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97. Coalition formally splits over boundary reform - Telegraph
David Cameron and Nick Clegg have formally agreed to split the Coalition over the row between the Tories and Liberal Democrats on reforming politics.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9803171/Coalition-formally-splits-over-boundary-reform.html - 65KB - 15 Jan 2013
Excerpt: boundary reform david cameron and nick clegg have formally agreed to split...
98. Jonathan Isaby: When you discover how much the Government taxes your petrol, you'll want to support the campaign to freezefueltax.com
The Government is working to try and make the tax system more transparent. At the last Budget, George Osborne announced the introduction of annual tax statements after a successful campaign by Ipswich MP, Ben Gummer. Those statements still need some improvement: they leave out Employers’ National Insurance, for example, and that means they understate the amount people are paying in direct taxes, let alone indirect taxes. But they are a big step in the right direction.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2012/08/when-you-discover-how-much-the-government-taxes-your-petrol-youll-want-to-support-the-campaign-to-fr.html - 229KB - 21 Aug 2012
Excerpt: j rogers nicholas soames mp nick boles mp nick bourne am nick...
99. Greg Clark MP: The power to prosper. Strengthening our cities. Comment
Hon Greg Clark MP is Minister for Decentralisation and Cities. Follow Greg on Twitter.Today’s Cities Outlook report provides a timely reminder that the battle for Britain’s economic future must be won in our cities.London today – in its energy, beauty, diversity, and as a cradle of opportunity and excellence – is one of the most admired cities the world has ever known.Many of our great cities outside London have been household names all over the world. After decades of decline in the second half of the last century, the last 25 years have seen a real sense of renaissance – city centres reversing the flight of population, and creating more jobs.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2012/01/the-power-to-prosper-strengthening-our-cities-by-gregclarkmp.html - 214KB - 25 Jan 2012
Excerpt: 23 jan 2012 07 23 40 comments 0 nick de bois mp labour is right about...
100. I never thought I¿d say this, but I agree with the Cleggster. Benefits for rich pensioners are...
The famous economist Maynard Keynes once said that ‘when the facts change, I change my mind’. But actually many of us, Keynes included, sometimes change our minds even when the facts haven’t changed.A few months ago, I had a swipe at Nick Clegg for suggesting that universal benefits for the over-60s such as winter fuel allowance, free TV licences and free bus passes should be removed from pensioners with assets of more than £1 million. What a fool the Cleggster was, I opined. What a half-witted ass.Though my general opinion of the man has hardly risen, I am beginning to wonder whether the Deputy Prime Minister might not be right on this point. Can it be just that millionaires should receive northwards of £200 in winter fuel allowance when poorer people on benefits are (rightly, I believe) taking a painful hit?
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2259872/I-thought-I-d-say-I-agree-Cleggster-Benefits-rich-pensioners-bonkers.html - 109KB - 13 Jan 2013
Excerpt: a few months ago i had a swipe at nick clegg for suggesting that universal...
101. STEPHEN GLOVER: Shameless treachery: Mr Cable is the most disloyal and devious politician of our times
Yesterday, Vince Cable delivered a speech at the Liberal Party Conference which for sheer bile was without precedent in modern times, by STEPHEN GLOVER.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2422932/STEPHEN-GLOVER-Shameless-treachery-Mr-Cable-disloyal-devious-politician-times.html - 130KB - 17 Sep 2013
Excerpt: he would embarrass his party leader nick clegg by refusing to vote for a...
102. Number 10's fury at 'f******' Miliband: Labour leader under fire after withdrawing support for airstrikes against Syria
Labour leader Ed Miliband has been branded a 'fucking cunt' by government insiders after suddenly withdrawing support for a military airstrike against Syria, which forced David Cameron to abandon plans to push for imminent action.As the main party leaders briefed their MPs on their return to Westminster for the emergency recall of Parliament, six RAF Typhoon jets were deployed to Cyprus to protect UK interests and sovereign bases.A dossier of evidence gathered by the intelligence services in Syria has been published by the government today to step up pressure on opponents to British involvement in military action against the Assad regime.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2405319/Number-10s-fury-f----Miliband-Labour-leader-withdrawing-support-Camerons-airstrike-Syria-Parliament-recalled-today.html - 283KB - 29 Aug 2013
Excerpt: to mps ahead of vote deputy pm nick clegg is wrestling with decision to...
103. Nick Clegg to win the General Election? Has someone put something in the water supply? -...
The current madness for all things Lib Dem cannot last. Nick Clegg will soon be gone with the wind, argues Boris Johnson.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/election-2010/7605612/Nick-Clegg-to-win-the-General-Election-Has-someone-put-something-in-the-water-supply.html - 503KB - 19 Apr 2010
Excerpt: map general election 2010 map nick clegg win general election someone...
104. David Skelton: Let's offer trade union members free Conservative Party membership
There are almost seven million trade union members in the UK. In many of the marginal seats that Conservatives have to win to gain an overall majority in 2015, trade union members could hold the balance of power. The Party is right to disagree with the ideologically driven wreckers who lead the major unions, but that shouldn’t stop them reaching out to ordinary trade union members, many of whom are sympathetic to conservatism.Tory politicians should appeal to union members over the heads of the out of touch union leaders gathering at the TUC Congress this week. And they should learn from Margaret Thatcher when they’re trying to appeal to trade unionists. In 1950, Mrs Thatcher was elected President of the Dartford branch of Conservative Trade Unionists and, after being elected as party leader in 1975, she vastly expanded the organisation, to the extent that Conservative Trade Unionists had around 250 branches and held a major rally at Wembley before the 1979 election.And this courting of trade unionists was clearly successful, given that Mrs Thatcher gained more votes from trade unionists than Jim Callaghan in the 1979 election. She said that Conservatives should stand for the “majority [of the union movement] which is both reasonable and moderate.”
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2013/09/david-skelton.html - 252KB - 10 Sep 2013
Excerpt: j rogers nicholas soames mp nick boles mp nick bourne am nick...
105. Andrew Lilico: How significant a player could a CANZUK Federation be?
I have written previously that I believe the key question for the UK with reference to the EU is not "Should we leave or not?" - regardless of the benefits the arrangement has provided to us so far, we will shortly have no realistic option but to leave. Neither is it "After we leave, should we have a Swiss-type, a Norwegian-type, or a Turkish-type agreement with the EU?" - obviously there will be some kind of trade agreement struck with our former EU partners, but that won't even make page 5 of the newspapers (just as when we make new trade agreements with India or South Africa, that doesn't make the front pages, either).No, the key question isn't about our relationship with the EU at all. It's about what we should do instead. I've previously reviewed a number of the options and argued that the most plausible deep relationship post-EU would be with Canada and Australia, to which we can add New Zealand. Such a combination is often referred to by the acronym "CANZUK".
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2013/07/andrew-lilico-how-significant-a-player-could-a-canzuk-federation-be.html - 249KB - 26 Jul 2013
Excerpt: j rogers nicholas soames mp nick boles mp nick bourne am nick...
106. Boris Johnson: Stop bashing the rich and give the top 10 taxpayers automatic knighthoods to say...
The London Mayor called for an end to the 'moaning or bitching' about the super-rich who he said deserve thanks for 'heroically' funding roads, railways and schools.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509273/Boris-Johnson-Stop-bashing-rich-10-taxpayers-automatic-knighthoods-say-thank-you.html - 291KB - 18 Nov 2013
Excerpt: classes ahead of autumn statement nick clegg wants workers to be able to...
107. Mansion owners can sleep easy as tax plans are 'scrapped'... but now top earners face pensions...
Top earners face a crackdown on their pensions after Nick Clegg and David Cameron agreed to drop Liberal Democrat plans for a so-called mansion tax, it has been reported.Those who earn more than £150,000 could have their tax breaks on contributions to retirement funds reduced.The new raid on the wealthy comes as part of a Coalition deal that would allow the Tories to succeed in their cherished aim of scrapping the 50p top rate levied on income over £150,000 before 2015.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2111425/Mansion-owners-sleep-easy-tax-plans-scrapped--earners-face-pensions-crackdown-Coalition-deal.html - 160KB - 07 Mar 2012
Excerpt: a crackdown on their pensions after nick clegg and david cameron agreed to...
108. Eric Pickles defends Christian Britain from the European courts - and Nick Clegg The Tory Diary
Eric Pickles' brief can be a deceptively broad one. It seems rather incongruous that he should spend half of his time on seemingly narrow tasks like trying to get local councils to cut out waste and be more efficient at providing public services, and the other half of his time on "Communities" - ie religion.However, his department has taken note of the latter set of responsibilities. I recall Bob Neill, who left the DCLG in the reshuffle last week, responding to a trouble-making Labour question about Christmas celebrations in 2010, saying "the new Administration is committed to celebrating Christmas, including its Christian heritage. We should not allow politically correct Grinches to marginalise Christmas and the importance of the birth of Christ.". So it is that the responsibility of defending Christianity in Britain has fallen to Eric Pickles, who writes for the Daily Telegraph this morning.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/thetorydiary/2012/09/eric-pickles-defends-christian-britain-from-the-european-courts-and-nick-clegg.html - 61KB - 16 Sep 2012
Excerpt: from the european courts and nick clegg by matthew barrett follow...
109. Cutting the number of MPs.
I voted to reduce the number of MPs by 50 when it last came up, and am willing to do so again when the boundary review is complete. I read that some Lib Dems are no longer happy about this Coalition policy.I voted for it because I think public spending has to be reduced and it seemed like a good idea to start with a cut in Parliament, to show we can do more for less. We need to raise public sector produtivity across the board, so Parliament should show how.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/07/12/cutting-the-number-of-mps/ - 245KB - 17 Jul 2012
Excerpt: you don 8217 t like what i or nick clegg are saying doesn 8217 t make...
110. The Nonce Finder General strikes again: Within days of his death, MP Tom Watson accused Leon Brittan of child rape without hard evidence, so RICHARD LITTLEJOHN wants to know why the LEFT don't think libel rules apply to them
Are there any Left-wing sex offenders? I only ask because all those put in the frame for alleged sex crimes seem to dress to the Right politically.Nonce Finder General Tom Watson is, of course, a Labour MP and has a vested interest in painting all Conservatives as rapists and child molesters.Watson's latest target is Leon Brittan, who died last week. Brittan served under Mrs Thatcher. So, as far as the Left are concerned, he must be guilty.Ding, dong, the paedo's dead.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2927655/The-Nonce-Finder-General-strikes-days-death-MP-Tom-Watson-accused-Leon-Brittan-child-rape-without-hard-evidence-RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-wants-know-LEFT-don-t-think-libel-rules-apply-them.html - 356KB - 27 Jan 2015
Excerpt: miliband photo credit should read nick ansell pa wire labour mps urge...
111. Steve Baker MP: It's time for flat taxes Comment
I appeared recently on The Daily Politics to advocate tax simplification. In the way of things, the Beeb only used the section where I straightforwardly called for lower, flat taxes. I didn't object - I'm serious: low and flat taxes...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2011/06/flat-tax.html - 217KB - 17 Feb 2012
Excerpt: j rogers nicholas soames mp nick boles mp nick bourne am nick...
112. Governments need to be seen to be in control
David Cameron has enjoyed two great successes as Prime Minister.He led western opinion on the subject of Libya, worked with France to intervene militarily, and presided over a successful military intervention which helped the rebels bring down the dictator. I did not myself think this a good way to spend UK money and risk lives, but I accept that he did it well and his international reputation was enhanced by it. It would be churlish to deny him the credit he is due for the successful action in its own terms.More importantly, he did refuse to allow the UK’s name to go on a new Treaty for fiscal austerity in the EU, and forced the partners to come up with an intergovernmental Treaty of 25 instead of an EU Treaty. This made him extremely popular with the public, reaching a temporary high of support.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/23/governments-need-to-be-seen-to-be-in-control/ - 240KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: over the weekend both cameron and clegg said there was no need for a...

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