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49. Obama's literary agent says he was 'born in Kenya'. How did the mainstream media miss this?...
Whatever you think of Breitbart.com’s punishing vetting process, it has exposed just how little work the mainstream media did in investigating candidate Obama back in 2008. Not all of Team Breitbart’s revelations have been election-deciders, but they have often been stuff that a simple Google would have uncovered. If they revealed tomorrow that he’d had his own cross-dressing-themed sitcom on primetime TV in the 1980s, I wouldn’t be surprised.The latest find is a fascinating inversion of the birther conspiracy. Breitbart.com has discovered that in 1991 Barack Obama’s literary agent (who also represented New Kids on the Block) published a booklet that included a biography of the future President. The audience was “business colleagues” in the publishing industry and it was designed to promote Obama’s anticipated first book (later abandoned) called Journeys in Black and White. Here’s how it describes the author’s origins.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100158834/obama-used-to-be-a-kenyan/ - 55KB - 18 May 2012
Excerpt: news rss feed news obama s literary agent says he was born...
50. Politics: It's not just executive orders: Obama breaks record skirting the law via memoranda |...
Anything to get what he wants. One of the White House's defenses against the charge that President Obama abuses his executive authority is, essentially, hey, he hasn't really issued that many executive orders! In fact, he's issued a lot, but the more important thing to recognize is that he often accomplishes much the same thing through another, more under-the-radar technique.Kudos to USA Today for its piece today on Obama's abuse of presidential memoranda as another method of getting around Congress and skirting the law:
URL: http://www.caintv.com/its-not-just-executive-orders - 37KB - 18 Dec 2014
Excerpt: it s not just executive orders obama breaks record skirting the law via...
51. The two articles that every pro-Obama British Tory should read International
I've made my own brief case for Mitt Romney in today's Times (£). I've argued that he's far different from the demonised caricature of the Democrat ad campaign. Instead he's better-placed to end the gridlock in Washington that is preventing America from facing up to its fiscal challenges. I give examples of the ways in which Barack Obama is far from the uniting figure that is sometimes suggested.Posted below are some of the best chunks of writing on the American election. I particularly recommend the top two quotes from David Frum and Ross Douthat - especially to any British Conservative who is supportive of Barack Obama...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/international/2012/11/the-best-writing-on-americas-choice.html - 54KB - 05 Nov 2012
Excerpt: the two articles that every pro obama british tory should read by tim...
52. Obama - the Al Capone of Climate Change - launches his next assault on democracy, the Constitution and the US economy
There are two main reasons why President Obama stands a polar bear's chance in hell of imposing a binding carbon emissions reduction treaty on the US in the name of combating catastrophic, unprecedented man-made global warming.1. It will kill the jobs, prosperity and personal freedom on which the American dream was built.2. There is absolutely no hard evidence that catastrophic, unprecedented man-made global warming is anything more than a figment of the President's and his greenie chums' warped imaginations.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/08/27/Obama-the-Al-Capone-of-Climate-Change-launches-his-next-assault-on-democracy-the-Constitution-and-the-US-economy - 81KB - 27 Aug 2014
Excerpt: texas breitbart california obama the al capone of climate change...
53. Spain's Skyrocketing Power Prices And Higher CO2 Emissions | The Daily Caller
President Obama once frequently touted Spain’s green energy economy. No longer. That’s no surprise given how things have worked out for the economically beleaguered country.According to a new report by the free-market Institute for Energy Research, Spain’s green energy policies have resulted in skyrocketing electricity prices, billions of euros in debt and rising carbon dioxide emissions.
URL: http://dailycaller.com/2014/08/28/spains-green-economy-skyrocketing-power-prices-and-higher-co2-emissions/ - 88KB - 01 Sep 2014
Excerpt: michael brown police barack obama israel iraq facebook twitter google...
54. Obama Missile Defense Cuts Leaves US Open To ICBM Attack From Iran | The Daily Caller
Lawmakers on the hill cite grave concerns that President Obama is cutting desperately needed Inter Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) defenses that protect the United States while his administration is only helping Iran further develop ways to launch ICBM attacks on America.“The administration is paving the way for Iran to become a strategic threat to the United States eventually with ICBM’s, while at the same time suppressing our own ability to defend the homeland against such weapons,” House Armed Services Committee member Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican, told The Daily Caller last Thursday.
URL: http://dailycaller.com/2015/07/19/obama-missile-defense-cuts-leaves-us-open-to-icbm-attack-from-iran/ - 80KB - 19 Jul 2015
Excerpt: comments feed the daily caller obama missile defense cuts leaves us open...
55. Hello Obama second term; bye bye Western Civilization – Telegraph Blogs
"Can't wait for the leftards' misery when Romney wins. It will be like eating foie gras to the sound of trumpets." @jamesdelingpole on Twitter last week.Well: I think that's what they call a 'hostage to fortune.' And, of course, I don't remotely blame all the leftards who've been blowing raspberries in response. I'm sure I would have done just the same had our positions been reversed.Nonetheless it seems to me that the victory the Obamaphiles have won is entirely Pyrrhic. In what way, I would like to ask them, is a second term for a proven failure a good thing? On the evidence of Obama's four years in power so far, what exactly have they seen that augurs so well for the next four years of the American presidency?Was it his resolute decision to sacrifice the lives of four brave men in Benghazi, perhaps?Or was it his truly heartwarming eagerness to reward his friends at Solyndra by handing them $500 million of taxpayers' money for a business that was essentially worthless?
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100188419/hello-obama-second-term-bye-bye-western-civilization/ - 59KB - 07 Nov 2012
Excerpt: news hello obama second term bye bye western...
56. Sarah Palin calls for Barack Obama to be impeached and removed from White House - Telegraph
Unelected matron saint of the Tea Party compares America to "a battered wife" that can no longer her husband's abuse. Sarah Palin has taken her vitriolic criticism of President Barack Obama to a new level, calling for him to be impeached and removed from office.The former governor of Alaska compared America to "a battered wife" that could no longer take any more of her husband's abuse.Mrs Palin said "the last straw" was Mr Obama's decision to take executive action to change America's immigration system after reforms stalled in the face of opposition from Republicans in Congress."It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment," she wrote.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10957563/Sarah-Palin-calls-for-Barack-Obama-to-be-impeached-and-removed-from-White-House.html - 84KB - 09 Jul 2014
Excerpt: usa sarah palin calls for barack obama to be impeached and removed from...
57. Labour's Lord Ahmed of Rotherham 'offers £10m bounty to detain Obama' | Mail Online
A Labour peer was suspended last night after allegedly claiming he would put up a £10million bounty for the capture of Barack Obama.Lord Ahmed of Rotherham is reported to have made the gesture after the U.S. announced a $10million bounty for Hafiz Muhammed Saeed, whom it blames for orchestrating the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.He is said to have described the bounty on Mr Saeed, who founded banned militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), as an ‘insult to all Muslims’.Pakistani-born Lord Ahmed, Britain’s first Muslim peer, reportedly said Mr Obama had ‘challenged the dignity of the Muslim Ummah (community)’ and said his reward also applied to Mr Obama’s predecessor as U.S. president, George W Bush.Pakistan’s Express Tribune newspaper said Lord Ahmed had made the remarks at a reception in Haripur on Friday.Patrick Mercer, Tory MP for Newark and former chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism sub-committee, said: ‘This seems an extraordinary statement.‘I struggle to see how encouraging the detention of the President of the United States fits with membership of the Lords, one of our great parliamentary institutions.‘There is a major distinction between the President of a great democracy and a man who, although only a suspect, is wanted in connection to a terrible atrocity.’
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2130256/Lord-Ahmed-Rotherham-offers-10m-bounty-detain-Obama.html - 150KB - 16 Apr 2012
Excerpt: offered 10m for capture of barack obama claiming his bounty on terrorist...
58. Big Government Liberal Policies Kill Another Restaurant in San Francisco – The Minority...
Source, SoMa’s “multi-dimensional” vegetarian restaurant, has closed its doors, citing the skyrocketing costs of doing business in San Francisco as the nail in its coffin. The restaurant’s goodbye came via a sign posted on the door: “Due to the new labor health laws for a business with more than 20 employees and other unforeseen situations, we cannot afford to run a business of this type in San Francisco.
URL: http://www.theminorityreportblog.com/2015/01/27/big-government-liberal-policies-kill-another-restaurant-in-san-francisco/ - 141KB - 27 Jan 2015
Excerpt: england google art project s taxes obama eyes the monasteries streetwise...
59. Obama’s State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution | Pamela Geller
For the umpteenth time, who side is the Obama administration on? The savages. The “radical transformation” Obama promised on the campaign trail is indeed complete.Islamic supremacism is now de facto Obama foreign policy.The first and most fatal casualty of Obama’s sharia adherence is the truth.
URL: http://pamelageller.com/2015/07/68972.html/ - 89KB - 24 Jul 2015
Excerpt: geller comments feed pamela geller obama 8217 s state dept bars christians...
60. US election 2012: Obama won my support – but it won’t happen again - Telegraph
Both British and US interests would be best served by a victory for Mitt Romney.Many Europeans wonder why Mr Obama is not comfortably ahead. Most media, both within the US and abroad, portray him as a serene statesman being shouted at by angry Tea Partiers in 18th-century fancy dress. Viewed solely through the medium of a television screen, he seems bigger than his Republican critics. They are presented as a gaggle of anti-abortionists, stump-toothed mountain men and crackpots hoarding gold against the presumed collapse of paper currencies – an extremist coalition led by a plutocrat. Seen from abroad, it looks like an election between Dr Hibbert and Montgomery Burns.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-election/9511865/US-election-2012-Obama-won-my-support-but-it-wont-happen-again.html - 83KB - 31 Aug 2012
Excerpt: democrats republicans barack obama mitt romney home news world news us...
61. The PJ Tatler » Texas Officials, Activists to Holder on Voter ID: If It's War You Want, It's War You've Got
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is responding quickly and forcefully to Obama Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to rope Texas back into the Voting Rights Act. The US Supreme Court just struck part of that law down.The facts are on Abbott’s side. Texas specifically modeled its voter ID law on Indiana’s. That law has already been taken all the way to the US Supreme Court and was upheld. The Texas law enjoys widespread support across all ethnicities in the state. Only the Texas Democrat Party and its allies oppose it.The Obama administration has been very consistent about opposing laws that buttress election security, and it has been very consistent about punishing states that don’t get in line with Obama’s radical agenda. Holder’s lawsuit is just another example of both.
URL: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013/07/25/texas-ag-tweets-at-eric-holder-if-its-war-you-want-its-war-youve-got/ - 237KB - 26 Jul 2013
Excerpt: quickly and forcefully to obama attorney general eric holder 8217 s...
62. Laura Bush Responds to Obama Whining About Michelle Not Getting Paid (Click to See)
Laura Bush responded to the Obama whining about the First Lady not getting a "salary"... you've got to see this. It's awesome.
URL: http://conservativetribune.com/laura-bush-was-classy/ - 40KB - 18 Jul 2014
Excerpt: silversaver com recent posts watch obama cracks jokes seconds after...
63. As the Wisconsin Tea Party gives Obama a bloody nose, Bill Clinton stabs him in the back –...
Tuesday night saw a double whammy rejection of Obamanomics – once by the voters and once by former President Bill Clinton. Given a choice, the people of Wisconsin took Republican fiscalism over Democratic populism in a recall vote that let Tea Party favourite Scott Walker keep his state’s governorship. Incredibly, Bill Clinton – the man the White House sent to represent the President during the election – compounded the result by admitting that the country was in a recession and by urging Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts. That makes him the most senior liberal in the nation to cast doubt on Obama’s economic strategy. The people of Wisconsin are trending towards Romneynomics in 2012. So too, it would seem, is Hillary Clinton's husband.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/timstanley/100162878/as-the-wisconsin-tea-party-gives-obama-a-bloody-nose-bill-clinton-stabs-him-in-the-back/ - 59KB - 06 Jun 2012
Excerpt: as the wisconsin tea party gives obama a bloody nose bill clinton stabs...
64. Obama Proposes Eliminating Tax Cut Designed to Help Families Save for College
This is how White House wants to fund "free" community college. The Obama administration will soon propose raising taxes on middle-income families struggling to save for college–at a time when college costs are higher than they’ve ever been.For years, families have been using 529 college savings accounts. Once you invest after-tax dollars in these accounts, the money grows tax-free and you can withdraw the initial capital and the interest acquired without facing federal tax penalties if you use the money for education expenses.
URL: http://dailysignal.com/2015/01/26/obama-proposes-eliminating-tax-cut-designed-help-families-save-college/ - 61KB - 27 Jan 2015
Excerpt: public relations cc by nc 2 0 obama proposes eliminating tax cut...

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