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161. Cutting the number of MPs.
I voted to reduce the number of MPs by 50 when it last came up, and am willing to do so again when the boundary review is complete. I read that some Lib Dems are no longer happy about this Coalition policy.I voted for it because I think public spending has to be reduced and it seemed like a good idea to start with a cut in Parliament, to show we can do more for less. We need to raise public sector produtivity across the board, so Parliament should show how.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/07/12/cutting-the-number-of-mps/ - 245KB - 17 Jul 2012
Excerpt: and personal energy bills for the wind solar panels tax and eu 2020...
162. Boris Johnson finally admits his ambition to become PM declaring he wants to assume ¿supreme...
If Boris Johnson doesn’t want David Cameron’s job, he has a funny way of showing it.The London Mayor – who recently declared that he is more likely to be ‘decapitated by a frisbee’ than succeed Mr Cameron as Prime Minister – has admitted in an interview that he wants to assume ‘supreme power in England’
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2161358/Boris-Johnson-finally-admits-ambition-PM-declaring-wants-assume-supreme-power-England.html - 189KB - 19 Jun 2012
Excerpt: more than she bargained for as the wind blows up her dress e l james and...
163. Labour Backed £4-a-Day Pay for Mentally Disabled - Guy Fawkes' blog
In 2003 the Labour government supported allowing some companies to pay people with mental health problems £4-a-day to man assembly lines. A government paper from when Patricia Hewitt was Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, which argues that that some so-called “therapeutic work” should not qualify for the minimum wage.
URL: http://order-order.com/2014/10/15/labour-backed-4-a-day-pay-for-mentally-disabled/ - 696KB - 17 Oct 2014
Excerpt: from the exploitation of labour power that 8217 s workers to you and me...
164. Is the global warming scare the greatest delusion in history? - Telegraph
To grasp the almost suicidal state of unreality our Government has been driven into by the obsession with global warming, it is necessary to put together the two sides to an overall picture – each vividly highlighted by events of recent days.On one hand there is the utterly lamentable state of the science which underpins it all, illuminated yet again by “Climategate 2.0”, the latest release of emails between the leading scientists who for years have been at the heart of the warming scare (which I return to below). On the other hand, we see the damage done by the political consequences of this scare, which will directly impinge, in various ways, on all our lives.LAST WEEK, David Cameron and Nick Clegg were lamenting that house-building is at its lowest level since the 1920s, just when we desperately need millions of new homes (not least to accommodate the 250,000 immigrants flooding into Britain each year, as a result of policies they both support). Neither mentioned, though, that one major obstacle to any improvement in the figures is their own Government’s building regulations, already being phased in. These decree that, by 2016, all new homes must be “zero carbon” in terms of energy-use and emissions. According to official estimates in the Code for Sustainable Homes, this will increase the cost of building a house by up to £37,793.In his Annual Energy Review for Parliament last week, Chris Huhne announced, through gritted teeth, that he is still hoping to see a new fleet of nuclear power stations to plug Britain’s fast-looming energy gap, as older power stations are closed down by age or EU anti-pollution laws. His review coincided with a devastating report from the Lords Science and Technology Committee on Nuclear Research and Development, dismally depicting how Britain, which led the world in this field 50 years ago, has allowed its pool of expertise to run down so far that we no longer have the know-how even to run a new generation of nuclear plants. It is still not generally appreciated that the significance of these Climategate emails is that their authors, such as Michael Mann, are no ordinary scientists: they are a little group of fanatical insiders who have, for years, done more than anyone else to drive the warming scare, through their influence at the heart of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And what is most striking about the picture that emerges from these emails is just how questionable the work of these men appears.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/8917737/Is-the-global-warming-scare-the-greatest-delusion-in-history.html - 97KB - 28 Feb 2012
Excerpt: to run a new generation of nuclear power stations next there was a report...
165. Another, even better letter to the Bishop of Exeter on the subject of wind farms –...
Last week I wrote a letter to the Bishop of Exeter on the subject of his foiled plan to plonk half a dozen bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes on church land in three pretty North Devon villages.This letter from Rupert Wyndham – reproduced by Jo Nova – is even better. (H/T Ian Wilson).Here it is:14 June 2012Rt. Rev. Michael LangrishBishop of ExeterThe Bishop’s OfficeThe PalaceExeter, UKDear Bishop Langrish,Earlier in the week I listened to what you had to say following the welcome decision to withdraw the diocese’s application to erect wind turbines in Devon. I see that your remarks have now been republished in The Daily Telegraph. In particular, it is striking that.....
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100166881/another-even-better-letter-to-the-bishop-of-exeter-on-the-subject-of-wind-farms/ - 63KB - 24 Jun 2012
Excerpt: bishop of exeter on the subject of wind farms comments feed rsd sunday 24...
166. 'Trump Could Be the Next Hitler!' Says the Increasingly Fascist Left - Breitbart
Liberals have been working overtime trying to re-define commonsense border security as a cruel mix of racism, “nativism,”and even fascism, which are their devil words to scare voters during the 2016 election.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/06/03/six-years-obamacare-liberals-suddenly-worried-fascism/ - 79KB - 04 Jun 2016
Excerpt: system that asserts complete power and emphasizes aggressive...
167. A new relationship with the EU?
Mr Cameron’s article yesterday in the Sunday Telegraph did represent an important advance in government thinking. He now agrees with those of us who say we need a new relationship with the EU. He agrees it is not just a case of saying “No” to future transfers of power, but getting powers back that have already been ceded.I also agree with him that holding an In/Out referendum soon would be bad news if the In campaign won. The Uk would then have little bargaining power to get a better relationship, and would have lost the chance to leave the EU if things got worse.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/07/02/a-new-relationship-with-the-eu/ - 270KB - 17 Jul 2012
Excerpt: the rest need to be cast to the wind reply brian tomkinson posted july 2...
168. The real cost of 'global warming' – Telegraph Blogs
The renewable energy industry is helping to destroy the UK economy and drive up unemployment says a new report.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100078040/the-real-cost-of-global-warming/ - 66KB - 04 Apr 2011
Excerpt: energy sector mainly solar wind another 3 7 jobs being lost real...
169. Cannabis farm is discovered at home - Local - Whitby Gazette
WHITBY Police stumbled upon a haul of drugs, worth “several thousand pounds”, while undertaking routine enquiries.Last Wednesday evening police officers attended an address at Seaton Crescent in Staithes, close to Seton Primary School, and while speaking to the occupants saw several cannabis plants inside the house.Whitby police sergeant John Webb said: “We are pleased to have recovered these drugs and ensured that they have been taken out of circulation.“This is a substantial amount of cannabis and early estimates have put the street value at several thousand pounds.”A 32-year-old female and a 34-year-old male who were occupying the address at the time were arrested for possession of the cannabis plants.In an external report to Whitby Town Council earlier this month, Whitby Police’s chief inspector Andy Colbourne highlighted an increase in reported drugs offences in the Whitby area, but he attributed this to a concerted push by Whitby police.He added: “We won’t turn a blind eye to drugs and if that means we have to report a rise in offences then that is what we will do.”
URL: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/cannabis_farm_is_discovered_at_home_1_4101373 - 105KB - 31 Dec 2011
Excerpt: tribute to soldier and family man wind plan powers on victorian weekend...
170. The Energy From Thorium Foundation Who Killed the Electric Car? The Public! and Possibly the Navy
A commentary on why electric cars have not taken off in America and how the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor could be wind and solar's best friend or worst enemy
URL: http://energyfromthorium.com/2014/04/11/killed-electric-car-public/ - 93KB - 11 Apr 2014
Excerpt: possibly the navy a and why lftr is wind and solar 8217 s best friend or...
171. Household electricity bills to soar by £350 a year to pay for Government green subsidies |...
Family electricity bills are set to soar by almost £350 within 15 years – to pay for the Government subsidies for green energy.Official figures — initially withheld by ministers — reveal the price of electricity will rocket by 60 per cent as wind farms and other green projects take over traditional coal-burning power stations.The cost of electricity will jump from £131 per megawatt hour to some £206 by 2030, the Government estimates. It means that the average household bill will rise from £589.50 to £927.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2873386/Household-electricity-bills-set-soar-350-year-pay-Government-green-subsidies.html - 318KB - 14 Dec 2014
Excerpt: will rocket by 60 per cent as wind farms and other green projects take...
172. Ten big fat lies about fracking | Fracking | Science and technology | spiked
Phelim McAleer, an Irish filmmaker based in America whose pro-fracking movie FrackNation is described by the New York Times as ‘meticulously researched and provocative’, has had his fair share of run-ins with ‘fracktivists’. Here, he picks apart the 10 biggest lies told by the anti-fracking lobby.1) Anti-fracking activists are nice people who love debateActually, far from being liberal, open-minded souls bringing truth to power in a kinder, gentler way, anti-fracking activists have chosen a new disposition: angry! I guess no one told the fracktivists that just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we can’t get along. Watch Vera Scroggins, for example.Vera, an anti-fracking, Sierra Club-endorsed activist from Pennsylvania, adds to the ‘dialogue’ with such constructive comments as:‘You’re a freak.’‘You’re a male prostitute.’‘You’re an Irish freak. Go drink some alcohol.’‘Go get drunk and be a drunken Irish freak.’‘You’re an alien. You look like a f***ing alien.’Or take actor and activist Alec Baldwin. In the run-up to a debate about fracking in the Hamptons that he was taking part in, following a screening of the anti-fracking movie Gasland, Baldwin approached the New York Independent Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) to see if it could suggest a speaker who was not as anti-fracking as the other speakers on the panel. IOGA suggested me as an independent voice, a journalist with an international perspective who has researched fracking for over two years in two continents. But suddenly Baldwin was no longer interested in debate or diversity of opinion, and he vetoed me from the panel.
URL: http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/ten_big_fat_lies_about_fracking/13944 - 37KB - 16 Sep 2014
Excerpt: open minded souls bringing truth to power in a kinder gentler way anti...
173. Reinforcing failure | Roger Helmer MEP
Last night I went, with my doughty assistant Alexandra Swann, to a dinner-debate on the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), or as they say in the USA, Cap’n'Trade. We had an industry spokesman telling us that the ETS system was failing to deliver on its key objective, and needed radical reform. Otherwise, he warned, we might end up with a carbon tax.But he was very bullish about the prospects for a global Cap’n'Trade system, presenting a very optimistic map showing putative Cap’n'Trade systems in most countries in the world.I think he was indulging in some rather desperate wishful thinking.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/reinforcing-failure/ - 55KB - 01 Jul 2012
Excerpt: with every pass of the blade on a wind turbine reply leave a reply cancel...
174. When did the Left ditch democracy? – Telegraph Blogs
The Left once stood for democracy. In the tradition of the Levellers, the Chartists and the Suffragettes, the British Left once fought to take power away from the elites and dispersed it among the people. The Labour party, when founded by Keir Hardie, stood up for the working man – and woman.No longer. The Left simply does not trust people.They have become not merely undemocratic, but anti democratic. Rather than standing up to elites, the Left actively defends the concentration of political and economic power in the hands of an unaccountable few.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/douglascarswellmp/100261001/when-did-the-left-ditch-democracy/ - 56KB - 02 Mar 2014
Excerpt: they cannot win the argument for wind turbines so they foista them on us...
175. Chart shows how much prices would be if fast-food workers were paid $15 an hour - Young Conservatives
I hope you’re ready for “The Dollar Menu” to become the “The Dollar Thirty-Eight Menu”.When things on the dollar menu are $1.38, who does that hurt the most? Poor people.That’s what liberals just don’t understand. They say things that make you feel good then implement policy that is doomed for failure.
URL: http://www.youngcons.com/chart-shows-how-much-prices-would-be-if-fast-food-workers-were-paid-15-an-hour/ - 761KB - 10 Aug 2015
Excerpt: you have to throw caution to the wind take a risk pay the student loans i...
176. The sad death of Private Eye – Telegraph Blogs
In the latest issue of Private Eye I'm described as a "batshit anti-environmentalist." I suspect this may have been a typo for "batshit mad", which is what they called me last time they wrote about me. (According to that particular story, I was the Telegraph's most popular blogger – ha! eat your hearts out Tebbo and Hannan! But apparently this is only because I'm so barmily out-there I attract all the world's lunatics. Or some such).Anyway, it goes almost without saying that I am delighted to be celebrated in this way. To be namechecked in the Eye means, more or less, that you've made it. I first arrived (allegedly) about two decades ago when "James Delingpole" was featured in a column called "Telegraph Rhyming Slang". I rhymed with "fill up a hole."What does bother me about the "batshit" reference, though, is the context. It's in a feeble item about a lengthy investigation I wrote for the Mail On Sunday into perhaps the biggest public health scandal of our age: the various serious health problems from depression and insomnia to high blood pressure, anxiety and heart trouble caused by living near a wind farm. (It's do with the Low Frequency Noise. I'll cover this issue more fully in a separate blog, as part of my Wind Industry Big Lies series).ll you need to ask yourself is this question: which is a crime more worthy of exposure by Britain's best-known satirical magazine?a) a newspaper runs a slightly misleading picture on its website or b) In the name of "saving the environment" an overmighty, corrupt and mendacious industry – with the support and encouragement of the Coalition government – is laying waste to the British landscape, killing wildlife, devastating property values, ruining people's health, driving up energy bills, hurting the economy, destroying jobs, and contributing to some of the 2700 excess deaths per annum from cold. But not, unfortunately, making the blindest bit of difference either to "climate change" or Britain's "energy security."I mean really I don't want to tell Ian Hislop his job. Maybe, under his glorious editorship Private Eye has changed its remit slightly, so that instead of defending us ordinary people against the lying, greedy, ruthless Establishment Hislop now sees the Eye's job being mainly to cover up for vested interests and to hide the truth.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100182682/the-sad-death-of-private-eye/ - 57KB - 03 Oct 2012
Excerpt: trouble caused by living near a wind farm it s do with the low frequency...

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