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177. I have seen your future, America, and it doesn’t work | The Spectator
On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, James Delingpole says that the President-elect is horribly reminiscent of Tony Blair in 1997. He may be a fantastic guy, and look great, but he will bring a ragbag of scuzzballs, communists and eco-loons to power with him
URL: http://www.spectator.co.uk/essays/all/3233531/i-have-seen-your-future-america-and-it-doesnt-work.thtml - 226KB - 02 Apr 2011
Excerpt: events sold out spectator debate global warming concern over time return...
178. Reinforcing failure | Roger Helmer MEP
Last night I went, with my doughty assistant Alexandra Swann, to a dinner-debate on the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), or as they say in the USA, Cap’n'Trade. We had an industry spokesman telling us that the ETS system was failing to deliver on its key objective, and needed radical reform. Otherwise, he warned, we might end up with a carbon tax.But he was very bullish about the prospects for a global Cap’n'Trade system, presenting a very optimistic map showing putative Cap’n'Trade systems in most countries in the world.I think he was indulging in some rather desperate wishful thinking.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2012/06/19/reinforcing-failure/ - 55KB - 01 Jul 2012
Excerpt: bullish about the prospects for a global cap 8217 n trade system presenting...
179. Jeremy Corbyn pleas for fraudster who screwed pensioners out of £600,000 to stay out of jail for Christmas | Daily Mail Online
Mohamed Dahir is one of a gang of three swindlers who preyed on the 'frail, vulnerable and isolated'. Corbyn, his local MP, unsuccesfully asked for him to be granted bail while awaiting sentence
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3354524/Jeremy-Corbyn-pleas-fraudster-stay-jail-Christmas.html - 467KB - 10 Dec 2015
Excerpt: 5225742u yolanda h foster global lyme alliance gala new york america...
180. An energy policy that makes little sense - Telegraph
The very idea that an advanced economy such as ours faces an energy crisis within the next few years should attract the most urgent attention of our political leaders. Yet we appear to be drifting into a situation of great seriousness because they are all wedded to unrealistic decarbonisation targets that none seems willing to revisit.As Owen Paterson, the former environment secretary, is going to say in a speech this week, the country will “struggle to keep the lights on” unless something is done soon.Much of the current problem stems from mistakes made by the last government. Labour effectively scrapped the UK civil nuclear programme until, far too late in the day, it tried to revive it as part of this country’s commitment to lower CO2 emissions.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/11157454/An-energy-policy-that-makes-little-sense.html - 112KB - 15 Oct 2014
Excerpt: better than we thought at fighting global warming but they won t stop it says...
181. 'Conservative' UK Government Set To Ban Cigarette Labels | The Daily Caller
With a national election just months away, British Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to pick a peculiar fight by attempting to ram through a bill that would require cigarettes to be sold in generic packaging without any brand markings. The effort has outraged dozens of Cameron’s own Conservatives in Parliament. and could potentially drive some voters to the alternative U.K. Independence Party (UKIP).
URL: http://dailycaller.com/2015/01/28/conservative-uk-government-set-to-ban-cigarette-labels/ - 86KB - 29 Jan 2015
Excerpt: video exposed epa memo tie fighting global warming to americans 8217 8216...
182. Greenpeace Co-Founder Reveals the "Rigid, Backwards Thinking" That Caused Him to leave group
A Greenpeace co-founder explained in a new video published online Tuesday why he decided to leave the organization he once helped start. Speaking as part of a Prager University series, Patrick Moore explained the history of Greenpeace, noting how it started in protest of nuclear war. ...
URL: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/07/28/greenpeace-co-founder-reveals-the-rigid-backwards-thinking-that-caused-him-to-leave-group/ - 117KB - 29 Jul 2015
Excerpt: 3k shares hillary clinton launches global warming push then gets caught on...
183. Scientists reveal the green and lush past of Antarctica - and warn it could return | Mail...
Palm trees swayed on the green shores of Antarctica 50 million years ago while temperatures soared above 20C, a study has shown. Researchers have warned they could return.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2182505/Scientists-reveal-green-lush-past-Antarctica--warn-return.html - 122KB - 02 Aug 2012
Excerpt: continent s lush green past and say global warming means they could return in...
184. Weather and climate
I have been hearing on the media that we have just had the hottest April and May for many years, as measured by maximum temperatures. This is a curious way of reporting recent weather. You would have thought they would record average temperatures, as this is a more normal representation of what we experience day by day. I guess the careful wording leaves out the minima which were not so hot.
URL: http://www.johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/06/12/weather-and-climate/ - 95KB - 24 Jun 2011
Excerpt: reverted normal course nothing global warming though doubt bbc met office...
185. Detroit: How the Left Made Water More Expensive Than Cell Phones
The latest news from Detroit, the poster child for failed progressive policies that have dominated that city for more than a half-century, is not good. In March of 2014, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) announced it would begin cutting off water service for customers at least 60 days overdue or more than $150 behind in their water bill payments. Activists outraged by the decision have taken their case outside the city—all the way to the United Nations.
URL: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/64024 - 44KB - 24 Jun 2014
Excerpt: china world news energy environment global warming energy environment energy...
186. What can Councils do to promote economic growth
I was asked to talk about this question at a meeting at Conference.Growth comes from people wishing to do new things, to buy new goods and services, to renovate and improve their homes, to transform their lives and their environments in ways they like and can afford.All too often Councils are the official bodies who are out to stop them doing this, or out to tax and charge them for daring to try.Most local businesses depend on the van. Plumbers and loft insulators, new goods deliverers and conservatory builders come by van. Most of us do not live next to the station. We rely on the flexible and ubiquitous van, which may not always be white, to turn up with the goods or the service. Professional and on line services often depend on the car to get the providers to their place of work or to the customer’s home if needed.Many Councils see the van and the car as an opportunity to raise tax revenues, to charge them and to restrict their use. If Councils really wanted to help the local economy they would see that they need to do much more to allow reasonable vehicle access to potential customers, and to allow potential customers access to shops and other centres of trade. They could......
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/10/10/what-can-councils-do-to-promote-economic-growth/ - 197KB - 15 Dec 2012
Excerpt: comment permalink according to nasa global warming is real so it seems the...
187. George Osborne threatens big business with global tax crackdown - Telegraph
The Chancellor and his German counterpart have threatened to go to war with big business by calling on the world's leading 20 nations to crack down on habitual tax dodging.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9656882/George-Osborne-threatens-big-business-with-global-tax-crackdown.html - 65KB - 05 Nov 2012
Excerpt: osborne threatens big business with global tax crackdown the chancellor and...
188. EU Chief: Our Work Should Not be Transparent | The Minority Report Blog
In what might be considered a major gaffe, the European Union’s (EU) chief scientific adviser Anne Glover has just insisted her work should be “not transparent” and should be kept out of the public eye.Her advice to the Commission chief is often on controversial topics such as global warming, genetically modified crops and nuclear power. You might assume these are important issues that deserve scrutiny, but the EU and Dr. Glover clearly disagree.
URL: http://www.theminorityreportblog.com/2014/08/09/eu-chief-our-work-should-not-be-transparent/ - 122KB - 09 Aug 2014
Excerpt: on controversial topics such as global warming genetically modified crops...
189. Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to dodge new French tax hike by moving to London and setting up...
Details of the planned to move to London were uncovered during a raid by fraud police on Nicolas Sarkozy’s Paris mansion last June.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266331/Nicolas-Sarkozy-Carla-Bruni-dodge-new-French-tax-hike-moving-London-setting-1billion-fund.html - 217KB - 22 Jan 2013
Excerpt: has dried up because he dismissed global warming as poppycock the bbc froze...
190. David Cameron's decision to sack Owen Paterson will send rural voters flooding to Ukip »...
During Owen Paterson’s vocal conversation with David Cameron in defence of his record as Environment Minister after learning he was being sacked, Paterson reportedly said: ‘this will be a kick in the teeth to 12 million countryside voters… you are making a big mistake’.There is already mounting evidence to suggest Paterson could be right. Judging by the two standing ovations that Paterson went on to receive last Friday at the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace (at the mere mention of his name), Charles Moore commented that ‘you could almost see the disaffected Tory voters fleeing to Ukip across the tent’.
URL: http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2014/07/8832941/ - 259KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: to tell the truth in respect to global warming https twitter com tan123...
191. Mike Rowe: MSNBC Host’s Contempt for the Term ‘Hard Worker’ Shows ‘There Is No Longer a Limit to What People Can Be Offended By’
Mike Rowe, host of “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and fan of rolling up one’s sleeves, was asked by a Facebook reader to comment on MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry taking offense to the term “hard worker.”Armed with his usual quiver full of common sense, Rowe proceeded to reply to Lenny Kostecki.“My take Lenny, for what it’s worth, is that there is no longer a limit to what people can be offended by,” Rowe began.Rowe surmised that Harris-Perry’s comments on her show last weekend means she’s “put off” by the idea that hard work and success are typically two sides of the same coin. “She doesn’t like the fact that many hard-working individuals have not enjoyed the same measure of success as Speaker Ryan, who was being acknowledged on her show for his excellent work ethic,” Rowe added.
URL: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/11/01/mike-rowe-msnbc-hosts-contempt-for-the-term-hard-worker-shows-there-is-no-longer-a-limit-to-what-people-can-be-offended-by/ - 124KB - 01 Nov 2015
Excerpt: comments 142 comments bill gates on global warming 8216 the climate problem...
192. Did global warming help bring down Air France flight 447? – Telegraph Blogs
While the serious world waits anxiously for a plausible explanation as to why that Airbus went down, the eco loons have seized their moment. According to Russia Today, a Russian climatologist "believes global warming may have played a serious part." Well, of course.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/9975787/Did_global_warming_help_bring_down_Air_France_flight_447/ - 237KB - 27 Mar 2010
Excerpt: news rss feed news did global warming help bring down air france...

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