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225. People are feeling the squeeze | John Redwood's Diary
Out on the doorsteps the voices of voters can be heard complaining of just how much money government takes from them in differing ways. There are many complaints about public sector car park charges, the Congestion Charge in London, the Council Tax, taxi licence charges, planning fees, Stamp duties, Child Benefit withdrawal, tax credit changes, higher National Insurance, rising postage stamp prices, the failure to increase the Age Allowance for pensioners, the charity tax allowance changes: I have even had a strong complaint about ice cream vendor licence charges. From public sector workers come worries about their pension contribution increases and the worsening of the terms of their pension plans.The doorsteps are reflecting the growing feeling I have that we have reached tax saturation point.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/15/people-are-feeling-the-squeeze/ - 284KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: 000 gift who knows does anybody in power really care of all of the countries...
226. EU Green Policies: unintended consequences | Roger Helmer MEP
Roger Helmer MEP » Feed Roger Helmer MEP » Comments Feed Roger Helmer MEP » EU Green Policies: unintended consequences...
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/eu-green-policies-unintended-consequences/ - 79KB - 21 Jun 2013
Excerpt: methane and ways to stop the wind blowing over the ocean there is not...
227. Thirteen years of Labour in power - Telegraph
An interactive timeline of the key moments between Labour coming to power in 1997 and losing the 2010 General Election.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/election-2010/7545349/Thirteen-years-of-Labour-in-power.html - 50KB - 01 Oct 2012
Excerpt: 2010 thirteen years of labour in power an interactive timeline of the key...
228. Project highlights industrial heritage - Business - Whitby Gazette
A PROJECT to protect and raise awareness of the industrial heritage of the National Park is being launched in the Esk Valley.The public are being consulted on plans by the National Park Authority to conserve and restore historical features surrounding ironstone mining and the railway.Local information and stories from past times are also needed to form part of the project which will be based around Goathland and Grosmont as well as the Esk Valley and Rosedale, Kildale and Ingleby Greenhow.The project, entitled ‘This Exploited Land’, will be based upon how the landscape of the North York Moors was changed by the extraction, processing and transporting of ironstone.
URL: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/business/project-highlights-industrial-heritage-1-4336589 - 99KB - 17 Mar 2012
Excerpt: cloudy temperature 2 c to 8 c wind speed 9 mph wind direction west...
229. Christmas wrecked by raiders - Local - Whitby Gazette
A WHITBY family has been left heartbroken this Christmas after thieves broke into their house while they slept and stole the presents from under their tree as well as taking their new car.
URL: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/christmas-wrecked-by-raiders-1-5258625 - 109KB - 29 Dec 2012
Excerpt: heavy rain temperature 1 c to 11 c wind speed 23 mph wind direction south...
230. What can Councils do to promote economic growth
I was asked to talk about this question at a meeting at Conference.Growth comes from people wishing to do new things, to buy new goods and services, to renovate and improve their homes, to transform their lives and their environments in ways they like and can afford.All too often Councils are the official bodies who are out to stop them doing this, or out to tax and charge them for daring to try.Most local businesses depend on the van. Plumbers and loft insulators, new goods deliverers and conservatory builders come by van. Most of us do not live next to the station. We rely on the flexible and ubiquitous van, which may not always be white, to turn up with the goods or the service. Professional and on line services often depend on the car to get the providers to their place of work or to the customer’s home if needed.Many Councils see the van and the car as an opportunity to raise tax revenues, to charge them and to restrict their use. If Councils really wanted to help the local economy they would see that they need to do much more to allow reasonable vehicle access to potential customers, and to allow potential customers access to shops and other centres of trade. They could......
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/10/10/what-can-councils-do-to-promote-economic-growth/ - 197KB - 15 Dec 2012
Excerpt: anyway the solutions proposed wind wave pv carbon capture simply to...
231. Police probe child sex group linked to top Labour officials including Harriet Harman | Mail...
The trio held key roles in a human rights organisation that supported the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2562518/The-truth-Labour-apologists-paedophilia-Police-probe-child-sex-group-linked-party-officials-wake-Savile.html - 321KB - 19 Feb 2014
Excerpt: get a massive upgrade to boost its power and push experiments into uncharted...
232. Fifty Labour amendments to kill Bill for EU referendum - Telegraph
More than 50 amendments tabled for committee stage of the EU Referendum Bill, including holding a petition of a million voters, posing the questions in Cornish and giving prisoners the vote
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/eureferendum/10588539/Fifty-Labour-amendments-to-kill-Bill-for-EU-referendum.html - 92KB - 22 Jan 2014
Excerpt: give the secretary of state the power to remove one or more parts from...
233. GEOFFREY LEVY SATURDAY ESSAY: The man who hated Britain: Red Ed's pledge to bring back socialism is a homage to his Marxist father. So what did Miliband Snr really believe in?
The man who hated Britain: Red Ed's pledge to bring back socialism is a homage to his Marxist father. So what did Miliband Snr really believe in? The answer should disturb everyone who loves this countryOn a hot summer day, a young man made his way alone to Highgate Cemetery in North London to make a lifelong vow.Solemnly, he stood at the grave of Karl Marx at a moment when, in his own words, 'the cemetery was utterly deserted . . . I remember standing in front of the grave, fist clenched, and swearing my own private oath that I would be faithful to the workers' cause'.The year was 1940. The young man was Ralph Miliband, a Jewish immigrant who, with his father, had fled to London from Belgium just weeks earlier to escape the Nazi Holocaust.Miliband, father of Ed and David Miliband, died in 1994, aged 70, soon after the publication of his last book, Socialism For A Sceptical Age. In it, the venerated Marxist philosopher and academic continued to espouse his lifelong 'socialist' cause.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2435751/GEOFFREY-LEVY-SATURDAY-ESSAY-Red-Ed-socialism-Marxist-father-hated-Britain-David-Miliband-traduced-Damian-McBride-Marxism-Stalinism-Hobsbawm-Oxford-University-Labour.html - 239KB - 28 Sep 2013
Excerpt: c wright mills whose 1956 book the power elite suggested that the political...
234. Even Under Fire, Israel Is Still Providing Gaza with Essential Supplies
Palestinian news service Ma'an reports that 10 new electric back-up generators have been imported from Israel and installed across the Gaza Strip in order to avert a humanitarian crisis in the coastal enclave.The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company said that the generators were brought in from Israel through the Kerem Shalom crossing in the northern Gaza Strip. The generators will help ensure the provision of services in Gaza, especially in the water and health sectors, and prevent major disruptions due to lack of energy.Electricity distribution has been down to less than two hours a day across the Gaza Strip since the Strip's sole power plant was damaged by explosions on July 29. In addition, errant rockets fired by Hamas have damaged high-voltage electrical lines in Israel which supplied power to Gaza.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/08/13/Even-under-fire-Israel-still-providing-Gaza-with-generators-fuel-food-medicine - 53KB - 13 Aug 2014
Excerpt: gaza strip since the strip s sole power plant was damaged by explosions on...
235. Vladimir Putin's new plan for world domination - The Spectator
It’s been a generation or so since Russians were in the business of shaping the destiny of the world, and most of us have forgotten how good they used to be at it. For much of the last century Moscow fuelled — and often won — the West’s ideological and culture wars. In the 1930s, brilliant operatives like Willi Muenzenberg convinced ‘useful idiots’ to join anti-fascist organisations that were in reality fronts for the Soviet-backed Communist International. Even in the twilight years of the Soviet Union the KGB was highly successful at orchestrating nuclear disarmament movements and trade unionism across the West.
URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9142182/putins-masterplan/ - 116KB - 21 Feb 2014
Excerpt: to its rightful place as a great power with a messianic mission and the...
236. Ed Balls: Fool or Charlatan? | Roger Helmer MEP
Ed Balls is trying to get his rebuttal in first. Believing that George Osborne, in his Wednesday budget, will reduce the 50% income tax rate (either a principled move back to 40%, or perhaps a pusillanimous compromise at 45%), Balls has gone into attack mode. But his attack is not original. Indeed he is deliberately trying to trigger the heffalump trap that his mentor, Gordon Brown, left for an incoming Conservative government.Brown knew that a Conservative government would want to remove the 50% rate, both because the Conservatives (or some of them) are instinctively against high taxes, and because the economic case against this 50% rate is unassailable. As the forthcoming Treasury study will show, the 50% band collects much less tax than anticipated. Much less than a simple “static model” calculation would predict. And the economy being dynamic, not static, the amount collected will diminish over time, simply viewed as a tax band.But because it will also be a disincentive to work, and to effort, and to overtime, and investment, and business start-ups and capital accumulation, and wealth creation, it will have a still more malign effect. It will depress overall economic growth, and thus reduce tax revenue not only from the high-paid, but across the range. Income tax, VAT, corporation tax. Leave it in place for a few years, and we shall all be poorer.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/ed-balls-fool-or-charlatan/ - 61KB - 02 Apr 2012
Excerpt: bmj acknowledges health impacts of wind farms why we must repeal the...
237. Now Labour is dragged into bank rate scandal as leaked documents show Brown's baroness proposed scheme to drive down rates | Daily Mail
Leaked documents last night brought the interest-rate fixing scandal that has shaken Britain's banks closer to the heart of the last Labour government.They suggest that Baroness Vadera, a former Cabinet Office minister and one of Labour's chief economic advisers, told officials in 2008 that bringing down the rates which determine how much banks lend to each other would be 'a major contribution to the stability of the banking system and to the health of the economy'.A paper prepared by the peer with former colleagues at the bank UBS was headed 'Reducing Libor' – the name for the inter-bank lending rate at the centre of the scandal.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2167940/Now-Labour-dragged-bank-rate-scandal-leaked-documents-Browns-baroness-proposed-scheme-drive-rates.html - 193KB - 03 Jul 2012
Excerpt: prefer to age normally instead of a wind tunnel face why kate beckinsale won...
238. Daniel Hannan MEP: Thomas Jefferson, Anglosphere hero Conservative Home Columnists
When Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, he included a wistful line that was excised by the other signatories: ‘We might have been a great and free people together’.Until that moment, the idea that Americans were engaged in a war against a foreign power would have struck Patriots and Loyalists alike as bizarre. Jefferson, like other Virginia radicals, saw himself as a British Whig, heir to the tradition of Edward Coke (1552–1634), John Hampden (1595–1643) and Algernon Sidney (1623–1683). He did not believe he was laying claim to any new rights; rather, he was defending the liberties that he assumed he had been born with as an Englishman. Right up to the end, he had hoped that such liberties might flourish under the Crown, but George III dashed his ambition. We sense Jefferson’s bitterness in the Declaration’s telling complaint about the king ‘transporting hither foreign mercenaries’. Foreign! How historians have glossed over the significance of that word. In sending his Hessian hirelings against Britons, the Hanoverian monarch was in effect annulling their nationality.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thecolumnists/2013/07/from-danhannanmep.html - 32KB - 07 Jul 2013
Excerpt: engaged in a war against a foreign power would have struck patriots and...
239. STEPHEN GLOVER: Shameless treachery: Mr Cable is the most disloyal and devious politician of our times
Yesterday, Vince Cable delivered a speech at the Liberal Party Conference which for sheer bile was without precedent in modern times, by STEPHEN GLOVER.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2422932/STEPHEN-GLOVER-Shameless-treachery-Mr-Cable-disloyal-devious-politician-times.html - 130KB - 17 Sep 2013
Excerpt: inefficient and ruinously expensive wind farms his hatred of the tories...
240. Second Tory with key climate change role in bid to build giant North Sea windfarm | Mail Online
John Selwyn Gummer is the newly designated chairman of the powerful Committee on Climate Change (CCC) but also chair of a consortium that wants to build turbines in the North Sea.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2190351/Second-Tory-key-climate-change-role-bid-build-giant-North-Sea-windfarm.html - 180KB - 19 Aug 2012
Excerpt: trying to build thousands of wind turbines in the north sea john...

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