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1. Vince Cable: Top Tory calls Business Secretary a 'lame duck' | Mail Online
Christopher Chope accused the Lib Dems of trying to have it both ways and suggested Mr Cable should be replaced with David Laws if he returns to Cabinet.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1340834/Vince-Cable-Top-Tory-calls-Business-Secretary-lame-duck.html - 92KB - 23 Dec 2010
Excerpt: coalition sham cable humiliated vince cable leaving his home twickenham...
2. Tories' blistering attack on 'inert, scheming' Cable: Even some Lib Dems think Vince is lazy,...
Allies of David Cameron have attacked ‘inert’ Vince Cable and accused him of trying to drive a wedge between the Prime Minister and George Osborne over a mansion tax.Tory Ministers are furious at the Business Secretary’s attack on the Government’s ‘lack of direction’ in a leaked letter last week.Despite his denials, they believe that Liberal Democrat Mr Cable – or, more likely, his supporters – were behind it.Conservatives close to No 10 claim Mr Cable has stepped up his campaign to force Mr Cameron to back a mansion tax because it is one of the few policies over which Mr Cameron and the Chancellor disagree.They have now launched a provocative counter-attack by claiming Mr Cable is lazy – and they say that some Lib Dem Ministers agree.They want Mr Cameron to appoint a Tory to replace Mr Cable – possibly Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.‘Vince spends more time hatching plots to promote himself than devising an effective policy on business,’ said one Tory with close links to Mr Cameron. ‘He is inert and some Lib Dem Ministers agree. The Business Department is lacking in ideas and drive.Last night, even allies of the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg were critical of Mr Cable. Speaking at the party’s spring conference in Gateshead, one said: ‘Vince is still behaving like an Opposition politician rather than a Minister.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2113270/Tories-blistering-attack-inert-scheming-Cable-Even-Lib-Dems-think-Vince-lazy-say-allies-Prime-Minister.html - 141KB - 11 Mar 2012
Excerpt: cable even some lib dems think vince is lazy say allies of prime...
3. STEPHEN GLOVER: Shameless treachery: Mr Cable is the most disloyal and devious politician of our times
Yesterday, Vince Cable delivered a speech at the Liberal Party Conference which for sheer bile was without precedent in modern times, by STEPHEN GLOVER.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2422932/STEPHEN-GLOVER-Shameless-treachery-Mr-Cable-disloyal-devious-politician-times.html - 130KB - 17 Sep 2013
Excerpt: shares 348 view comments yesterday vince cable delivered a speech at the...
4. CentreRight: Vince Cable couldn't be more wrong about taxing the better off
Vince Cable has a reputation as a competent and distinguished economist. Yet in declaring a redistributive tax policy his “Red Line Issue” within the coalition, he makes not one but two elementary, undergraduate-level howlers, and compounds them together. Fallacy Number...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/centreright/2010/08/vince-cable-couldnt-be-more-wrong-about-taxing-the-better-off-blogs-rogerhelmermep.html - 78KB - 08 Aug 2010
Excerpt: posts centreright rss 2 0 comments vince cable couldn wrong taxing better...
5. Tory minister Michael Fallon sent by No.10 to keep tabs on Vince Cable | Mail Online
A Tory minister in Vince Cable’s business department has described his frustration that his boss frequently ‘slips his electronic tag’ by making anti-business speeches.In a sign of increasing rifts at the top of the Coalition, Michael Fallon – a close ally of Chancellor George Osborne – said the Lib Dem Business Secretary sometimes went off-piste by criticising wealth creators.Mr Fallon, a former Conservative vice-chairman, was promoted by David Cameron in September’s reshuffle amid rumours he was being installed in the business department to ‘keep an eye’ on Mr Cable.Tory critics of the Business Secretary say he is the most ‘anti-business’ person ever to hold the post, and Mr Cable often disagrees with his Tory junior ministers over the direction of policy.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2237478/Tory-minister-Michael-Fallon-sent-No-10-tabs-Vince-Cable.html - 209KB - 23 Nov 2012
Excerpt: sent by no 10 to keep tabs on vince cable says lib dem keeps slipping...
6. Labour's attempts to woo Lib Dems like Vince Cable are clumsy, but important – Telegraph...
labours-attempts-to-woo-lib-dems-like-vince-cable-are-clumsy-but-importantThere is a certain amount of eye-rolling and sniggering at Westminster over Labour’s rather clumsy efforts to woo Vince Cable, and at Mr Cable’s response. Partly this is because the whole thing is just a bit too obvious: if Labour really thought they had a chance of luring Mr Cable into some sort of illicit…
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jameskirkup/100180184/labours-attempts-to-woo-lib-dems-like-vince-cable-are-clumsy-but-important/ - 55KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: s attempts to woo lib dems like vince cable are clumsy but important...
7. Vince Cable's latest stuff on the economy is a pathetic waste of time | Telegraph Blogs
The coincidence of timing really could not have been more perfect. Vince Cable chose this morning to unveil the British Business Bank that his department is working up. The Business Secretary is an interventionist who thinks the government (already spending 43.3 per cent of GDP) is not doing enough for the economy.As Vince was burbling on in a radio interview about his department getting involved in the tunnel-digging industry and much else besides, a report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was also landing. It exposed the failure of the government's previous great interventionist initiative, the Regional Growth Fund.When the fund was launched by Nick Clegg he set a target of "delivering" 36,800 jobs, by doling out Ł1.4bn to companies. As Clive Aslett said the other day: you know a policy is a lemon when you hear Clegg announcing it. And so it has transpired. The symbol of the Regional Growth Fund might as well be a small, ellipsoidal, yellow citrus fruit.The PAC report reveals that so far the fund has only created 2,400 jobs. Only Ł60 million has reached front-line businesses with Ł470 million "parked" with intermediary bodies such as local authorities and quangos who are working out what to do with it.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/iainmartin1/100180279/vince-cables-latest-stuff-on-the-economy-is-a-pathetic-waste-of-time/ - 56KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: news vince cable s latest stuff on the economy...
8. Vince Cable is the anti-business secretary - Telegraph
Vince Cable's attack on capitalism showed that he doesn't understand it, writes Simon Heffer.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/simonheffer/8023221/Vince-Cable-is-the-anti-business-secretary.html - 63KB - 25 Sep 2010
Excerpt: comment columnists simon heffer vince cable anti business secretary vince...
9. Free-market Tories arrive to reel in Vince Cable - Telegraph
David Cameron used free-market Conservative MPs to curb the influence of the Liberal Democrats’ Vince Cable and give the Government a more business-friendly appearance.Michael Fallon, the Right-wing deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, was appointed Mr Cable’s deputy at the Department of Business. Several other forceful Conservative advocates of free market reforms were appointed to new posts as Mr Cameron and George Osborne, the Chancellor, set out to kick-start the stagnant economy.Sources said that, in a calculated snub, Mr Cable was not consulted in advance on Mr Fallon’s appointment, an attempt to appease Conservative critics.Mr Cable is regarded by many Tories as unsympathetic to industry, and many hoped that Mr Cameron would use his reshuffle to oust him from the business department.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9521389/Free-market-Tories-arrive-to-reel-in-Vince-Cable.html - 69KB - 05 Sep 2012
Excerpt: market tories arrive to reel in vince cable david cameron used free...
10. Tories pressure PM to ditch Cable claiming he's blocking shake-up of employment laws and slowing...
Tories want the Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable moved or sacked in the reshuffle despite David Cameron's agreement to give Nick Clegg a free hand over Lib Dem appointments.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2196617/Tories-pressure-PM-ditch-Cable-claiming-hes-blocking-shake-employment-laws-slowing-economic-recovery.html - 187KB - 01 Sep 2012
Excerpt: are pressing david cameron to sack vince cable in his forthcoming reshuffle...
11. Vince Cable, the Psammead Business Secretary - Left Watch (ConHome)
Readers may recognise the two faces above. One is an ancient, grumpy and rather self-centred creature which claims to know secrets unavailable to ordinary mortals. The other is the Psammead, from Edith Nesbit's Five Children and It.The cantankerous Psammead promises its audience that their fantastical wishes can come true - and then brings them crashing down to earth within a few hours. His uneasy coalition with the five children who discover it living in a sand pit is an uneasy one - without him, they would never be able to go on their adventures, but in return they have to put up with his constant grumblingand the limits of his powers. I suspect you're starting to see that the resemblance with Vince extends beyond the eyebrows.The Business Secretary is playing out his Psammead role again today. Only a couple of days since George Osborne's positive headlines about the progress the economy is making, and there is more good news from the employment statistics today, but Vince has brought the dark clouds rolling back in.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2013/09/by-mark-wallacefollowmarkon-twitter-readers-may-recognise-the-two-faces-above-one-is-an-ancient-grumpy-and-rather-self-.html - 54KB - 11 Sep 2013
Excerpt: contracts and free schools main vince cable the psammead business...
12. Tories beg PM to axe business bungler Vince Cable | The Sun |News|Politics
SENIOR Tories are urging David Cameron to SACK Vince Cable as Business Secretary — because he is stunting economic growthA group of Conservative Ministers blame the veteran Lib Dem for hampering the recovery by blocking radical tax cuts for firms.And they are furious he is refusing to agree to a bonfire of workplace red tape on employee rights drawn up by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft. Some Tory MPs also blame him for allowing the French to snatch a Ł13billion contract to build fighter jets for India.
URL: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4103205/Tories-beg-PM-to-axe-business-bungler-Vince-Cable.html - 46KB - 03 Feb 2012
Excerpt: story email our team mince vince tories beg pm to axe business...
13. Coalition lacks vision, says Vince Cable - Telegraph
Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, has admitted in a leaked letter that the Government lacks “a compelling vision of where the country is heading” after the financial crisis.The Liberal Democrat minister described elements of the Government’s economic policy as “frankly, rather piecemeal” and said it was not clear how Britons would “earn our living in the future”.The leaked letter, sent by Mr Cable to David Cameron and Nick Clegg last month, is evidence of a growing rift between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats over economic policy in the run-up to the Budget. Senior Liberal Democrats have broken with recent convention by being increasingly vocal in their demands for new taxes on expensive properties to fund greater tax breaks for low-paid workers.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9127298/Coalition-lacks-vision-says-Vince-Cable.html - 91KB - 07 Mar 2012
Excerpt: coalition lacks vision says vince cable vince cable the business...
DAVID CAMERON yesterday risked opening up a new rift with his Lib Dem coalition partners by appearing to take a sly dig at Vince Cable’s embarrassment over a late VAT payment.Asked if he had ever indulged in anything that people might view as tax avoidance, the Prime Minister, talking in Indonesia, said: “No, I don’t think I have,” and added: “I’ve always tried to pay all my taxes and I think it’s very important that people do.”Then he was asked if he would publish his own tax returns – a debate which has been raging since Chancellor George Osborne suggested top politicians could do so in the wake of the row over Labour’s London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s finances.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/314044/David-Cameron-in-dig-at-Vince-Cable-s-VAT-fine - 57KB - 13 Apr 2012
Excerpt: uk news david cameron in dig at vince cable s vat fine uk news david...
15. EXCLUSIVE: Missing: FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives
Documents describing Hillary Clinton's role in the death of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished, Daily Mail Online has learned after an extensive investigation.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3753013/Missing-FBI-files-linking-Hillary-Clinton-suicide-White-House-counsel-Vince-Foster-vanished-National-Archives.html - 376KB - 23 Aug 2016
Excerpt: the suicide of white house counsel vince foster have vanished from the...
16. Vince Cable is a serial-flip-flopper - LeftWatch
For Iain Dale, Vince Cable is a bit of a tit (click here for why). For The Sun, the Liberal Democrats' Treasury spokesman is "Unstable Cable": The Sun highlights his numerous U-turns: He slammed the Government in January last year for printing more money in a bid to kick-start the economy. He declared: "This is the Robert Mugabe school of economics." Nine months...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2010/04/vince-cable-is-a-serialflipflopper.html - 41KB - 11 Apr 2010
Excerpt: 0 posts leftwatch rss 2 0 comments vince cable serial flip flopper atom...

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