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33. Spare us the tears, Ken: weeping politicians fail to move us – Telegraph Blogs
It was almost exactly a year ago that the Deputy PM told us of how he blubs whenever he listens to music. The admission, made in an interview, was calculated to have us feel sympathy for that hard-working, scape-goated, sensitive New Man, Nick Clegg. It failed. As some might say, what is it about the son of a millionaire banker, educated at Westminster and Cambridge, married to a highly paid lawyer that fails to stir your pity? In a tough recession, we voters are keeping our sympathy for ourselves — or those who have lost their jobs or homes.Now Ken Livingstone, Labour's candidate for Mayor of London, is trying it on too. He was caught shedding tears of self-pity this morning as he watched a screening of his party election broadcast. This featured a series of “ordinary” Londoners explaining why they wanted him as Mayor.The Evening Standard goes on to describe how "In bizarre scenes, party leader Ed Miliband comforted the 66-year-old ex-mayor by leaning forward and patting him on the back."Leave him to it, Ed, some of us might have said. We're not being hard-hearted, just jaded about politicians' bags of tricks.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/cristinaodone/100150289/spare-us-the-tears-ken-weeping-politicians-fail-to-move-us/ - 54KB - 16 Apr 2012
Excerpt: lost their jobs or homes now ken livingstone labour s candidate for mayor of...
34. Boris Johnson poised to announce return to Parliament | Mail Online
Boris Johnson is to announce he will stand for Parliament at next year’s election – to avoid speculation on his future overshadowing the Tory campaign.Friends of the London Mayor say he accepts he must make his intentions to return to national politics known well before the Conservative conference in October or risk becoming a distraction at the party’s last major event before the general election next May.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2610727/Boris-poised-announce-return-Parliament-Hell-stand-year-stay-mayor.html - 354KB - 23 Apr 2014
Excerpt: an mp and ousted london mayor ken livingstone in 2008 ambition this big mr...
35. Boris says he is 'different' from the Tories - Telegraph
Boris Johnson has claimed he is “different” from the Conservative-led government as he attempts to win voters’ support for a second term as Mayor of London.Mr Johnson said the result of Thursday’s election would show whether David Cameron’s plummeting poll ratings had compromised his own chances of success.The official Conservative candidate promised that, if elected, he would not duck a fight with the Chancellor, George Osborne, and would argue for more state money for Londoners.Mr Johnson’s remarks will be seen as an attempt to position himself as a separate brand from the Tories, as polling consistently shows his own personal popularity ratings to be far ahead of his party’s.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/london-mayor-election/9239217/Boris-says-he-is-different-from-the-Tories.html - 72KB - 01 May 2012
Excerpt: articles how labour staged ken livingstone s tears 13 apr 2012 boris johnson...
36. Today's Boris interview in the Sun is a reminder of how effective his campaigning is The Tory...
After yesterday's YouGov poll which placed Boris Johnson two points behind Ken Livingstone in the race to become London's Mayor, a timely interview today in the Sun demonstrates Boris' ability yet again to draw on the national interest in jobs and immigration, and develop a balanced message for his electoral campaign.Whilst Government figures have revealed that 370,000 migrants are claiming benefits in the UK, and unemployment has hit a seventeen year high of 2.68 million, it would seem an obvious, not to mention populist choice, for Johnson to claim that immigration has failed and is damaging the jobs market for young Brits.Instead, Boris chose to focus his attention on the lack of "energy and appetite" among young people in the UK to go out to work. Johnson said that he did not "want to stigmatise young people because many of them do have the aptitude. But we need to face up to these issues". At the same time, he cited the increasingly popular analogy of Pret A Manger and work ethic from their foreign staff:
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2012/01/boris-interview-in-the-sun-is-another-example-of-how-effective-his-campaigning-is.html - 57KB - 20 Jan 2012
Excerpt: boris johnson two points behind ken livingstone in the race to become london s...
37. Firebrand RMT union boss Bob Crow, 52, dies after doctors battle for more than an hour to save...
The Rail, Maritime and Transport union leader, from Woodford Green, east London, died in Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, east London, early this morning.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2578155/BREAKING-NEWS-Bob-Crow-Rail-Maritime-Transport-union-leader-died-52.html - 378KB - 11 Mar 2014
Excerpt: supporter of millwall fc ken livingstone led tributes to mr crow and spoke...
38. Welsh Labour candidate suspended after advocating violence | Local Government
An important target for the Labour Party in the local elections is to gain control of Cardiff City Council. To achieve this would mean winning the Llanishen ward which is cuirrently held by the Conservatives. But one of the Labour candidates for the ward is James Brinning (pictured with Ed Miliband in a puublicity shot) who has been suspended by the Party after making a series of offensive comments on Facebook.Wales Online reports:Some of the offensive material appears in a “question and answer” profile on Mr Brinning’s Facebook site. In response to the question “What would you do if you met Justin Bieber?”, he states: “Kill”.Another question and answer recommends explicit pornographic videos.Elsewhere on Mr Brinning’s Facebook site can be found an extensive list of things he likes. This section includes several arguably racist references:* “Lsmmtuafimc Laughing so much my turban unravels and falls in my curry”;* “Being a top African and getting the water in for the boys”;* “Discrimination against Scousers”.Mr Brinning also advocates “giving taxi drivers unnecessary drunken abuse”.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/localgovernment/2012/04/welsh-labour-candidate-suspended-after-advocating-violence.html - 56KB - 20 Apr 2012
Excerpt: council main ken vs ken video shows livingstone s contradiction on fares a welsh...
39. Labour are leaving Wales behind | Local Government
Overwhelmingly residents in Wales are facing an increase in Council Tax this month. Overwhelmingly in England there is a freeze or a reduction. In some places in Wales the increase is over 3.5%. In England that level of increase would require approval in a referendum. No English council has decided to chance it.But in Wales there is no need to get such approval from residents.The Labour-run Welsh Assembly Government oppose it. Plaid Cymru's Assembly member Llyr Huws Gruffydd agrees it would be"inappropriate."The Conservative's Shadow Local Government Minister in the Welsh Assembly Janet Finch-Saunders says:In 2010-11, local authorities in Wales spent over £630,000 on official cars and chauffeurs. Rhondda Cynon Taf and Blaenau Gwent each spent £90,000, while Bridgend spent £75,000 and Neath Port Talbot £70,000. I wonder whether the Minister was aware of those figures until I mentioned them. Local authorities spent an average of £1.5 million on printing and paper costs, but Swansea spent £0.5 million. Given that this is public money, this kind of information should be made available through online publishing, to enable processes to be examined and efficiencies to be identified.Labour Assembly member Jenny Rathbone opposes this, saying residents mustn't be "bombarded" with information. So it is better to keep spending secret. On Carmarthenshire Council, run by Independents and Labour, a blogger was arrested for filming a council meeting using her mobile phone, and led away in handcuffs
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/localgovernment/2012/04/labour-are-leaving-wales-behind.html - 57KB - 20 Apr 2012
Excerpt: from yesterday 20 apr 2012 13 00 53 livingstone s false claims on sky news debate...
40. ConservativeHome's Local Government Blog: Red Ken and his union paymasters
Ken Livingstone is being challenged to either hand back the money given to him by ASLEF or admit publicly to Londoners that he fully supports the striking Union. Livingstone’s campaign to become the Labour Mayoral candidate was funded by the...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/localgovernment/2010/12/red-ken-and-his-union-paymasters.html - 64KB - 29 Dec 2010
Excerpt: red ken his union paymasters ken livingstone being challenged either hand back...
DAVID CAMERON yesterday risked opening up a new rift with his Lib Dem coalition partners by appearing to take a sly dig at Vince Cable’s embarrassment over a late VAT payment.Asked if he had ever indulged in anything that people might view as tax avoidance, the Prime Minister, talking in Indonesia, said: “No, I don’t think I have,” and added: “I’ve always tried to pay all my taxes and I think it’s very important that people do.”Then he was asked if he would publish his own tax returns – a debate which has been raging since Chancellor George Osborne suggested top politicians could do so in the wake of the row over Labour’s London mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone’s finances.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/314044/David-Cameron-in-dig-at-Vince-Cable-s-VAT-fine - 57KB - 13 Apr 2012
Excerpt: s london mayoral candidate ken livingstone s finances the pm replied it looks...
42. I'll curb power of Tube unions, says Boris | Mayor
Boris Johnson today vowed to reduce the power of union bosses by introducing driverless trains - and revealed that key Tube lines will be fully automatic within two years.In his first interview in the race for City Hall, the Mayor said he would use a second term to force through unprecedented transport reforms that pitch him into the biggest battle yet for control of the Underground.He claimed that he was the only politician who could create an automated network and reduce risk of strikes, adding: "I want to be the Mayor who delivers that."He also refused to rule out running for a third term despite repeated claims that he intends to mount a bid for the leadership of the Tory Party. He said he "regrets" previously saying he would serve a maximum of two terms as Mayor.Mr Johnson's comments on driverless trains today will put the issue at the heart of the election contest. By automating the Tube, Mr Johnson believes he can take away the unions' ability to hold the capital to ransom by calling what he has described as "pointless" drivers' strikes. There have been 23 during his four years in office.
URL: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard-mayor/article-24038852-ill-curb-power-of-tube-unions-says-boris.do - 42KB - 27 Feb 2012
Excerpt: in office although labour s ken livingstone has pledged to cut fares by seven...
43. The government thinks it’s about us, we think it’s about them
Most people want their government to collect sensible amounts of tax and to provide decent services for the money. They wish the government to uphold the law against criminals. They think most our problems are ones coming from too much law, not too little, or from imperfect enforcement of laws we do have against criminal activity.Modern bureaucratic government seems to think most of the problems come from the actions of the people.Health officials want people to be less fat, to eat a better diet, drink less alcohol, take more exercise. They may be right that this would make people healthier, and delay their time with doctors and hospitals to older age. Meanwhile the public wants the NHS to be there for them whatever they do. Some resent the taxes and regulations used to try to change our lifestyles.More resent the work of the green police.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/10/the-government-thinks-its-about-us-we-think-its-about-them/ - 219KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: leaders like blair balls brown and livingstone do it should seek to order their...
44. The extraordinary safety of nuclear power | Roger Helmer MEP
I want to say a bit more about last Friday’s nuclear debate at Exeter University. I was struck by the misconceptions that were expressed. The local Green Party man argued that Somali pirates were motivated to hi-jack ships and kidnap tourists as a protest against the social injustice caused by the nuclear industry (honest, I’m not making this up). One speaker from the floor said she understood the safety statistics, but couldn’t we understand public concern over nuclear power when we remembered Chernobyl and Bhopal? I had to point out that Bhopal was a chemical industry accident, and had nothing whatever to do with nuclear power. Indeed she’d neatly illustrated my point that accidents and disasters occur from time to time in all major industries. Within the electricity generation industry we need to look at the statistics to see which technologies are safer.In my speech, I pointed out that many prominent environmentalists were now calling for nuclear energy. There’s “Environmentalists for nuclear power”. There’s James Lovelock of the Gaia hypothesis, and granddaddy of the environmental movement. And George Monbiot, a lifetime opponent of nuclear who has just had a Damascene conversion to the cause.But although I myself have been a long-time supporter of nuclear power, I must confess that I was bowled over by the statistics that I mugged up on before the debate. Nuclear is not merely as safe as coal or gas or hydro. It’s not just a bit safer. It’s hugely safer, by several orders of magnitude. That’s hundreds or thousands of times safer.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/the-extraordinary-safety-of-nuclear-power/ - 66KB - 22 Apr 2012
Excerpt: can 8217 t make it worse ken livingstone campaigning in london ken...
45. Nuclear: Still the safest mainstream generating technology | Roger Helmer MEP
“It would be madness to abandon our nuclear programme”, says Boris Johnson. And despite the media hysteria going on at the moment, he’s right. Russia has its hand on the gas taps. There is chaos sweeping the Middle East and Arab oil fields. The price of petrol is hitting record highs. Greenpeace are at the door as I write, protesting against the extraction of oil from tar sands in Canada. Energy security has never been so critical.And despite the hype, nuclear is still the safest mainstream generating technology we have.Let’s get it in perspective. Yesterday, in response to a histrionic spam e-mail against nuclear, I wrote: Industry deaths in Coal: >250,000. In Hydro: >250,000. In nuclear, fewer than 100. That’s actually one hundred – not an abbreviation for 100,000. Nuclear is not just safer than coal or hydro — it’s safer by many orders of magnitude.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/nuclear-still-the-safest-mainstream-generating-technology/ - 64KB - 22 Apr 2012
Excerpt: can 8217 t make it worse ken livingstone campaigning in london ken...
46. Boris Johnson embodies the argument for elected mayors throughout Britain – Telegraph...
Lower council tax, more trees, scrapping bendy buses, extra coppers, sacking Ian Blair, resisting EU financial services regulation, fewer press officers, ending support for Third World dictators, signing the People's Pledge. Boris has earned his re-election. More than this, he has comprehensively made the case for elected mayors in Britain's cities.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100155110/boris-johnson-embodies-the-argument-for-elected-mayors-throughout-britain/ - 53KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: 8211 contrasts sharply with ken livingstone s secretiveness and hypocrisy he is...
47. David Livingstone: Discrepancies in explorer's account of Zanzibar slave massacre | Mail Online
His report of a mass murder in Africa (pictured) reviled the world. But after analysing his hitherto illegible field diary, researchers believe Dr David Livingstone may not have been telling the whole truth.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2056528/David-Livingstone-Discrepancies-explorers-account-Zanzibar-slave-massacre.html - 91KB - 03 Nov 2011
Excerpt: 6am 8 c overcast 5 day forecast dr livingstone lied scientists presume spectral...
48. Michael Fallon: Ed Miliband is a deficit-denying, union-controlled, u-turning, decision-ducker -...
While David Cameron was Mr Statesman, congratulating Ed Miliband on his victory, Sayeeda Warsi fronted the first Tory critique of the new Labour leader yesterday. Today, the second round of the Tory attack was fronted by Michael Fallon MP. My headline to this blog doesn't capture the measured way the new Deputy Tory Chairman - "the thinking man's rottweiler" - made his...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2010/09/michael-fallon-ed-miliband-is-a-deficit-denying-union-controlled-u-turning-decision-ducker.html - 49KB - 27 Sep 2010
Excerpt: harriet harman john prescott ken livingstone labour failure labour foreign...

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