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321. The Coalition is packed with public relations men. So why haven't they been able to sell pension...
The press, radio, TV and the blogosphere will be filled for days with noisy comments on the state of the economy and the efforts of the Chancellor to pull it out of the mess left by the Great Borrower, Gordon Brown, and the architects of the euro disaster.Important as that is, there are other matters to be addressed. Some, like the great euro disaster, are not within our ability to put right. Indeed more and more people across the political divide are now concluding that the euro as it is cannot survive at all, and that without tremendous political and economic surgery, even a scaled down euro may be unable to survive for long. The best the UK can do is to avoid being dragged into that burning house and to make sure that the conflagration does not consume our own house.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/normantebbit/100120727/the-coalition-is-packed-with-public-relations-men-so-why-havent-they-been-able-to-sell-pension-reform-to-the-british-public/ - 69KB - 29 Feb 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour liberal democrats libya...
322. The BBC's inbred culture and politically correct thought have ruined this valuable institution....
All too often in the wake of a scandal, or a failure of a governmental institution such as the Civil Service, the cries of anger are directed at the institution rather than those within it responsible for the failures.I am a defender of the British Civil Service, which, following the reforms of the 19th century, became the finest one of its kind in the world. Of course it had its failures. That is part of our humanity. It is from our failures as well as our successes that we learn to go on to achieve more. There is no doubt that the Blairite "reforms" have damaged it, but that does not mean that the concept of an permanent Civil Service without a partisan loyalty to the Left or the Right is wrong. Indeed, quite the reverse.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/normantebbit/100186382/the-bbcs-inbred-culture-and-politically-correct-thought-have-ruined-this-valuable-institution-time-for-fresh-blood/ - 58KB - 29 Oct 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
323. A letter to the new Governor of the Bank of England – Telegraph Blogs
Dear Mr Carney,I'm delighted that you're taking over as Governor of the Bank of England. Although some newspapers are describing you as the first foreign governor, very few British people think of Canadians as properly foreign. William III, who founded the Bank, was technically foreign but was, on most measures, one of our greatest monarchs.Canada is the only G7 economy to have come through the recent crash with a strong economy. That didn't just happen on its own. It was achieved by Stephen Harper's fiscal policy and by your monetary policy.I should warn you, though, that you're taking over a far more challenging position than Canada's.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100191454/a-letter-to-the-new-governor-of-the-bank-of-england/ - 54KB - 29 Nov 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
324. The 1% support Ed Miliband. The 99% do not. Left Watch
In this morning's Times (£):"Ed Miliband’s policy to widen Labour’s support base has got off to a disappointing start after only 500 people signed up to be registered supporters on the party’s website, far short of the 50,000 target set by the leadership."Mr Miliband is 1% of the way to his target!The Labour leader also claims to have recruited 65,000 extra members but The Times' Sam Coates also reports that "Labour had 193,961 members at the end of last year, according to accounts filed with the Electoral Commission, up from 156,205 in 2009."
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2011/12/the-1-support-ed-miliband-the-99-do-not.html - 42KB - 29 Dec 2011
Excerpt: hari john denham john prescott ken livingstone labour failure labour foreign...
325. Wind turbines – not just hateful but ruddy dangerous too! – Telegraph Blogs
Another one bites the dust (photo SWNS) Richard Dawkins you are WRONG. There IS definitely a God - and for proof, look no further than His decision to
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100200909/wind-turbines-not-just-hateful-but-ruddy-dangerous-too/ - 57KB - 31 Jan 2013
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
326. Watermelon Caroline Lucas denies her true nature – Telegraph Blogs
Another Little Nell moment in today's Guardian. (H/T Richard Tol). It seems that Britain's greenest town council is also turning out to be Britain's most disastrous town council. This is what happens when you put a bunch of Greens, led by a man called Jason Kitcat, in charge and it isn't pretty.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100250712/watermelon-caroline-lucas-denies-her-true-nature/ - 55KB - 01 Jan 2014
Excerpt: immigration iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
327. The sad death of Private Eye – Telegraph Blogs
In the latest issue of Private Eye I'm described as a "batshit anti-environmentalist." I suspect this may have been a typo for "batshit mad", which is what they called me last time they wrote about me. (According to that particular story, I was the Telegraph's most popular blogger – ha! eat your hearts out Tebbo and Hannan! But apparently this is only because I'm so barmily out-there I attract all the world's lunatics. Or some such).Anyway, it goes almost without saying that I am delighted to be celebrated in this way. To be namechecked in the Eye means, more or less, that you've made it. I first arrived (allegedly) about two decades ago when "James Delingpole" was featured in a column called "Telegraph Rhyming Slang". I rhymed with "fill up a hole."What does bother me about the "batshit" reference, though, is the context. It's in a feeble item about a lengthy investigation I wrote for the Mail On Sunday into perhaps the biggest public health scandal of our age: the various serious health problems from depression and insomnia to high blood pressure, anxiety and heart trouble caused by living near a wind farm. (It's do with the Low Frequency Noise. I'll cover this issue more fully in a separate blog, as part of my Wind Industry Big Lies series).ll you need to ask yourself is this question: which is a crime more worthy of exposure by Britain's best-known satirical magazine?a) a newspaper runs a slightly misleading picture on its website or b) In the name of "saving the environment" an overmighty, corrupt and mendacious industry – with the support and encouragement of the Coalition government – is laying waste to the British landscape, killing wildlife, devastating property values, ruining people's health, driving up energy bills, hurting the economy, destroying jobs, and contributing to some of the 2700 excess deaths per annum from cold. But not, unfortunately, making the blindest bit of difference either to "climate change" or Britain's "energy security."I mean really I don't want to tell Ian Hislop his job. Maybe, under his glorious editorship Private Eye has changed its remit slightly, so that instead of defending us ordinary people against the lying, greedy, ruthless Establishment Hislop now sees the Eye's job being mainly to cover up for vested interests and to hide the truth.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100182682/the-sad-death-of-private-eye/ - 57KB - 03 Oct 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
328. "Climate Change Is Real Because Shut Up!" Explains the BBC. Again - Breitbart
Tonight on BBC4 you have another chance to see the BBC’s latest propaganda effort on behalf of the climate change alarmism lobby. It’s called Climate Change By Numbers and I reviewed it, briefly, in the Spectator.Its arguments went something like this: climate change is real because nice, smiley girl with red hair; climate change is real because maths; climate change is real because potted history of US sea captain who standardised methods for measuring water temperature; climate change is real because Tottenham Hotspur; etc. With these ingenious distractions, it effortlessly swerved contentious issues such as the fact that the entire 20th-century temperature record has been subjected to unexplained — and probably unjustifiable — adjustments. I wonder what percentage of its presumably tiny audience it convinced.Now I see on Twitter that Team Climate (they hunt in packs) are taking umbrage.Do I realise that the woman I have so peremptorily dismissed as “nice, smiley girl with red hair” is in fact none other than Dr Hannah Fry, a mathematician from University College, London?
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/03/05/climate-change-is-real-because-shut-up-explains-the-bbc-again/ - 36KB - 06 Mar 2015
Excerpt: medium however much you loathe ken livingstone or ken clarke the fact remains that...
329. A record of seven days of attacks on Ed Miliband ... from his own side Left Watch
Over the past week, Ed Miliband has come under criticism from various figures in the Labour party - including from mentor and architect of 'Blue Labour', Lord Glasman, and other Labour MPs. Adding to this list today, both Alan Johnson and Alistair Darling have expressed their concerns.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2012/01/a-week-of-reflection-on-ed-milibands-leadership.html - 45KB - 09 Jan 2012
Excerpt: hari john denham john prescott ken livingstone labour failure labour foreign...
330. The Greenpeace Shard protest is not merely incomprehensible, it's downright sexist –...
Am I missing something? Why have six Greenpeace protestors decided to climb the Shard to protest against Shell's oil drilling in the Arctic? Shell doesn't have an office in the Shard, last time I checked. Wouldn't it have made more sense to climb the nearby Shell Centre?
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyyoung/100226060/the-greenpeace-shard-protest-is-not-merely-incomprehensible-its-downright-sexist/ - 56KB - 11 Jul 2013
Excerpt: immigration iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
331. George Monbiot and Sally Bercow may pay dearly for joining a lynch mob – Telegraph Blogs
George Monbiot, the Guardian columnist, and Sally Bercow, the Lefty wife of the Speaker, may soon be getting stern letters from m’learned friends about their online smearing of Lord McAlpine. They were in the thick of the online lynch mob that used Twitter last week to wrongly identify the former Tory treasurer as a paedophile.As Boris Johnson points out this morning, it’s hard to envisage a more damaging accusation against a man. Yet Monbiot and Bercow were happy to encourage this appalling falsehood, doubtless finding the very idea of a top Tory paedophile simply too irresistible to ignore.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/davidhughes/100189130/george-monbiot-and-sally-bercow-may-pay-dearly-for-joining-a-lynch-mob/ - 55KB - 12 Nov 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
332. Two reasons why the Left hates Lady Thatcher - Telegraph Blogs
John O’Farrell, Labour’s candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, used to contribute amusing articles to the New Statesman when I was the magazine’s deputy editor. The comedian was unfailingly polite in his dealings with me. Our contact was by telephone only and I remember picturing a mild-mannered soul clad in regulation socks and sandals.But mention Margaret Thatcher and gentle O’Farrell starts foaming at the mouth and spewing bile. In a book he wrote about his support for Labour, he revealed his “disappointment” when the IRA failed to kill the then prime minister in Brighton, in 1984. “Why did she have to leave the bathroom two minutes earlier?” he asked himself when Mrs Thatcher survived the bomb blast that destroyed her bathroom in the Grand Hotel.John O’Farrell is a Thatcher-basher – a type still common on the Left, even 23 years after she left Downing Street.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/cristinaodone/100203198/two-reasons-why-the-left-hates-lady-thatcher/ - 58KB - 18 Feb 2013
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...
333. What did our grandchildren do to deserve the Prince of Wales? – Telegraph Blogs
Today, in that bastion of liberty and open markets the European Parliament, the Prince of Wales argued fervently for the inalienable right of our children and grandchildren to enjoy a worse standard of living than their parents.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100075418/what-did-our-grandchildren-do-to-deserve-the-prince-of-wales/ - 64KB - 19 Feb 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour liberal democrats libya...
334. Clegg threatens to veto Cameron's choice for Brussels job: Demand set to enrage backbench Tory MPs who want a tough negotiator
The Deputy Prime Minister has told David Cameron that he will block any attempt to appoint someone who is not prepared to approach the job 'constructively'.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2563372/Clegg-threatens-veto-Camerons-choice-Brussels-job-Demand-set-enrage-backbench-Tory-MPs-want-tough-negotiator.html - 306KB - 20 Feb 2014
Excerpt: floated but tory sources say ian livingstone the former bt boss who is now a...
335. If Greenpeace can lie this easily, why should I believe it on any subject? – Telegraph...
Ruth Davis, the senior policy adviser at Greenpeace UK, is quoted in The Guardian about the deferral of a vote in the European Parliament on whether to increase the EU’s emissions reduction target from 20 to 30 per cent. Here is what she says:This vote was postponed after the prime minister personally intervened so that those opposing a higher climate target could no longer count on the support of his party. The politicians backing dirty industries realised they would lose in their bid to scupper moves towards a greener Europe, and they had no option but delay.Her statement is – there is no way of putting this gently – a lie. The reason the vote was delayed is that the voting session had overrun, and some MEPs wanted their lunch. The postponement was approved on a free vote. From where I was sitting, it looked as though just over half the British Tories voted to carry on with the session. Frankly, though, MEPs didn’t vote on Left-Right lines so much as on the basis of whether they were in danger of missing their flights
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100093883/if-greenpeace-can-lie-this-easily-why-should-i-believe-them-on-any-subject/ - 60KB - 22 Feb 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour liberal democrats libya...
336. UKIP fostering scandal: has Labour just lost the Rotherham by-election? – Telegraph Blogs
The stunning decision by Rotherham Council to remove three children from a foster home (where they were happy) because the foster parents support UKIP shows that the “culture war” here in Britain is being waged not by the Right, but by the Left.Joyce Thacker (above), the council’s director of children, who said her decision was influenced by UKIP’s sceptical take on multiculturalism, is the mirror image of those mad American right-wingers who want to outlaw abortion clinics and homosexuals. Unlike them, though, she is in a position of power. Hers is the latest in a series of increasingly chilling actions of this nature taken by bien-pensant officials.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/andrewgilligan/100191238/ukip-fostering-scandal-has-labour-just-lost-the-rotherham-byelection/ - 55KB - 26 Nov 2012
Excerpt: clinton iran islam israel ken livingstone labour labour party liberal...

Documents 321-336 of 749 displayed.

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