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209. Ed Miliband's attack on NHS privatisation left in tatters | Daily Mail Online
Labour's shadow health secretary Andy Burnham was challenged in a 'car crash' TV interview last night to say how many private health firms he would stop from providing treatment for NHS patients.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2929801/Miliband-s-attack-NHS-privatisation-left-tatters-figures-reveal-Labour-outsourced-TWICE-Coalition.html - 382KB - 28 Jan 2015
Excerpt: fl january 25 olivia culpo l and nick jonas attend the 63rd annual miss...
210. Labour's Shabana Mahmood accused of encouraging 'mob rule' at anti-Israel protest | Mail Online
A Labour frontbencher was accused of encouraging mob rule last night after she boasted of taking part in an anti-Israel protest that forced a supermarket to close.She then used YouTube to brag about her actions, calling for a boycott of Israeli goods – in direct contravention of Labour policy.Last night the Muslim MP, who speaks for the party on tax and growth policy, was accused of ‘stirring up tensions’ by Jewish leaders. They said the Birmingham Ladywood MP was promoting public disorder, and branded her behaviour ‘completely inappropriate’.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2729178/Labours-Shabana-Mahmood-accused-encouraging-mob-rule-anti-Israel-protest.html - 359KB - 26 Aug 2014
Excerpt: out following her split from nick cannon on monday mariah carey puts...
211. A lesson from Louise Mensch's GQ interview Tory MPs
Mensch said:"I’m not even a PPS (parliamentary private secretary, the lowest run on the ministerial ladder). It’s kind of annoying. What do I have to do to get promoted over here? Am I being disloyal? I don’t know.""I need to sit down with my whip and say "What do I have to do?" No, every time there is a raft of PPS promotions and my name is not on them, I have to sit down and think ‘What am I doing wrong?"There is no reason whatsoever why Mensch shoudn't be a PPS. However, the same is true of the following members of her intake: Harriet Baldwin, Steve Barclay, Bob Blackman, Nicola Blackwood, Karen Bradley, Fiona Bruce, Therese Coffey, Damian Collins, Oliver Colville, Tracey Crouch, Nick de Bois, Caroline Dineage, Jane Ellison, Charlie Elphicke, George Eustice, Mike Freer, Richard Fuller, Mark Garnier, John Glen, Zac Goldsmith, Helen Grant, Andrew Griffiths, Ben Gummer, Sam Gyimah, Robert Halfon, Matthew Hancock, Richard Harrington, Rebecca Harris, Chris Heaton-Harris, Kris Hopkins, George Hollingberry, Margot James, Jo Johnson, Kwasi Kwarteng, Andrea Leadsom, Phillip Lee, Charlotte Leslie, Johnathan Lord, Paul Maynard, Jason McCartney, Penny Mourdaunt, Jesse Norman, Priti Patel, Stephen Phillips, Daniel Poulter, Dominic Raab, Amber Rudd, Laura Sandys, Chris Skidmore, Henry Smith, Anna Soubry, Elizabeth Truss, Paul Uppal, Robin Walker, Gavin Williamson, and Nadhim Zahwawi.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/01/a-lesson-from-louise-menschs-gq-interview.html - 148KB - 03 Jan 2012
Excerpt: oliver colville tracey crouch nick de bois caroline dineage jane...
212. The 24 Conservative MPs who are still on the backbenches and have never rebelled Tory MPs
After last week's reshuffle of the Secretaries and Ministers of State, and this week's reshuffle of Parliamentary Private Secretaries, it's possible to investigate the state of a dying breed: the backbenchers who've always been loyal. The list below features the Conservative MPs who meet the following criteria:
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/09/the-forty-non-government-payroll-mps-who-havent-rebelled.html - 159KB - 14 Sep 2012
Excerpt: soames mp nicholas winterton mp nick boles nick boles mp nick bourne am...
213. TV chef Clarissa Dickson Wright died aged 66 | Mail Online
One half of the TV cookery duo, Two Fat Ladies, Miss Dickson Wright died in Edinburgh on Saturday, her agent confirmed this morning.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2582592/BREAKING-Television-chef-Clarissa-Dickson-Wright-died-age-66.html - 333KB - 17 Mar 2014
Excerpt: days of year unity lib dem leader nick clegg and tory david cameron used...
214. RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: The real problem with benefits is not White Dee but Red Ed and the politicians who have encouraged people to believe the world owes them a living
White Dee's sickness benefits may at long last be frozen after her drunken jolly to Magaluf, where she was pictured guzzling pints of beer, tequila shots and champagne.And not before time. I've heard of benefits tourism, but this was ridiculous. Deirdre Kelly, Dee's real name, has become something of a minor celebrity since she 'starred' in the gruesome TV documentary series Benefits Street.She has made a rap record, worked as a guest DJ in a Birmingham disco and been flown to Majorca for 'promotional work', including judging a wet T-shirt contest. All the time, she has continued drawing welfare payments, as she has done every week since she was sacked from her last full-time job for stealing £13,000.This hideous, obese slattern has become the poster girl for Britain's obscene benefits culture, yet she is unrepentant.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2636927/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-We-mugged-Benefits-Boulevard.html - 172KB - 23 May 2014
Excerpt: monster his coalition partner nick clegg defends the right of the...
215. Priti Patel: New Brussels red-tape costs Britain astonishing £5billion in just 2 years | Mail...
New laws, regulations and rules from Europe have cost the equivalent of £9,500 every minute since the start of 2011, according to Tory MP Priti Patel.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2353711/Priti-Patel-New-Brussels-red-tape-costs-Britain-astonishing-5billion-just-2-years.html - 258KB - 03 Jul 2013
Excerpt: an in out referendum by 2017 nick clegg dismissed the tory policy of...
216. Ed Miliband lookalike: The worst job I ever had | Mail Online
One of the funniest, and filthiest, sketches on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s disgusting Derek and Clive Live tapes was called The Worst Job I Ever Had.This being a family newspaper, I won’t detain you with the lurid details. But I’ve often wondered what would be the worst job in the world today.I don’t mean having to stack shelves in Poundland, which some dopey bird has just claimed is a denial of her fundamental human rights.Cait Reilly was even given a column in — where else? — the Guardian yesterday to whine that being asked to undertake a few weeks’ unpaid training at Poundland, or forfeit her £53 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance, was not just beneath her dignity, it was tantamount to ‘forced labour’.Shelf-stacking may not require a university education, or generate much intellectual stimulation, but it is honest toil and provides a valuable service.If it was a toss-up between stacking shelves or going in to politics, you’d find most sensible folk banging on the back door of Poundland any day of the week.According to the Boys in the Bubble, the worst job in the world right now is Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.Even in the vipers’ nest of Westminster, there are very few people who would volunteer to swap places with Ed Miliband. His opinion poll ratings are at rock bottom, his own party openly mutinous.There were times when, if only out of professional curiosity, I’d have taken a passing interest in the fate of the leader of the Labour Party.But the moment Miliband popped up on the Andy Marr show on Sunday, I decided life was too short and switched over immediately to Sky Sports, where Brian Woolnough and his guests were discussing the far more interesting topic of two-footed tackles.Ed Miliband wouldn’t even win a popularity contest in his own family.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2087540/Ed-Miliband-lookalike-The-worst-job-I-had.html - 97KB - 18 Jan 2012
Excerpt: someone to put himself forward as a nick clegg lookalike he 8217 s so...
217. Hanging on phone for taxman costs us millions: Taxpayers calling to query bills forced to pay...
The National Audit Office is scathing about the premium rates charged for calling HM Revenue and Customs. It also slams tax collectors for their tardiness in picking up the phone and responding to their post.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2249713/Hanging-phone-taxman-costs-millions-Taxpayers-calling-query-bills-forced-pay-premium-rate-wait.html - 203KB - 18 Dec 2012
Excerpt: snap of her son camden meeting st nick he doesn t like santa kristin...
218. Mass Migration: A Stealth Tax on the Working Classes
Ask any mainstream politician about taxation policy and they instinctively reach for the quiver, pull up their tights and begin chanting the mantra of “taking from the rich to give to the poor”. To the public it is the anaesthetic that dulls the pain of paying the government a portion of their salary, the accepted Marxist incantation “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” David Cameron and Nick Clegg will squabble like schoolboys leading up to next year’s General Election over who takes the credit for raising the income tax threshold, while Ed Miliband’s plan to reinstate a 50p top rate is designed to win votes rather than accrue revenue. It’s the default populist position; the age old desire to play Robin Hood to the opposition’s Sheriff of Nottingham is alive and well in Westminster.But the truth, absent from any manifesto, is that for well over a decade UK governments, whether Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour, have been enacting a policy that cannot help but lower the pay of the poor while simultaneously increasing the wealth of the rich, and they will do so for as long as they are elected.
URL: http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/05/20/mass-migration-is-a-tax-on-working-classes - 75KB - 21 May 2014
Excerpt: to his need a a david cameron and nick clegg will squabble like schoolboys...
219. Lord Owen’s plot to topple the Coalition - Telegraph
David Owen, the former Social Democrat leader and partner of the Liberals, is plotting with Labour to undermine the Coalition’s NHS reforms and speculates about the possibility of toppling the Government, a leaked email obtained by The Daily Telegraph discloses.Lord Owen discusses how Labour can benefit from a “loss of confidence motion in 2013” against the Government and said that Ed Miliband, the party’s leader, should campaign on “saving the NHS”. He urges Labour shadow ministers to introduce radical amendments to NHS legislation, which he will support.On Wednesday, Lord Owen will chair a parliamentary meeting of the Royal Colleges, which represent medical professionals, and is playing a key role in attempting to scupper the reforms. On Tuesday night, David Cameron was involved in attempts to shore up medical support for the legislation amid growing opposition to plans to give doctors control of NHS budgets.The Telegraph has obtained an email sent by Lord Owen on Oct 14 to Labour spokesmen, including Baroness Thornton and Lord Beecham. He wrote: “The truth is that the NHS is now seen by the country as a major dividing line between the Labour Party and that of the Conservative Party and, surprisingly, the Liberal Democrats.”
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/9037011/Lord-Owens-plot-to-topple-the-Coalition.html - 91KB - 25 Jan 2012
Excerpt: bill 11 oct 2011 av referendum nick clegg is failing vote reformers...
220. Yvette Cooper should apologise for blocking access to foodbanks | Conservative Home
The Labour Party have been keen to make political capital over the increase in the number of people using Foodbanks.Labour's response crass for various reasons. Foodbanks were already expanding under the Labour Government. Most of those that use foodbanks are in a short term crisis.The need for foodbanks isn't new – but more of them mean that more is being done to meet that need and to help people going through a bad time.
URL: http://www.conservativehome.com/leftwatch/2013/02/yvette-cooper-should-apologise-for-blocking-access-to-foodbanks.html - 66KB - 22 Mar 2014
Excerpt: march 10 2014 clegg bird clegg bird nick clegg sees ukip as his secret ally...
221. Pizza entrepreneur's £775,000 gift to Lib Dems questioned - Telegraph
The Liberal Democrats are facing an investigation into one of the party’s largest donors, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/liberaldemocrats/9763142/Pizza-entrepreneurs-775000-gift-to-Lib-Dems-questioned.html - 72KB - 22 Dec 2012
Excerpt: since 2003 mr verjee dined with nick clegg at chevening the grace and...
222. General Election 2010 latest: live - Telegraph
Talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats have collapsed, party sources say, setting the stage for a Conservative-led coalition the day after Gordon Brown dramatically announced his resignation.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/election-2010/7558554/General-Election-2010-latest-live.html - 326KB - 11 May 2010
Excerpt: street attempt woo lib dem leader nick clegg offering his own resignation...
223. Boris IS the new Disraeli... probably: Mayor adds weight to comparison by saying Victorian PM's personal failings took nothing away from his 'phenomenal' achievements | Daily Mail
It is the provocative question posed by a Tory grandee which has delighted political gossips: is Boris Johnson the modern Disraeli?The Victorian Prime Minister was a bed-hopping chancer who deployed his flamboyant wit to charm his way out of trouble and exert a hypnotic hold over the Tories.Now London Mayor Mr Johnson has fuelled the debate – by ruggedly defending the flawed leader.His remarks come in a review of the book that first drew the comparison between him and Disraeli.In his article Mr Johnson brushes aside the statesman’s personal failings, insisting they do nothing to diminish his ‘phenomenal’ achievements.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2380220/Boris-IS-new-Disraeli--probably-Mayor-adds-weight-comparison-saying-Victorian-PMs-personal-failings-took-away-phenomenal-achievements.html - 230KB - 28 Jul 2013
Excerpt: 45 hospitalty deputy prime minister nick clegg and his wife miriam have...
224. American economic strengths we could copy | John Redwood's Diary
Yesterday I argued that the US was not growing faster than the UK because it was enjoying a larger fiscal stimulus. Most of you agreed, but some were extremely sceptical of the quality and sustainability of US growth. Today I wish to look at the factors that are assisting the US growth rate. I understand that there is still too much unemployment in the USA, and that some people’s living standards have been badly squeezed. However, the official figures drawn up under international public sector accounting conventions do show faster growth in the USA last year and this, than in troubled Europe.Some have rightly observed that the USA now has very cheap energy in the form of low priced gas, thanks to its enthusiastic embrace of shale gas. Mr Obama was dismissive of Sarah Palin’s “Drill baby, drill” remark when asked about energy policy, yet his administration seems to be adopting it as a practical means of cutting energy bills and providing a big stimulus to industry. The Uk needs to pursue cheaper energy policies, as I have often argued here.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/28/american-economic-strengths-we-could-copy/ - 237KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: actions to date have shown reply nick posted april 28 2012 at 1 51 pm...

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