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33. Britain should leap-frog Hinkley and lead 21st Century nuclear revolution
It is hard to imagine now, but Britain once led the nuclear revolution.Ernest Rutherford first broke the nuclei of atoms at Manchester University in 1917. Our Queen opened the world's first nuclear power plant in 1956 at Calder Hall.Such were the halcyon days of British atomic confidence, before defeatism took hold and free market ideology was pushed to pedantic extremes.Most of Britain's ageing reactors will be phased out over the next decade, leaving a gaping hole in electricity supply. By historic irony the country has drifted into a position where it now depends on an ailing state-owned French company to build its two reactors at Hinkley Point, with help from the Chinese Communist Party.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/08/17/britain-should-leap-frog-hinkley-and-lead-21st-century-nuclear-r/ - 156KB - 18 Aug 2016
Excerpt: he said the plan is switch to thorium as a greener source of fuel once...
34. Beware of "Smart Meters" | Roger Helmer MEP
Pretty soon you’ll be offered a “smart meter”, with all sorts of sales talk about the benefits and savings it will deliver. But smart meters may not be all good news. The Mail on Sunday has an interesting article pointing out that there are serious flaws in their design, and that many problems have not been resolved with these expensive systems.There’s a happy, smiley marketing campaign which advises consumers of the benefits of the system — “helping the consumer” to understand how to reduce electricity use and therefore lower bills, and so on. But they don’t discuss the risks: the wireless system may not be robust; it may be vulnerable to malicious hacking; the programme nationally will cost £11bn; and it indeed may change the way consumers are billed — but not in the way the energy companies and government are selling the idea.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/beware-of-smart-meters/ - 152KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: press comes to town thinking about thorium a oedemand side managementa...
35. Study: The sun has more impact on the climate in cool periods | Watts Up With That?
The activity of the Sun is an important factor in the complex interaction that controls our climate. New research now shows that the impact of the Sun is not constant over time, but has greater significance when the Earth is cooler.There has been much discussion as to whether variations in the strength of the Sun have played a role in triggering climate change in the past, but more and more research results clearly indicate that solar activity – i.e. the amount of radiation coming from the Sun – has an impact on how the climate varies over time.In a new study published in the scientific journal Geology, researchers from institutions including Aarhus University in Denmark show that, during the last 4,000 years, there appears to have been a close correlation between solar activity and the sea surface temperature in summer in the North Atlantic. This correlation is not seen in the preceding period.
URL: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/03/01/study-the-sun-has-more-impact-on-the-climate-in-cool-periods/ - 518KB - 03 Mar 2015
Excerpt: wuwt hot sheet the yamal deception thorium power thunderstorms tornadoes...
36. Nuclear: Still the safest mainstream generating technology | Roger Helmer MEP
“It would be madness to abandon our nuclear programme”, says Boris Johnson. And despite the media hysteria going on at the moment, he’s right. Russia has its hand on the gas taps. There is chaos sweeping the Middle East and Arab oil fields. The price of petrol is hitting record highs. Greenpeace are at the door as I write, protesting against the extraction of oil from tar sands in Canada. Energy security has never been so critical.And despite the hype, nuclear is still the safest mainstream generating technology we have.Let’s get it in perspective. Yesterday, in response to a histrionic spam e-mail against nuclear, I wrote: Industry deaths in Coal: >250,000. In Hydro: >250,000. In nuclear, fewer than 100. That’s actually one hundred – not an abbreviation for 100,000. Nuclear is not just safer than coal or hydro — it’s safer by many orders of magnitude.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/nuclear-still-the-safest-mainstream-generating-technology/ - 64KB - 22 Apr 2012
Excerpt: any discussion on the merits of thorium on your blog many thanks reply...
37. Wishful thinking at the CBI | Roger Helmer MEP
I was struck by an article in The Sunday Telegraph of July 20th, by the CBI’s Deputy Director General Katja Hall. “Let’s dispel the myth that we have no allies in Brussels”, it’s headlined. And as an example of wishful thinking, of the triumph of hope over experience, this would be hard to beat.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/wishful-thinking-at-the-cbi/ - 86KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: name about roger thinking about thorium ukip sets the agenda and drives the...
38. Lies, Damned Lies and Newspaper reports | Roger Helmer MEP
I think it was Enoch Powell who said that there’s no more point in a politician complaining about the media than a sailor complaining about the sea. He was right, of course. So I try very hard not to respond to what looks like deliberate provocation, never mind defamatory fictions and lies, in the press — nor indeed the often even more outrageous calumnies in the social media. Some appalling stuff was published in the papers during the Euro and Newark election campaigns, and for the most part I avoided comment. But now that both of those campaigns are over, I’d like to respond to a couple of the more egregious claims.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/lies-damned-lies-and-newspaper-reports/ - 94KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: press comes to town thinking about thorium a oedemand side managementa...
39. UKIP sets the agenda, ...and drives the government re-shuffle | Roger Helmer MEP
Perhaps the most striking feature of David Cameron’s extensive reshuffle is that is largely a defensive response to UKIP. We are setting the agenda. We are making the weather.The three main themes of the reshuffle were:Presenting a more eurosceptic facade: Philip Hammond, described as “a vociferous eurosceptic”, becomes Foreign Secretary, spun as “The most openly sceptic Foreign Secretary in decades”. Michael Fallon goes to Defence. He too has a eurosceptic reputation – though it’s difficult to see how he’ll bring that to bear in the defence rôle. Priti Patel becomes Secretary to the Treasury, and is a lady of robust opinions. On the other hand the nomination of Lord “Who’s He?” Hill as EU Commissioner raised some eyebrows – and got Jean-Claude Juncker googling to find out who he was.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/ukip-sets-the-agenda-and-drives-the-government-re-shuffle/ - 97KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: press comes to town thinking about thorium a oedemand side managementa...
40. “Demand-side management”: Blackouts by another name..and why “green energy” is economic nonsense | Roger Helmer MEP
In a recent speech Ed Davey announced that energy intensive companies would be paid to switch off their machinery during times of high demand. As many have noted, this not what happens in healthy energy markets. Although this policy is called ‘demand-side management’, jargon does not disguise what is still a blackout. But simple economics can determine a much better approach to energy policy than the managed decline preferred by the deeply unpopular minority party in the coalition.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/demand-side-management-blackouts-by-another-name/ - 126KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: press comes to town thinking about thorium a oedemand side managementa...
41. Libel by social media | Roger Helmer MEP
In a recent blog, I talked about the appalling lies that appeared in the press during the euro and Newark election campaigns, and I mentioned that even more bizarre calumnies appeared in social media.One day during the euro campaign, the whole euro-team was in Oakham, in the County of Rutland, and we stopped for tea and chocolate brownies in a very charming tea-shop, Buttercross House. It has a sunken terrace where we sat. I was vaguely aware of a couple of other customers down there, but I was astonished next day to read a Tweet which said....
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/libel-by-social-media/ - 95KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: press comes to town thinking about thorium a oedemand side managementa...
42. Climate change policies and energy prices
Understandably there is concern and even fear about the sharp rise in energy prices we are experiencing. It’s been a big enough gas price hike for a Scottish Minister to posture over the topic, and for the UK Parliamentary Opposition to start raising questions. Many of these politicians should be welcoming it, as they were the ones who told us we needed to burn less fuel and who invented policies to put prices up so we were forced to burn less.
URL: http://www.johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/06/13/climate-change-policies-and-energy-prices/ - 134KB - 24 Jun 2011
Excerpt: 8217 fraction could world leaders thorium reactors dailymail co uk home...
43. Wind turbines: a disaster for birds | Roger Helmer MEP
I’m receiving a lot of letters regarding the shooting of songbirds in Malta for sport. While I’m not opposed in principle to the shooting of birds for sport or for the pot, the annual carnage in Malta seems disproportionate and a possible threat to the species involved. I have accordingly raised the matter several times with the Commission, without any satisfactory answer. This is a good illustration of the ineffectiveness of European Institutions in delivering solutions to problems that concern citizens.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/wind-turbines-a-disaster-for-birds/ - 150KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: map about roger thinking about thorium ukip sets the agenda and drives the...
44. The Observer's spectacular own goal | Roger Helmer MEP
Back in 2002, I wrote a piece that ended up in my book “A Declaration of Independence”. Somewhere in the depths of this piece, I made a reference to the repatriation of immigrants.Did I propose compulsory repatriation? No, I did not. Did I advocate voluntary repatriation? No, I did not. So what did I say? I merely expressed my surprise at the strident attacks from some politicians at the time on the very idea of voluntary repatriation, as though this were self-evident wickedness. It seems to me that if an immigrant desires to be repatriated, and we choose to help him, that is an act of kindness and compassion. I don’t advocate it as a policy. But equally, I can’t see why the idea is, in and of itself, wicked.However the Observer newspaper takes a different view.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/the-observers-spectacular-own-goal/ - 89KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: map about roger thinking about thorium ukip sets the agenda and drives the...
45. It's still the economy stupid | John Redwood's Diary
Yesterday in Parlliament the Leader of the Opposition could hardly wait to get through a couple of questions on the economy, to get on to the issue that fascinates the political and media classes – themselves. The latest revelations about the relationships between the Murdoch media and the present government caused the downfall of a Special Adviser. They leave the Culture Secretary making the rogue adviser defence, saying that his Adviser said and did things he should not have done, but they were unauthorised by his boss. The Leveson Enquiry is likely to find that the relationships between politicians of both main parties and the Murdoch press have been close, with both parties competing for favourable coverage and backing. As far as the public is concerned, they want an economic recovery and want more attention on jobs, savings, and prices.The age of spin has encouraged the strange idea that a party or an individual can maintain a good press whatever the reality of their actions and their consequences.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/26/its-still-the-economy-stupid/ - 183KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: government how are the new thorium reactors coming on reply lifelogic...
46. Should the Conservative party lurch right or left?
There will be all manner of calls in the next few days for a change of direction by Conservative Ministers, in the wake of the big swings to Labour in the local elections. The main feature of the elections was a swing to the left as conventionally described. Labour took many votes off the Lib Dems, and some votes off the Conservatives. It extended its hold on many northern towns and cities, and showed an ability to win some seats in the south as well.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/05/06/should-the-conservative-party-lurch-right-or-left/ - 322KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: hoaxers is sensible statemanship thorium was not selected as the basis for...
47. Chris Huhne: Nuclear power is vital to our future | Mail Online
In a speech to the Royal Society today, Chris Huhne acknowledged that previous nuclear policy made a series of expensive mistakes.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2048787/Chris-Huhne-Nuclear-power-vital-future.html - 113KB - 14 Oct 2011
Excerpt: intention of increasing spending on thorium reactor research unlike china india...
48. Centrica pulls out of project to build new UK nuclear plants and launches £500m share buy-back...
Centrica has scrapped plans to take part in the building of new UK nuclear reactors, blaming spiralling costs and delays, and has launched a £500m share buy-back.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/energy/9846895/Centrica-pulls-out-of-project-to-build-new-UK-nuclear-plants-and-launches-500m-share-buy-back.html - 68KB - 04 Feb 2013
Excerpt: trail for clean nuclear power from thorium france totally bankrupt says labour...

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