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1. The German surplus
Let us talk today about the German surplus. There it stands, enormous, giving Germany a great sense of achievement and power. No wonder so many Germans want to keep the Euro. They associate it with high levels of exports throughout the EU, and rising cash balances as they seek payment for their goods.In 2010 Germany exported 179 billion Euros more than it imported. 60% of its exports were to the rest of the EU.It leads Germans to say to other Euro members, you can be like us. Work as hard as we do, set realistic wages, and you too can have a surplus like ours.The German surplus is matched by the southern states’ combined deficits. Portugal, Greece, Spain, and Italy had a combined deficit about as large as Germany’s combined surplus. They like Germany do a lot of trade within the EU. They recognise that Germany has become more competitive than them. They want a way to pay for the goods they buy from Germany. They seek loans or grants from the surplus country to pay the bills. Germany is not keen to send them grants, and is trying to restrict the borrowing. The southern states are forced in to austerity measures, to curb their appetite for German products.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/12/07/the-german-surplus/ - 184KB - 10 Dec 2011
Excerpt: there it stands enormous giving germany a great sense of achievement and...
2. Police Commissioner: 'Young Muslim Men S*** On Germany'
One of Germany's most high profile police officers has spoken out about the abuse faced by her fellow officers from migrants, and the total failure of integration for thousands of young Muslim men who proudly proclaim "shit on Germany".
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/12/21/police-commissioner-young-muslim-men-s-germany/ - 59KB - 21 Dec 2015
Excerpt: 8216 young muslim men s on germany 8217 http www breitbart com london...
3. Ford's £80m EU loan to boost Turkey factory - and close ours (From Daily Echo)
THE Daily Echo can reveal today that a huge payout of EU cash was made to Ford just before the company closed its Southampton plant – and it went to boost Transit production in Turkey.This paper has already disclosed how £10m of UK Government cash was approved to help British Ford operations just days before the Swaythling bombshell was dropped.And now we have learnt that a cheap £80m EU loan to ramp up production of Transit vans in Turkey was also signed off just months before Ford’s devastating Southampton announcement.
URL: http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/10020273.Ford_s___80m_EU_loan_to_boost_Turkey_factory___and_close_ours/ - 503KB - 26 Jul 2013
Excerpt: the banka s core funds along with germany france and italy putting up around...
4. Germany admits mass immigration threatens 'social peace' | Mail Online
A new report leaked in Germany chronicles the disintegration of communities under the massive influx of Romanian and Bulgarian economic migrants while warning of possible civil disturbances unless the tide is checked.  Germany is experiencing what the UK can expect next year when restrictions come off the two EU lands and waves of job and benefit seekers are expected to pour across the channel.Germany warns of the threat to the 'social peace' of its cities and towns.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2365252/Germany-admits-mass-immigration-threatens-social-peace.html - 247KB - 16 Jul 2013
Excerpt: in crime social benefits abused now germany admits mass immigration threatens...
5. Is Germany in the grip of its Nazi past once more? News magazine Der Spiegel's astonishing...
Germany's biggest news magazine Der Spiegel gives a chilling warning that "the scandal is that young Germans in the 21st century feel the need to be neo-Nazis".
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2248080/Is-Germany-grip-Nazi-past-News-magazine-Der-Spiegels-astonishing-condemnation-country.html - 207KB - 15 Dec 2012
Excerpt: s astonishing condemnation of germany best selling magazine mourns the...
6. Will France and Greece get an end to austerity? | John Redwood's Diary
Over the next few weeks democracy in Euroland is on trial. Most pundits and commentators agree that French electors voted in Mr Hollande to end austerity. Most agree that the massive swing against Pasok and New Democracy in Greece was a swing against austerity policies in the Euro and EU. The problem is, the voters may end up with little changed austerity policies come what may.Part of the reason is the voters’ own mistake. Many French and Greek voters who want an end to austerity think they can have that without withdrawing from the Euro. I fear that is very difficult if not impossible. Voters in Euroland seem reluctant to accept that the whole architecture of the single currency is founded on austerity all the time the huge imbalances between Germany and the rest persist. If the rich areas refuse to send much money to the poor areas – as they do – the poor areas have to deflate, cut wages and costs severely, until they can compete. This cruel economic logic is not popular, but voters are reluctant to conclude that the currency is at fault.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/07/will-france-and-greece-get-an-end-to-austerity/ - 178KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: time the huge imbalances between germany and the rest persist if the rich...
7. Biden Tells Germany: You're Xenophobic
Vice-President Joe Biden has insulted Germany, the EU’s biggest economy and America’s most important ally in Europe, with a gratuitous and ignorant accusation that the German people are hostile towards immigrants and “xenophobic.”Offering no evidence, Biden told an audience in Washington to “Look at Germany. Look at the rest of the world.” He put Germany among the countries that were not “as welcoming” to outsiders. America is “the only non-xenophobic nation in the world that’s a major economy.”
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/06/12/Ignorant-Biden-insults-America-s-most-important-European-ally - 51KB - 12 Jun 2014
Excerpt: breitbart california biden tells germany you re xenophobic print article...
8. The Breakthrough Institute - Cost of German Solar Is Four Times Finnish Nuclear
The high cost of electricity produced by Germany’s solar program, even when compared to a widely criticized advanced nuclear project in Finland, undermines the prevailing view that solar is ready to scale-up while next generation nuclear designs are too expensive to pursue.
URL: http://thebreakthrough.org/index.php/programs/energy-and-climate/cost-of-german-solar-is-four-times-finnish-nuclear - 41KB - 03 Apr 2014
Excerpt: email facebook tweet print google germany s solar program will generate...
9. Germany Facing Mass Blackouts Due To Wind And Solar Power | The Daily Caller
Germany's power grid almost collapsed last month due to poor performance from they country's wind and solar power, according to data from a major trade union.
URL: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/28/germany-facing-mass-blackouts-because-the-wind-and-sun-wont-cooperate/ - 74KB - 01 Mar 2017
Excerpt: comments feed the daily caller germany facing mass blackouts because the...
10. David Cameron unveils 5G internet deal with Germany at CeBIT 2014 | Mail Online
Britain will get 5G internet so fast that users can download a feature film in less than a second, under a major deal struck with Germany.David Cameron said that with the ’world on fast forward’, the UK risks being left behind without ultra-fast broadband.Speaking at a hi-tech summit in Germany, the Prime Minister also announced £73million to develop the Internet of Things, which allow billions of everyday objects to communicate with each other online
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2576832/Ultra-fast-5G-broadband-download-film-ONE-SECOND-David-Cameron-unveils-deal-Germany.html - 306KB - 09 Mar 2014
Excerpt: second cameron unveils deal with germany to keep pace with a world on fast...
11. Speak for the UK, Mr Cameron
Mr Cameron has a simple choice. He can either go along with the plans for a German Europe, and be hailed by federalists as a good European, or he can call their bluff and speak for the UK.The Merkel plan will not save the Euro. It does nothing to tackle the underlying problems of too much government borrowing, and too little competitiveness. It increases the gap between the governed and the governing. Fining countries who have no money is ludicrous.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/12/08/speak-for-the-uk-mr-cameron/ - 201KB - 10 Dec 2011
Excerpt: the right things to save france and germany from their follies he has not done...
12. Germany will still sell us her BMWs if we change our relationship with the EU
The main argument that advocates of our current EU relationship advance is that we do more than half our trade with the EU so we have to maintain full membership to keep all those jobs. It is the most stupid argument in current UK politics. It is extraordinary that it has been trotted out uncritically for more than fortty years, and still many in the media fall for it.It is often based on the lie that more than half our trade is with the rest of the EU. This figure ignores our very profitable trade in services, where well over half is with non EU countries. It ignores the Rotterdam and Amsterdam entrepot effect, where trade with the rest of the world passes through these large ports and is counted as EU trade when it is with places further away.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/06/05/germany-will-still-sell-us-her-bmws-if-we-change-our-relationship-with-the-eu/ - 224KB - 09 Jun 2012
Excerpt: comments feed john redwood s diary germany will still sell us her bmws if we...
13. Spare us the fibs about the EU and the Euro
The “debate” about the EU and Euro remains higgled by misunderstandings that serious people peddle out. Let’s just deal with a few of them.1. If the UK makes a stand or declines to support the Merkel plan, we could lose the 10% of our National Income based on exports to the EU.Response: Whatever happens at summits, Germany will still want to sell us cars and France will still want to sell us wine. The UK will still be selling products and services in the EU, under existing EU rules and WTO controls. That does not change, whatever we do or say on the architecture of the EU and Euro.2. The Merkel plan for greater fiscal controls will save the Euro.Response:The Merkel scheme does not suddenly shrink the Greek deficit, or miraculously refinance the large Italian debt. Printing money could buy them a bit of time, but is not conditional on changes to rules and Treaties. Nothing in the Merkel plan solves the twin probems of too much debt and too little competitiveness in the problem countries.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/12/09/spare-us-the-lies-about-the-eu-and-the-euro/ - 210KB - 10 Dec 2011
Excerpt: whatever happens at summits germany will still want to sell us cars and...
14. Greek government legitimacy | John Redwood's Diary
The “wise heads” of the EU establishment think the Greek New Democracy (Conservative light) party should join forces with Pasok (Socialist light) party yet again in coalition and carry on with business as usual. These parties were rejected by two thirds of the Greek electors. What part of “No” does the EU establishment not understand? Once again they do not get this democracy idea. The two parties themselves decided not to undertake this task, but more negotiations lie ahead.Yesterday morning I listened to a Greek commentator saying the people had elected a Parliament of clowns and worse. He objected fiercely to the people not knuckling down and voting for candidates who were prepared to tell them that the European dream meant the continuing reality of austerity in the form of ever higher taxes and further attempted reductions in state spending. He should understand that the people voted as they did because they think the Euro dream has become a nightmare, and they want change.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/08/greek-legitimacy/ - 174KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: there a a a a a a a a a a a a germany and france should want greece out...
15. Eurozone crisis: David Cameron's defiance rewarded as Merkel's man snubs Sarkozy | Mail Online
Germany launched an extraordinary charm offensive to try to get Britain back to the EU negotiating table last night despite George Osborne’s refusal to contribute billions to a Brussels begging bowl.Guido Westerwelle, the German foreign minister, used a visit to London to extend an olive branch, lavishing praise on the UK as an ‘indispensable partner’ and promising a ‘hands-off’ approach to our financial services industry.There are increasing signs Germany is prepared to go behind France’s back and contemplate giving David Cameron the special protections for the City of London that were refused at a crunch summit this month, prompting the Prime Minister to veto an EU-wide power-sharing treaty.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2075924/Eurozone-crisis-David-Camerons-defiance-rewarded-Merkels-man-snubs-Sarkozy.html - 142KB - 20 Dec 2011
Excerpt: 6pm 4 c overcast 5 day forecast now germany woos britain over eu rift pm s...
16. 'How dare you describe Birmingham in this way': Locals' fury at Labour MP Jess Phillips for likening Cologne sex attacks to her own constituency on a Saturday night
Jess Phillips (pictured), Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, has been told to apologise to her constituents after comparing the migrant sex attacks to typical night in her city centre.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3422133/Cologne-style-sex-attacks-happen-weekly-Birmingham-Labour-MP-says-women-baited-heckled-weekend-city-centre.html - 395KB - 29 Jan 2016
Excerpt: member suggested the situation in germany showed where mass immigration doesn...

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