the 'quitters, the splitters, the kippers' who are trying to undermine the Tory party.And he mocked defectors with an extraordinary sex joke. He told delighted Tory activists:'The EU commission wants to ban vacuum cleaners on the grounds that they are too powerful.‘If you do not handle your vacuum cleaner correctly, you may end up inhaling the hamster – the budgerigar through the bars of the cage.‘And I have read that there are some people – probably the type who are thinking of defecting to UKIP – who present themselves at A&E with barely credible injuries sustained through vacuum cleaner abuse.’The outspoken remark is likely to infuriate UKIP supporters, and will draw comparisons to when defence minister Anna Soubry said of Mr Farage: 'I always think he looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it.'
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2773868/Boris-building-Cameron-prepares-parade-star-player-Tory-conference-quell-UKIP-jitters.html - 364KB - 30 Sep 2014
Excerpt: iain duncan smith addressing the conservative party conference at the...
4. New group Conservative Voice aims to help build an election-winning Tory machine The Tory Diary
It's not quite as exciting as the overnight news from Flushing Meadows but I am genuinely delighted to report the launch of Conservative Voice.A central belief of ConservativeHome's Majority project is that to win the next election we don't just need a refreshed party message and manifesto, we also need a new Tory machine. We need to rethink our approach to party activism, use of the internet, relations with third party groups, candidate selection and so many other aspects of our party's voter identification and mobilisation strategies. London and the centre right have plenty of policy-orientated groups but not many groups that are dedicated to these questions of party organisation, membership and getting out the vote. This gap has now been filled.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2012/09/new-group-conservative-voice-aims-to-help-build-an-election-winning-tory-machine.html - 61KB - 11 Sep 2012
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5. The paradox of democracy in the UK
Let me return like a moth to the flame to the question of UKIP. I get plenty of criticism on this site for fighting the good fight against the use and extension of EU power on the simple ground that I do not join UKIP, who happen to agree with some of my views. I will try again to explain why I and other like minded Conservative MPs will continue to battle for the restoration of UK democracy as Conservatives.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2014/07/23/the-paradox-of-democracy-in-the-uk/ - 262KB - 01 Aug 2014
Excerpt: explain why i and other like minded conservative mps will continue to battle for the...
6. Yvette Cooper should apologise for blocking access to foodbanks | Conservative Home
The Labour Party have been keen to make political capital over the increase in the number of people using Foodbanks.Labour's response crass for various reasons. Foodbanks were already expanding under the Labour Government. Most of those that use foodbanks are in a short term crisis.The need for foodbanks isn't new – but more of them mean that more is being done to meet that need and to help people going through a bad time.
URL: http://www.conservativehome.com/leftwatch/2013/02/yvette-cooper-should-apologise-for-blocking-access-to-foodbanks.html - 66KB - 22 Mar 2014
Excerpt: britain s leading conservative blog for news comment analysis and...
7. Should the Conservative party lurch right or left?
There will be all manner of calls in the next few days for a change of direction by Conservative Ministers, in the wake of the big swings to Labour in the local elections. The main feature of the elections was a swing to the left as conventionally described. Labour took many votes off the Lib Dems, and some votes off the Conservatives. It extended its hold on many northern towns and cities, and showed an ability to win some seats in the south as well.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/06/should-the-conservative-party-lurch-right-or-left/ - 322KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: john redwood s diary should the conservative party lurch right or left comments...
8. Fewer people are going hungry than under Labour | Conservative Home
The Labour Party talk a lot about the increase in the number of Foodbanks stressing that as proof that under the Conservative-led Government the poor have got poorer. Usually there is a some further implication that this is because the Conservatives don’t care – or are actively antagonistic towards the poor. The alternative explanation – that the need was always there but that more of it is being met as more foodbanks have opened is dismissed.
URL: http://www.conservativehome.com/localgovernment/2014/03/fewer-people-are-going-hungry-than-under-labour.html - 64KB - 21 Mar 2014
Excerpt: britain s leading conservative blog for news comment analysis and...
9. British Conservative Party Dazed and Confused by UKIP
The Conservative Party sits dazed, confused and undecided, at a crossroads. Despite pulling the decimated British economy from the ashes, the Party is on course to come third in the European Elections this month. In the last ten years it has surrended both the leadership of the British conservative movement and the popular vote.The modernisation project failed, but there are calls to restart it because it never went far enough, on the other side of the party there are calls to re-embrace conservatism, and retake the initiative and leadership of the conservative movement.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/05/07/Conservatives-Dazed-and-Confused-by-UKIP - 67KB - 08 May 2014
Excerpt: texas breitbart california british conservative party dazed and confused by ukip...
10. David Davis and Liam Fox form new Conservative Voice group to promote traditional values -...
David Davis and Liam Fox have launched a new group called 'Conservative Voice' in conjunction with ambitious young MPs from the right of the party.The Tory "big beasts" were joined by some of the most up-and-coming MPs from the 2010 intake at the launch of Conservative Voice, which aims to promote a traditionally Conservative message to voters ahead of the general election.As well as senior backbenchers Mr Davis and Dr Fox, who were both leadership rivals to David Cameron when he secured the post in 2005, the launch in Westminster's St Stephen's club was attended by MPs Dominic Raab, Robert Halfon and Stephen Barclay.While members of the group insist that they are keen to work alongside the party leadership, the presence of an active new movement on the right of the party is certain to prove an irritation to Mr Cameron, who has already faced accusations of abandoning traditional Tory values.Organisers said that the aim of the group was to unite grassroots activists with senior politicians who "support the Conservative agenda of individual aspiration, small government, low taxes, a broad rather than deep relationship with Europe, more direct accountability to voters and radical thinking on providing public services and tackling the country's social and economic challenges".
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/9535377/David-Davis-and-Liam-Fox-form-new-Conservative-Voice-group-to-promote-traditional-values.html - 73KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: rss feed for conservative articles telegraph co uk dcsimg...
11. Liam Fox and David Davis say they 'will not be constrained' in speaking out for the Tory right | Daily Mail
Liam Fox and David Davis are supporting a new group which says David Cameron's "detoxification" strategy has left the Conservatives out of touch with their activists.Two Conservative big beasts today warned they will 'not be constrained' as they launched a campaign group calling for a more traditional Tory message on tax, spending and Europe.Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and David Davis, who lost out to David Cameron in the Tory leadership, said Conservative Voice will set out a more 'distinctive' position from their Liberal Democrat coalition partners.Group founder Don Porter warned Mr Cameron’s 'detoxification' strategy to shake-off the Conservative image as the nasty party has left it out of touch with voters.He said he was 'personally very keen' to win back former Tories who have defected to UKIP.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2201509/Liam-Fox-David-Davis-say-constrained-speaking-Tory-right.html - 199KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: outbreaks of rain 5 day forecast conservative big beasts say they will not be...
12. The Conservative Party remains the best hope for Eurosceptics The Tory Diary
Anyone who has read Roger Helmer's pieces on ConHome will know that he's been unhappy with David Cameron's leadership for a long time. In the blog we posted on Thursday he listed twenty differences between the party leadership and, he suggested, many Tory activists. With disappointment but little surprise we learn that he's defected to UKIP; a few months after David Campbell Bannerman travelled in the opposite direction, from UKIP to the Conservatives.Roger explains his reasons in an open letter to all Conservative Party members.Roger has made the wrong decision. There are two parties of government in British politics and they are the Labour and the Conservative parties. In our first-past-the-post system a party like UKIP splits the Eurosceptic vote and lets Europhile candidates in by the backdoor. Although I, like Roger, also believe that Britain needs to once again become an independent, self-governing state I believe the Conservative Party remains the best vehicle for that goal.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2012/03/the-conservative-party-remains-the-best-hope-for-eurosceptics.html - 58KB - 03 Mar 2012
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13. Claire Perry's porn filter is fantasy policy-making, and it's coming unstuck The Tory Diary
Yesterday, the BBC published an embarrassing leaked letter, sent by a Department of Education official, on the topic of internet porn filters. In essence, the letter asked Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to agree to a form of words which would exaggerate the level of protection offered - allegedly in order to allow the Prime Minister to claim a victory.The fact is that the impression Perry gives about this being a simple issue of flicking a switch is a false one. As Big Brother Watch point out, the only way to even start trying to filter all pornography is to empower the state to monitor everyone's internet browsing, all the time.Even if we were to accept such an unpalatable and intrusive policy, it wouldn't actually do the job - for example, proponents of filtering have yet to offer an actual definition of what constitutes pornography or adult material.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2013/07/claire-perrys-porn-filter-is-fantasy-policy-making-and-its-coming-unstuck.html - 60KB - 22 Jul 2013
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14. Cllr Ralph Baldwin: Why I am joining the Conservative Party | Local Government
Cllr Ralph Baldwin of Barking and Dagenham Council announces his decision to join the Conservative PartyOver the past months I have been preparing myself for a massive change. Ironically it has been a much smoother process than anticipated. People are often questioning their parties, more often than not because they care very much about the issues and policies their Leaders are implementing. It’s a sign of healthy vibrancy and introspection, of intelligence and debate, of freedom over control. When you are sitting in the Council Chamber of Barking and Dagenham, one thing you quickly realise is the silence and even the local paper mentions the strange “lack of discussion” in meetings.It is no longer about “loyalty”, it is about nothing short of totalitarian control. The strangest aspect was the lack of discussion in the Labour Group meetings where people were too afraid to speak out. The fear was palpable.When you watch Question Time their attack lines are generic and clumsy, referring to people losing their jobs and businesses, or helping millionaires (Labour still courts them and is led by them), relying on “Eton” as an elitist criticism when Labour still brands it’s MPs a political “elite” to satisfy their pretentious delusions and attack their own long dead ideology, with the usual hypocrisy and their future MPs and Parliamentary staff are mostly inexperienced ex-public school people.Of course Labour is not offering an alternative to the policy of austerity and yet is trying to play two games at once, relying on a strategy they practised upon their own membership to prove to themselves how dim their own members were (they do not understand the virtue of loyalty only control using any means) and that is to proclaim a programme, no matter how shallow and go through the motions only whilst trying to steal Conservative ground. Ed Milliband attempted to create a “New Generation” without actually making any real changes at all to his party other than to try and con more members into campaigning harder and even diluted further their input at Conference
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/localgovernment/2012/05/cllr-ralph-baldwin-why-i-am-joining-the-conservative-party.html - 61KB - 15 May 2012
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15. Benjamin Disraeli: Miliband leads the No Nation party, not the One Nation party | The Tory Diary - ConservativeHome
By Benjamin DisraeliYou cannot follow Lord Beaconsfield on Twitter, since he hasn't a clue what it is.I cannot deny that my grasp of public affairs is not as sure as it might be since, for reasons that readers of this publication will understand, I am presently incapable of taking my seat in the House of Lords. I must also confess that my mastery of the means of communication on which this modern age depends is, alas, incomplete (the mysteries of the telegraph remain a wonder to me). None the less, Mary Anne, being returned yesterday afternoon to Hughenden from her duties, has read to me a transcript of the speech of the Labour Party leader to his conference, and I am dictating this article to her by way of response.I wish to make it clear at the outset that I am by no means ill-disposed to Edward Miliband. As I say, my grasp of present events is a little tentative, but I understand from Mary Anne that my party is now in coalition with Mr Gladstone. Readers will comprehend that I find this deeply disturbing, and I see from the opinion polls that my view is widely shared: as I once said, England does not love coalitions. So I am prepared to give Mr Miliband a fair hearing. As I once told the Commons, the cause of labour is the cause of England. This is why the Conservative Party is - or should be - the party of labour, as well as the party of capital.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2012/10/benjamin-disraeli-writes-for-conhome-why-milibands-one-nation-claim-is-chutzpah.html - 65KB - 03 Oct 2012
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16. Want a Tory victory in 2030? Fight to turn the North East blue | Conservative Home
We’ve covered the habits and fallacies of the Miserablist Left on ConservativeHome before – here and here, for example. The most glaring example (quite literally) is Ed Balls, whose squirming in the face of good economic news has been a joyful sight to behold. But it’s important to remember the pessimistic trend extends beyond the Shadow Chancellor and, indeed, beyond the bounds of the Labour Party.The Guardian presented a monumental example of miserablism at the weekend, declaring the North East of England, which includes my home town, to be “teetering on the brink” of becoming “Britain’s Detroit”.The article provoked a furious response from across the North East – understandably, given that it had been rubbished simply in order to make an attack on “Tory cuts”, regardless of the truth of the matter or the harm it might do to the already under-rated North East.Those of us who grew up there spend a good portion of our time correcting people’s misapprehensions, which are largely borne of 30-year-old news footage and re-runs of Our Friends In The North. It’s a source of eternal frustration that whole tracts of the country think of smoking slag-heaps and strikers when the reality includes the nation’s most beautiful countryside, Granger’s glorious sandstone architecture, massive redevelopment and car plants which turn out more vehicles each year than the entirety of Italy.
URL: http://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2014/05/want-a-tory-victory-in-2030-fight-to-turn-the-north-east-blue.html - 70KB - 13 May 2014
Excerpt: britain s leading conservative blog for news comment analysis and...

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