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241. Daniel Hannan – Telegraph Blogs
Daniel Hannan is a writer and journalist, and has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. He speaks French and Spanish and loves Europe, but believes that the EU is making its constituent nations poorer, less democratic and less free. He is the winner of the Bastiat Award for online journalism.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/author/danielhannan/ - 309KB - 27 Mar 2010
Excerpt: conservative mep south east england since 1999 speaks french spanish...
242. Australian woman MP faces onslaught of criticism after fellow TV panelist collapsed at her...
Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella sat back and stared at Simon Sheikh, who was representing a community group, after he slumped forward on the Australian live TV show.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2168232/Australian-woman-MP-faces-onslaught-criticism-fellow-TV-panelist-collapsed--did-nothing.html - 192KB - 04 Jul 2012
Excerpt: can go ahead and hmd the bank of england threadneedle street london revenge...
243. Germany will still sell us her BMWs if we change our relationship with the EU
The main argument that advocates of our current EU relationship advance is that we do more than half our trade with the EU so we have to maintain full membership to keep all those jobs. It is the most stupid argument in current UK politics. It is extraordinary that it has been trotted out uncritically for more than fortty years, and still many in the media fall for it.It is often based on the lie that more than half our trade is with the rest of the EU. This figure ignores our very profitable trade in services, where well over half is with non EU countries. It ignores the Rotterdam and Amsterdam entrepot effect, where trade with the rest of the world passes through these large ports and is counted as EU trade when it is with places further away.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/06/05/germany-will-still-sell-us-her-bmws-if-we-change-our-relationship-with-the-eu/ - 224KB - 09 Jun 2012
Excerpt: eu 8230 real reason to abolish the england and create jobs for eussr...
244. Heartbroken British Legion members lose 91 years worth of memorabilia and 12,000 poppies after scrap metal thieves steal storage container | Daily Mail
Scrap metal bandits are feared to behind the ‘heartbreaking’ theft of a Royal British Legion container holding 91 years’ worth of memorabilia and more than 12,000 poppies.The thieves are believed to have used a crane and a lorry to steal the 20ft aluminium storage unit from outside the veterans’ club in Salford, Greater Manchester.Inside were hundreds of photographs dating back to the First World War as well as two brass remembrance plaques inscribed with the names of thousands of fallen servicemen.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2195798/Heartbroken-British-Legion-members-lose-91-years-worth-memorabilia-12-000-poppies-scrap-metal-thieves-steal-20ft-storage-container-using-CRANE.html - 187KB - 30 Aug 2012
Excerpt: of foreign mothers giving birth in england and wales has reached record levels...
245. Noel Gallagher: 'It was all better under Margaret Thatcher' | Mail Online
Hes cleaned up and straightened out, but remarkably, given his own wild past, he despairs of todays feckless youth.'We were brought up under Thatcher,’ Noel Gallagher is saying.‘There was a work ethic – if you were unemployed, the obsession was to find work.'Now, these kids brought up under the Labour Party and whatever this Coalition thing is, it’s like, “Forget that, I’m not interested. I wanna be on TV.” It was a different mindset back then.’We’re halfway through a wide-ranging conversation in a north London studio, and the man whose brawling band’s conspicuous drug use, bad language and swagger were irresistible to Tony Blair (you’ll recall the 1997 photo opportunity) is sipping a hot drink and telling me this country was better under Margaret Thatcher.‘Under Thatcher, who ruled us with an iron rod,’ he says, ‘great art was made. Amazing designers and musicians. Acid house was born. Very colourful and progressive.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2094856/Noel-Gallagher-It-better-Margaret-Thatcher.html - 119KB - 05 Feb 2012
Excerpt: for freedom and these kids in england are rioting for tracksuits it 8217...
246. All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king | Mail Online
In an incredible family tree it was revealed that all U.S. presidents except for Martin Van Buren are great-grandsons of King John of England, the signer of the Magna Carta.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183858/All-presidents-bar-directly-descended-medieval-English-king.html - 175KB - 06 Aug 2012
Excerpt: 43 u s presidents to king john of england who signed magna carta in 1215 only...
247. Cameron vs Osborne early morning cat fight on the steps of Number 10 | Mail Online
Just before dawn yesterday, Freya, the Chancellor’s cat, took on Larry, the Prime Minister’s pet, in a very public catfight. Guess which feline fighter was sent scampering indoors for safety?
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2218477/Cameron-vs-Osborne-early-morning-cat-fight-steps-Number-10.html - 209KB - 17 Oct 2012
Excerpt: and british justice theresa may england u21 brawl young england footballers...
248. The EU in a nutshell | Telegraph Blogs
The EU in a Nutshell is a miscellany of facts and anecdotes about the system which rules us. It’s a book you can delve into in pursuit of a particular fact, or crack open for entertainment at virtually any page.There are sections on how the Brussels institutions work in real life, on how the Euro-quangos have multiplied, on what each country thinks it is getting out of membership (complete with historical detours). And, of course, there are devastating numbers.Take, for example, the argument about the European Economic Area. We’re all familiar with the traditional integrationist rebuttal: if Britain went for an Iceland-style market-only deal, we’re told, we’d have to apply lots of directives over whose drafting we had had no say.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100167508/the-eu-in-a-nutshell/ - 54KB - 01 Jul 2012
Excerpt: conservative mep for south east england since 1999 he speaks french and...
249. Jeremy Corbyn's spin chief Seumas Milne held in Vladimir Putin's iron grip | Daily Mail Online
Jeremy Corbyn's aide Seumas Milne was pictured shaking hands with the Russian president Vladimir Putin at last year's Sochi summit, which is designed to boost Putin's ego.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3298550/Red-handed-Photograph-shows-Jeremy-Corbyn-s-pro-Kremlin-spin-chief-held-Putin-s-iron-grip-propaganda-summit.html - 352KB - 01 Nov 2015
Excerpt: party on november 1 2015 in london england n nphotograph by eagle lee barcroft...
250. London Tourism - London Tips, Reviews and Photos - VirtualTourist
The best travel tips, reviews and photos for London, United Kingdom, posted by real travelers and London locals. Insider tips to help you research, plan and book your London vacation or trip.
URL: http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Europe/United_Kingdom/England/Greater_London/London-309228/General_Tips-London-TG-C-1.html - 65KB - 12 Apr 2010
Excerpt: travel guides europe united kingdom england greater london london general tips...
251. The case against Europe: Doomsayers wail that a euro break-up would trigger Armageddon. That's what they said about us leaving the ERM, but it sparked an economic boom | Daily Mail
DANIEL HANNAN: Every new bailout is hailed as the end of the crisis. Every one fails, leaving the markets as sceptical as before.Over 13 years as an MEP, Daniel Hannan has witnessed first-hand how Brussels works. Now he has written a forensic analysis of why it’s rotten to the core. Yesterday, in part one of our exclusive serialisation, he laid bare the EU’s utter contempt for democracy. Today, he examines the rise — and imminent fall — of the euro . . .How did so many clever people get it so wrong? The flaws in the euro project were visible at the outset. It was never going to be possible to jam widely divergent economies into a single monetary policy.Yet, in every national parliament, in every central bank, in every university faculty, in every BBC editorial conference, there was a collective suspension of disbelief.Why? What were supporters of the single currency thinking?
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188912/The-case-Europe-Doomsayers-wail-euro-break-trigger-Armageddon-That-s-said-leaving-ERM--sparked-economic-boom.html - 202KB - 16 Aug 2012
Excerpt: river humber near hull humberside england woman 31 jumped from humber bridge...
252. Bruce Anderson: Put Abu Qatada on a plane and send him to Jordan. If that provokes a political...
It was one of Mrs Thatcher's favourite phrases. When she started banging on about it yet again, her entourage would inwardly smile, and groan. They had heard it all before. But she was right, as so often. The phrase was "the rule of law" and no civilised society can function...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thecolumnists/2012/01/bruce-anderson-put-abu-qatada-on-a-plane-and-send-him-to-jordan-if-that-provokes-a-political-crisis-.html - 27KB - 20 Jan 2012
Excerpt: peaceful constitutional evolution england has come up with a partial answer...
253. How to drive jobsworths potty! IN this devilishly inventive manifesto, late astronomer Sir...
In 1981, under the pen-name R.T. Fishall, Sir Patrick Moore published a guide to causing havoc and taking vengeance on bullying bureaucrats.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2254467/How-drive-jobsworths-potty-IN-devilishly-inventive-manifesto-late-astronomer-Sir-Patrick-Moore-tells-fought-box-ticking-bullies.html - 221KB - 29 Dec 2012
Excerpt: ironist mijac miromike london england united kingdom 29 12 2012 13 54...
254. Ed Miliband shows he doesn't trust the British public | Leo McKinstry | Columnists | Comment |...
LABOUR leader Ed Miliband constantly trumpets his commitment to “nation” politics. Tragically that nation is not ours. It is the European Union’s federal superstate. This is the truth behind his wilfully obscure rhetoric about Britain’s relationship with the EU.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/leo-mckinstry/464544/Ed-Miliband-shows-he-doesn-t-trust-the-British-public - 91KB - 03 Apr 2014
Excerpt: win election more columnists more england can sleep easy on edinson cavani...
255. Labour wants to introduce the one policy guaranteed to make the housing crisis worse | City A.M.
The UK's housing crisis is no secret, and political solutions are offered two a penny.Unfortunately, Ed Miliband's plan to limit rents is perhaps the one thing that can be relied upon to make the situation worse for Britain's renters.At the launch of Labour's election campaign in Redbridge, Miliband is expected to say that "the next Labour government will legislate to make three year tenancies the standard in the British private rented sector".These tenancies, Miliband is set to say, "will limit the amount that rents can rise by each year too - so landlords know what they can expect each year and tenants can’t be surprised by rents that go through the roof."Like any price ceiling, Labour's pledge will reduce available supply, if rents are capped below their market level. Economists call such policies rent controls, and they are a rare area of consensus among academics.
URL: http://www.cityam.com/blog/1398875118/labour-wants-introduce-one-policy-guaranteed-make-housing-crisis-worse - 204KB - 30 Apr 2014
Excerpt: think april 30 2014 2 56pm bank of england might finally stop destroying...
256. Why we need an alternative to inflation targeting – Telegraph Blogs
CPI inflation is up again – now to 4.5 per cent. The latest Bank of England inflation report envisages it now reaching 5 per cent. Figures close to 7 per cent are now in the fan-chart (5 per cent was the very top of the fan-chart as recently as November, so figures within the fan-chart should all be regarded as plausible). If CPI inflation reaches 5 per cent, that will be the second time it has done so in just three years, having peaked at 5.2 per cent in September 2008.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/andrewlilico/100010255/why-we-need-an-alternative-to-inflation-targeting/ - 54KB - 24 May 2011
Excerpt: again 8211 4 5 per cent latest bank england inflation report envisages reaching...

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