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129. Wind farms kill whales: blubber on the green movement's hands – Telegraph Blogs
So wind farms don't just despoil countryside, frighten horses, chop up birds, spontaneously combust, drive down property prices, madden those who live nearby with their subsonic hummi...
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100080019/wind-farms-kill-whales-blubber-on-the-green-movements-hands/ - 61KB - 04 Apr 2011
Excerpt: news rss feed news wind farms kill whales blubber green...
130. 'Labour's school policy is so tortured they should send in the UN to end the suffering': Michael...
The Education Secretary accused Labour bungling its new policy to appease the unions, after the party's Stephen Twigg announced he would back parent-led new schools.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2343193/Labours-school-policy-tortured-send-UN-end-suffering-Michael-Gove-takes-swipe-opposition.html - 228KB - 21 Jun 2013
Excerpt: policy will give comprehensives the power to act more independently but party...
131. Tory sleaze is worse than ever: Yeo and Deben must go! | Telegraph Blogs
I'm a bit concerned that the ordurous stench emanating from Tory peer Lord "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy" Deben (formerly John Bovine Selwyn Encephalopathy Gummer) and Tim "Ebola" Yeo MP has yet to assail sufficiently large numbers of nostrils.All right, so Yeo got a proper going over in the Mail last week in a piece headlined Jolly Green Hypocrite: Tory MP earns £140,000 a year from Green firms and want to carpet Britain with wind farms (except in his own back yard)Guido also had a go at Yeo, noting more potential conflicts of interest, this time one apparently benefiting his chairmanship of a London cab manufacturer called – ugh – Eco City Vehicles.Then on Sunday, the excellent David Rose did a number on the possibly-even-more-putrescent-and-loathsome-in-every-conceivable-way Lord Deben. Here's the gist:
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100177587/tory-sleaze-is-worse-than-ever-yeo-and-deben-must-go/ - 62KB - 03 Sep 2012
Excerpt: and want to carpet britain with wind farms except in his own back yard...
132. The story of fight to save our railways - Local - Whitby Gazette
It is half a century ago when the face of railway travel across Whitby and district changed forever when the decision was made public to close two of its busy railway lines.The infamous Dr Richard Beeching who was recruited by the Government from a very successful business career at ICI, was tasked with making railways profitable again.His report published in 1963 recommended taking an axe to a third of the country’s rail network, 5,000 miles of track including hundreds of branch lines, 2,363 stations and tens of thousands of jobs.Despite furious vocal opposition from in and around Whitby, British Rail issued formal closure notices for all three lines in February 1964Labour peer Lord Faulkner, who is deputy leader in the House of Lords, told the Whitby Gazette: “Unsurprisingly, the Whitby Gazette claimed a great victory and believed that is campaign had saved all three services.“Three weeks later, however, jubilation turned to despair when Minister of Transport Ernest Marples announced that then Middlesbrough to Whitby line would be reprieved but closure of the other two would go ahead.”As the general election approached, Peter Hardy, Labour candidate for Scarborough and Whitby produced a letter written by Harold Wilson on September 15 which said that the two threatened lines to Whitby fell within the manifesto pledge on major closures - that if Labour won the election the two threatened lines would be reprieved.The Prime Minister’s letter was later exposed as a hoax - the Gazette reported at the time of the “rail letter callous hoax” and to this day, no one has admitted to sending it.Cabinet records also show, according to the book, that the closure of the two lines to Whitby and a number of others at the same time went ahead because Labour had decided to go back on their election manifesto commitment to halt major closures.On 22 December, Conservative Whitby and Scarborough MP Sir Alexander Spearman made one last effort to save the two lines.....
URL: http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/the-story-of-fight-to-save-our-railways-1-5824941 - 115KB - 16 Jul 2013
Excerpt: sunny temperature 13 c to 25 c wind speed 18 mph wind direction west...
133. Should the Conservative party lurch right or left?
There will be all manner of calls in the next few days for a change of direction by Conservative Ministers, in the wake of the big swings to Labour in the local elections. The main feature of the elections was a swing to the left as conventionally described. Labour took many votes off the Lib Dems, and some votes off the Conservatives. It extended its hold on many northern towns and cities, and showed an ability to win some seats in the south as well.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/06/should-the-conservative-party-lurch-right-or-left/ - 322KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: and without bat bird killing wind monsters and ugly green bling...
134. New energy secretary Ed Davey will help cash-strapped households to beat soaring power bills -...
New Energy secretary Ed Davey has pledged to tackle soaring power bills in the first few weeks of his new job.He will set out new plans that will allow homeowners to group together to buy cheap gas and electricity at knock-down rates. Bills have soared over the past five years.The plans are based on the principles of the ‘Groupon’ website, which features discounted gift certificates for members that can to buy expensive products cheaply.Mr Davey, 46, who was Consumer affairs minister in the Department for Business, has spent the past few months developing the plans with Chris Huhne, who quit as Energy secretary yesterday.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/liberaldemocrats/9060014/New-energy-secretary-Ed-Davey-will-help-cash-strapped-households-to-beat-soaring-power-bills.html - 92KB - 04 Feb 2012
Excerpt: plans to increase the number of wind farms across the country he said he...
135. This meaningless green drivel, by environment guru: Scientist's U-turn on doomsday claim | Daily Mail
He was once a guru to environmentalists, claiming climate change would kill billions of humans by the end of this century.But it seems James Lovelock has had a change of heart.On the eve of a major environmental summit, he has attacked the modern green movement – declaring its theories 'meaningless drivel'.Almost half a century after he revealed his Gaia theory, which inspired a generation of activists, the former Nasa scientists said he believed that rising sea levels were not a problem and that wind turbines were 'useless'.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2161379/This-meaningless-green-drivel-environment-guru-Scientists-U-turn-doomsday-claim.html - 203KB - 19 Jun 2012
Excerpt: problem former nasa scientist said wind turbines were useless by mario...
136. The paradox of democracy in the UK
Let me return like a moth to the flame to the question of UKIP. I get plenty of criticism on this site for fighting the good fight against the use and extension of EU power on the simple ground that I do not join UKIP, who happen to agree with some of my views. I will try again to explain why I and other like minded Conservative MPs will continue to battle for the restoration of UK democracy as Conservatives.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2014/07/23/the-paradox-of-democracy-in-the-uk/ - 262KB - 01 Aug 2014
Excerpt: vote blue get green remember more wind farms and solar panels stay in the...
137. Why do some people and many politicians want to stay in the EU on current terms?
Two arguments are constantly recited by the defenders of our current EU entanglement. Today I wish to deal with the more serious, the proposition that the EU is necessary to prevent wars in Europe.This argument looks to some at first to be attractive and well based. After all, say its proponents, Europe was torn apart by two long and damaging wars in the first half of the twentieth century. Who wouldn’t want to avoid that again? They go on, emboldened by the general agreement that European wars are a bad thing, to point out there has been no recurrence of major European war since the EEC and the EU were formed.This is rather like arguing that we need to belong to the EU to keep horses and carts off our streets.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/06/04/why-do-some-people-and-many-politicians-want-to-stay-in-the-eu-on-current-terms/ - 200KB - 09 Jun 2012
Excerpt: peoples pockets 8211 as with wind farms reply alan wheatley posted...
138. Lies, damned lies, and The Wind is Free | Roger Helmer MEP
No it’s not. It’s very expensive indeed (or at least energy generated from wind is expensive — and intermittent). It’s an existential threat to our economy and our energy security (see piece below). So I couldn’t resist bringing home this little badge from one of the companies we met in Vaasa, Finland.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/lies-damned-lies-and-the-wind-is-free/ - 58KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: mep lies damned lies and a oethe wind is freea comments feed rsd roger...
139. Germany's clean energy plan backfired - Salon.com
The nation's move away from nuclear power drove it right back to coal.When a nuclear power plant closes, a coal plant opens. At least, that’s the way things are shaping up in Germany, where the move away from nuclear energy appears to have backfired. For the second consecutive year, according to Bloomberg, the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to increase.German Chancellor Angela Merkel made headlines back in 2011 when, in the wake of the reactor meltdown in Tokyo, she announced the impending closure of Germany’s 17 nuclear reactors.
URL: http://www.salon.com/2013/07/30/germanys_clean_energy_plan_backfired/ - 164KB - 01 Aug 2013
Excerpt: the nation s move away from nuclear power drove it right back to coal by...
140. I have seen your future, America, and it doesn’t work | The Spectator
On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, James Delingpole says that the President-elect is horribly reminiscent of Tony Blair in 1997. He may be a fantastic guy, and look great, but he will bring a ragbag of scuzzballs, communists and eco-loons to power with him
URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/3233531/i-have-seen-your-future-america-and-it-doesnt-work.thtml - 226KB - 02 Apr 2011
Excerpt: scuzzballs communists eco loons power him matter excited barack obama...
141. LDP's Japanese landslide may mean expansionary economic policy, less antagonism towards nuclear...
The Liberal Democrats who dominated Japanese politics for nearly all of the country's post-war period were booted from power three years ago as punishment for the country's decade of stagnation and for cronyism between an indebted political establishment and special interests. The LDP was re-elected, however, with a super-majority in weekend elections - winning in such a large landslide that they may be able to govern without worrying about the upper house's power of veto.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/international/2012/12/ldps-japanese-landslide-may-mean-expansionary-economic-policy-less-antagonism-towards-nuclear-power-.html - 47KB - 19 Dec 2012
Excerpt: less antagonism towards nuclear power and hawkishness towards china by...
142. The view? Gone with the wind: Our famous scenery and landmarks blighted forever by turbines |...
Famous Scottish landmarks which have withstood wars, weather and centuries of change are now blighted by wind turbines.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176806/The-view-Gone-wind-Our-famous-scenery-landmarks-blighted-forever-turbines.html - 169KB - 21 Jul 2012
Excerpt: day forecast the view gone with the wind our famous scenery and landmarks...
143. Electron Model of Many Applications: Technology which could save the world | Mail Online
No, not the engineer in the lab coat. Rather, the Electron Model of Many Applications in which she's standing - a remarkable new technology which could change everything about the way we live.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2001548/Electron-Model-Many-Applications-Technology-save-world.html - 117KB - 12 Jun 2011
Excerpt: worth many millions pounds into wind power live revealed earlier year...
144. Petrol heads and rail nuts
Transport policy is a strange UK battleground between car enthusiasts and rail fans. There is a reluctance by some of the participants to recognise that both trains and cars require burning large amounts of fuel, they both pose safety hazards which increase as speed increases, but both are important to many people’s lives. They are both noisy neighbours. New roads and new railway lines are equally unpopular with the people living near to the proposed route.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/07/10/petrol-heads-and-rail-nuts/ - 289KB - 17 Jul 2012
Excerpt: cars is absurd rather 8211 like the wind farm farce the justification of...

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