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65. Family events coming soon in Yorkshire - Yorkshire.com
Check out the Welcome to Yorkshire website for more information on the family events coming to the Yorkshire region throughout the year.
URL: http://www.yorkshire.com/inspire/events-and-festivals/coming-soon - 90KB - 11 Apr 2010
Excerpt: require javascript turned welcome yorkshire accessibility contact mobile eshop...
66. ConservativeChitChat.co.uk Messageboard - Re-open the Picton to Battersby Railway line - Real Rail Improvements
A proposal to re-open the old Picton to Battersby Railway line to boost railway services along the Esk Valley Railway line to Whitby, North Yorkshire & allow a direct rail link from Whitby to Northallerton & York.
URL: http://www.conservativechitchat.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1331243413 - 138KB - 03 Sep 2012
Excerpt: where the vast majority of north yorkshire county council seems to be based...
67. Private eyes spy for the State: Public officials spend YOUR millions on snoopers | Mail Online
Details of the scale of the use of private eyes by officials came as it emerged investigators fitted a tracking device to the family car of 999 call centre worker Anthea Orchard (pictured), 35.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2385141/Private-eyes-spy-State-Public-officials-spend-YOUR-millions-snoopers.html - 272KB - 06 Aug 2013
Excerpt: was put under investigation by west yorkshire fire and rescue services who...
68. Energy-saving light bulbs can fry your skin, study claims | Mail Online
Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York State discovered healthy skin exposed to light from efficient compact fluorescent bulbs - or CFL bulbs - experienced the same kind of damage that is found with ultraviolet radiation.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176494/Energy-saving-light-bulbs-fry-skin-study-claims.html - 205KB - 07 Oct 2012
Excerpt: pictured at home in leeds west yorkshire today and aged eight uncle jimmy...
69. Tea Rooms, Afternoon Tea, Homemade - Yorkshire Food Guide
Yorkshire is best known for its tea rooms, sample afternoon tea and a homemade cake in one of the hundreds of cafes across the region.
URL: http://www.yorkshire.com/inspire/delicious/deliciously-different - 67KB - 11 Apr 2010
Excerpt: require javascript turned welcome yorkshire accessibility contact mobile eshop...
70. Train passenger had to buy 14 TICKETS to complete simple round trip from Leeds to Leicester |...
Project manager Rachel Woodward, 28, pictured, from West Yorkshire, had two tickets for herself plus four seat reservations and eight other tickets for her bike - and a receipt.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2164884/Train-passenger-buy-14-TICKETS-complete-simple-round-trip-Leeds-Leicester.html - 196KB - 26 Jun 2012
Excerpt: the 28 year old from leeds west yorkshire said when i was at the machine the...
71. Unions need more power: What the head of Labour's biggest paymaster 'Red Len' McCluskey told Ed Milliband
The Unite union is seeking to get a stranglehold on Labour by training activists as future MPs and seeking to flood the party with 15,000 new members from the union.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2273530/Unions-need-power-What-head-Labours-biggest-paymaster-Red-Len-McCluskey-told-Ed-Miliband.html - 210KB - 05 Feb 2013
Excerpt: for the bus in harrogate north yorkshire this morning after an overnight...
72. ‘Project Utter Crap!’ Furious Tory backlash after Osborne warns that Brexit could trigger an 8p rise in income tax | Daily Mail
George Osborne is facing a furious Tory backlash today after warning that Britain would be 'permanently poorer' after leaving the EU.The Chancellor accused London Mayor Boris Johnson and other Leave campaigners of 'dishonesty' as he published an apocalyptic Treasury assessment of Brexit risks.The 200-page dossier predicted that quitting would trigger a 6 per cent slump in GDP and cost every household £4,300 a year. It also said an 8p rise in the basic rate of income tax could be needed to fill a £36billion hole in the public finances by 2030.But the report drew condemnation from a host of senior Conservatives, with 'laughably spurious', 'childish' and 'disreputable' among the politest descriptions.One backbencher said that the Remain campaign's 'Project Fear' approach had 'turned into Project Utter Crap'.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3545348/Osborne-rails-dishonest-Brexit-supporters-warns-quitting-cost-family-4-300.html - 411KB - 18 Apr 2016
Excerpt: are truly sorry for sneaking their yorkshire terriers into australia has been...
73. ConservativeChitChat.co.uk Messageboard - Create a "Pickering South" Railway Station -...
There's been campaigns over the years to re-open the old Whitby to Pickering Railway line - better known these days as the volunteer run North Yorkshire Moors Railway - to modern day mainline train services, and hook the Pickering end of the line back up to the Railway line between Scarborough & Malton that goes to York.
URL: http://www.conservativechitchat.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1330639123 - 132KB - 03 Sep 2012
Excerpt: days as the volunteer run north yorkshire moors railway to modern day...
74. Sorry: but what exactly is wrong with UKIP wanting to put country before party? –...
"When you were the Yorkshire Ripper's assistant how many of his victims did you personally kill and dismember?" Though this wasn't one of the questions John Humphrys actually put to Nigel Farage on the Today programme this morning, you could tell from his tone it was the sort of thing he'd much rather be asking than all that tame stuff about whether a Tory/UKIP alliance might ever be on the cards. The fact is that Humphrys/the Today programme/the BBC generally all loathe Farage and UKIP probably even more than they detest the BNP or even Israel or the Tea Party.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100182148/sorry-but-what-exactly-is-wrong-with-ukip-wanting-to-put-country-before-party/ - 57KB - 25 Sep 2012
Excerpt: on this article when you were the yorkshire ripper s assistant how many of his...
75. TORRO - British Weather Extremes: Maximum Temperatures
In 1875 the Royal Meteorological Society organised a network of Climatological Weather Stations, regularly inspected and using verified thermometers. The instruments were exposed in the Standard Stevenson Screen, a procedure also encouraged by the Scottish Meteorological Society and the British Meteorological Office. Summaries of observations from these standard sites were subsequently published in the Meteorological Record of the Royal Meteorological Society, the Journal of the Scottish Meteorological Society, and the Monthly Weather Report of the Meteorological Office.Since 1875 the highest temperature of the year in Britain has been registered as early as 14th May 1965 and as late as 27th September 1895 (for full details see Journal of Meteorology, 9(87), 69-72); a table of Britain's highest recorded temperatures for each day of the year was originally published in Journal of Meteorology, 9(90), 169-176; a revised list and associated article was published in Weather, 55, pp 298-315.
URL: http://www.torro.org.uk/maxtemps.php - 27KB - 30 Jun 2016
Excerpt: feb 1959 march 25 0 77 wakefield w yorkshire 29 mar 1929 25 0 77 wakefield w...
76. BBC News - Galloway under investigation over Israel remarks
Calls by George Galloway for Bradford to be "declared an Israel-free zone" are being investigated by West Yorkshire Police.
URL: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-28687233 - 96KB - 08 Aug 2014
Excerpt: zone are being investigated by west yorkshire police officers said two complaints...
77. Cricket, The Ashes, Twenty20 - Yorkshire Sport Events
Cricket is part of Yorkshires history, holding the Ashes test matches and a proud history of famous players the Yorkshire cricket & twenty20 scene is thriving.
URL: http://www.yorkshire.com/inspire/sport/cricket - 63KB - 11 Apr 2010
Excerpt: require javascript turned welcome yorkshire accessibility contact mobile eshop...
78. Some school bullies never grow-up...
Twenty years ago this September I started my final 2 years of having to go to school whether I liked it or not by doing my GCSE's at the local big kids school Whitby Community College.The previous years of Primary & Middle school had already been not particularly fun due to bullying, and this new school provided a whole new fresh set of bullies..... and meeting back up with some of the old ones from Primary who went to Eskdale school instead of Caedmon.One of the new ones (and one of the worst of the lot for name calling) was a girl called Lisa, who was butt ugly and had her hair cut short like a boy who'd pick on me for no good reason other than for my last name (so she'd often make Duck noises at me as I walked past minding my own business).
URL: http://www.whitby-north-yorkshire.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1375590809 - 39KB - 04 Aug 2013
Excerpt: whitby real whitby whitby north yorkshire messageboard for residents visitors...
79. So much for 'Boris Island': London mayor now favours giant four-runway airport in Kent over Thames Estuary development | Daily Mail
Doing an about-turn on his own pet policy London mayor Boris Johnson is now not so keen on the idea of the 'Boris Island' airport.The new transport hub was going to be built in the Thames estuary on an artificial island.Now Mr Johnson is more strongly backing a giant airport on the Isle of Grain in Kent, partly builton reclaimed land.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362804/So-Boris-Island-London-mayor-favours-giant-runway-airport-Kent-Thames-estuary-development.html - 222KB - 14 Jul 2013
Excerpt: a young swimmer in richmond north yorkshire cool off by diving from waterfalls...
80. Ian Blair's attack on police reform is misguided | Local Government
Peter Walker, a former Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire, on the flawed claims from Lord Blair that police independence is under threatI have liked and respected Lord Ian Blair since I shared a classroom with him on the Police Senior Command Course almost twenty years ago. It was clear even then that he was destined for the very top of the service. However, I simply do not agree with his views on the Police Reform Programme.Writing in the New Statesman recently, Lord Blair declared "Police independence is under threat" and gave four reasons for his views. I truly believe each to be wrong.Firstly, he says that "a series of connected decisions" reinforce the view "the main job of the Police is to catch criminals", which he goes on to criticise.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/localgovernment/2012/07/ian-blairs-attack-on-police-reform-is-misguided.html - 64KB - 22 Jul 2012
Excerpt: deputy chief constable of north yorkshire on the flawed claims from lord...

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