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33. Cover Story: The Reinvention of Taylor Swift | Rolling Stone
Taylor Swift ducks paparazzi and opens up about '1989,' her move from country icon to pop superstar
URL: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/taylor-swift-1989-cover-story-20140908 - 267KB - 08 Sep 2014
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34. Budgeting for Lazy People
In matters of budgeting, there are two clear camps of consumers: them, and the rest of us.They are the people you ask to calculate what everyone owes when there are more than two of you dining out. They know exactly how much they spent on ATM fees last week, last month, and last quarter. They balance their checking accounts down to the penny. Daily.The rest of us? Well, we swear that tomorrow, we really are going to sit down and make a budget. It's not that we don't mean it -- it's just that we have issues with following through.The secret to setting up a budget you'll actually followIf nothing else, remember this one simple budgeting rule: Spend less money than you make.
URL: http://www.fool.com/personal-finance/saving/budgeting-for-lazy-people.aspx - 87KB - 31 Dec 2011
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35. Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state - Yahoo! News
Read 'Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state' on Yahoo! News. TUCSON, Arizona (Reuters) - A long-simmering movement by liberal stalwarts in southern Arizona to break away from the rest of the largely conservative state is at a boiling point as secession backers press to bring their longshot ambition to the forefront of Arizona politics.
URL: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/liberals-southern-arizona-seek-form-state-130257516.html - 209KB - 11 May 2011
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36. BotScout.com: Proactive Bot Detection,Screening, & Banning
The BotScout.com bot database helps you prevent bots from registering on your forums or using your web forms.
URL: http://www.botscout.com/ - 391KB - 14 Apr 2010
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37. Web moguls' most valuable homes revealed | Mail Online
These brilliant tech moguls have laid the foundation for the future, building their own vast fortunes and picking up some serious real estate along the way.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2197892/Web-moguls-valuable-homes-revealed.html - 230KB - 04 Sep 2012
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38. PETA organization filled with hypocrisy, terror - lsureveille.com : Columnists
You might have noticed an inflatable barn outside the Student Union last week.Meet PETA, otherwise known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – but you can just call them People for Extortion, Terror and Abuse.I’m sure you’re familiar with PETA’s Disney-like hopes of a cruelty-free world, but I’m here to introduce you to an organization the United States Department of Agriculture classifies as a terrorist threat.
URL: http://www.lsureveille.com/opinion/columnists/article_d25addea-2c77-11e2-bac7-0019bb30f31a.html - 155KB - 12 Nov 2012
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39. The screwed up priorities of British Lefties: Their attitude towards The TPA |...
Have you noticed that whenever the Tax Payer’s Alliance come out with a new campaign, or expose multi-million £’s of government waste, lefties always attack the TPA with regards to the tax arrangements of the people running the TPA than they are about the actual scandal or waste?
URL: http://blogs.conservativechitchat.co.uk/2013/12/18/the-screwed-up-priorities-of-british-lefties-their-attitude-towards-the-tpa/ - 41KB - 23 Mar 2014
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40. Yahoo Sucks Balls's Activity - Yahoo! Answers
List of all the questions and answers posted by 'Yahoo Sucks Balls' on Yahoo! Answers.
URL: http://answers.yahoo.com/activity?show=ttEdLPYmaa - 40KB - 07 Jul 2013
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41. 10 Horrifying Sex Injuries: Swallowing Condoms? Really? « HowAboutWe – Date Report
Yahoo just published a list of the 10 worst sex injuries, and, well, they’re worse than we thought.
URL: http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/10-horrifying-sex-injuries-you-might-get-this-valentines-day/ - 57KB - 16 Nov 2012
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42. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says politicians don't want us knowing about their greed | Daily Mail Online
Top-earner last year was Professor Tricia Hart, outgoing chief executive of the South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, on a pay and perks package of £1.26 million a year. She's due to retire in January with a £2.5 million pension pot, including a tax-free lump sum of £335,000.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3313059/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-says-politicians-don-t-want-knowing-greed.html - 224KB - 11 Nov 2015
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43. Warren Buffett Tells You How to Handle a Market Crash
Warren Buffett has never been shy about packing lessons for successful investing into his annual letter to shareholders. That letter is a treasure-trove of insight, presented in a folksy manner that is not only easy to read but incredibly entertaining.With the market tumbling we're all likely in need of a few doses of Warren's unpretentious advice, so I dug through his past shareholder letters to find some gems that may help us navigate the current market drop and build a bigger nest egg for retirement.
URL: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/10/11/warren-buffett-tells-you-how-to-handle-a-market-cr.aspx - 95KB - 14 Oct 2014
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44. Crazy eco rules that are turning modern homes into ovens: Experts warn drive for 'green' homes poses a potentially lethal risk
Experts warn the Government-sponsored drive to construct ever-more ‘green’ homes has created an unforeseen, but potentially lethal, problem.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3155640/Crazy-eco-rules-turning-modern-homes-ovens-Experts-warn-drive-green-homes-poses-potentially-lethal-risk.html - 418KB - 10 Jul 2015
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45. India cracks down on Greenpeace, other environmental groups - LA Times
The Indian government has launched a crackdown on Greenpeace and other U.S.-linked environmental groups after intelligence officials accused climate activists of harming the country’s economic security.Authorities over the weekend barred a Greenpeace staff member from traveling to London to speak to British lawmakers about alleged legal and human rights violations in India by Essar, a British-registered energy company.
URL: http://www.latimes.com/world/asia/la-fg-india-crackdown-greenpeace-20150113-story.html - 151KB - 17 Jan 2015
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46. QUENTIN LETTS: Red Ed the genius, hiding a grenade in his trunks | Mail Online
What a genius Ed Miliband is. He came flippering into the Commons, up to his snorkel in a party-funding row. So what did the great frogman do? He ensured that almost every question at Prime Minister’s Questions was about … party funding. Man cunningly hides hand grenade down front of swimming trunks – then pulls out pin by mistake.Kaboom!What on earth was Baldrick thinking? Were I a Labour moderate I would take two slices of Mother’s Pride, spread them with thick butter and make myself a club cyanide sandwich.Labour troops were under strict orders from their Whips: ask about Tory party donors at every chance you get. Don’t ask about schools or hospitals or the economy or transport or foreign policy or business or farming or anything that might affect the voters’ lives.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2359579/QUENTIN-LETTS-Red-Ed-genius-hiding-grenade-trunks.html - 256KB - 11 Jul 2013
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47. The birth of a baby star: NASA acts as midwife to watch new creation burst into life | Mail...
The space agency is monitoring star V1647 Orionis, and have watched as intense magnetic fields drive torrents of gas into the stellar surface, where they heat large areas to millions of degrees.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2173142/The-birth-baby-star-NASA-acts-midwife-watch-new-creation-burst-life.html - 117KB - 14 Jul 2012
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48. US Homeland Security officials get the go ahead to amass a vast cache of ammunition | Mail...
If even half of what we read in the Daily Mail today about the US Department of Homeland Security is true, the department is being people who shouldn't be trusted with an office stapler, much less with control the massed ranks of armed DHS agents.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2188797/US-Homeland-Security-officials-ahead-amass-vast-cache-ammunition.html - 91KB - 15 Aug 2012
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Documents 33-48 of 522 displayed.

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