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193. Lib Dems urged to woo eastern European voters to avoid wipeout in Brussels elections in May |...
Issan Ghazni, a candidate to become an MEP in the East Midlands, claimed securing the support of people from eastern European could make the difference between the party winning or losing.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2550914/Lib-Dems-urged-woo-eastern-European-voters-avoid-wipeout-Brussels-elections-May.html - 302KB - 03 Feb 2014
Excerpt: in brussels elections in may nick clegg under pressure from...
194. Chris Huhne faces being kicked out of Lib Dems in final insult from party he longed to lead |...
Party officials expect a formal complaint will be lodged with local activists against the ex-Cabinet minister for bringing the party into disrepute.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2273794/Chris-Huhne-faces-kicked-Lib-Dems-final-insult-party-longed-lead.html - 187KB - 05 Feb 2013
Excerpt: the national party headed by nick clegg has no direct power to revoke...
195. 'Nigel Farage is a phoney BULLSHIT artist' - Labour's ASTONISHING new attack on Ukip | UK | News |...
LABOUR launched its fiercest attack yet on Ukip today as one of Ed Miliband's chief attack dogs branded Nigel Farage a "phoney bull**** artist".Michael Dugher, a Shadow Cabinet Minister and a no-nonsense Northerner, said: "The idea Nigel Farage is some sort of the voice of the working class frankly is bollocks."His outburst came in an astonishing interview with Express.co.uk, suggesting Labour is beginning to realise the threat Ukip represents to its traditional working class vote.Barnsley East MP Mr Dugher said Mr Farage "masquerades as the anti-politics candidate" but that he has in fact spent 15 years as a full-time politician.He said Mr Farage was a former stockbroker and in fact anti-working class."Look at his policies - taking away workers' rights, charging people to see their GP and tax cuts for millionaires," he said."Farage comes across as a kind of man in the pub, the voice of the working man, but he is a bull**** artist. He's an actor, he's phoney, he pretends he's something he's not.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/476168/Nigel-Farage-is-a-phoney-BS-artist-Labour-s-ASTONISHING-new-attack-on-Ukip - 106KB - 15 May 2014
Excerpt: an actor playing a shrinking nick clegg running naked down the...
196. Liberal Democrats are stopping us from kicking out terrorists like Abu Hamza, claims David Cameron
The Prime Minister said the Government needed to 'restore' Britain's ability to deport extremists that threatened the country.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2633723/We-deport-terrorists-like-Abu-Hamza-not-Lib-Dems-claims-David-Cameron.html - 345KB - 20 May 2014
Excerpt: breach bbc s political editor nick robinson lost his phone while...
197. UK faces 47 lawsuits for breaching EU's rules: Britain is being persued over items ranging from tractors to toys & garlic
Britain is accused of breaching almost 50 EU rules over items ranging from tractors to toys – and even garlic.In what will be seen as more meddling from Brussels, the Government is being pursued for failing to follow dozens of European Commission directives and other legal agreements.If ministers fail to address the allegations, lawsuits could end up in crippling fines at the European Court of Justice.It comes as Boris Johnson has said the key question the government will have to answer is ‘what is the point of the EU?’In a scathing attack, he suggested its purpose of securing peace after World War Two had run its course - and a new positive argument was needed or it risked being ‘yesterday’s answer to the problems of the day before yesterday.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2528700/UK-faces-47-lawsuits-breaching-EUs-rules-Britain-persued-items-ranging-tractors-toys-garlic.html - 300KB - 24 Dec 2013
Excerpt: all christmas during his lbc show nick clegg said he had asked for boxing...
198. Liberal Democrat Conference 2011: On Chris Huhne trotted, with an Eric Morecambe skip | Mail...
Ah, Chris Huhne! One of my favourites. All that priceless egomania hubble-bubbling just under the surface. The Lib Dem with as many faces as the Bride of Wildenstein. The walking embodiment of politician as a rude word. The schemers schemer.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2039839/Liberal-Democrat-Conference-2011-On-Chris-Huhne-trotted-Eric-Morecambe-skip.html - 85KB - 21 Sep 2011
Excerpt: on time when he stood against nick clegg in 2007 his toecaps shone...
199. EU benefits to British trade are 'imaginary' - Telegraph
Report says Britain's membership to the EU has not helped it develop trade links
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/10807824/EU-benefits-to-British-trade-are-imaginary.html - 66KB - 05 May 2014
Excerpt: apr 2014 it also counters claims by nick clegg the deputy prime minister in...
200. Losing one Lord a-leaping is unfortunate. Losing three at once should make Dave very worried...
SIMON HEFFER: Clearly, something is awry when these senior figures in the party: Lord Strathclyde, Lord Marland and Lord Sassoon, decide all at once that they should throw in the towel.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2259877/Losing-Lord-leaping-unfortunate-Losing-make-Dave-worried-indeed.html - 108KB - 13 Jan 2013
Excerpt: votes to one a crushing rebuff for nick clegg more from simon heffer a...
201. Liam Fox and David Davis say they 'will not be constrained' in speaking out for the Tory right | Daily Mail
Liam Fox and David Davis are supporting a new group which says David Cameron's "detoxification" strategy has left the Conservatives out of touch with their activists.Two Conservative big beasts today warned they will 'not be constrained' as they launched a campaign group calling for a more traditional Tory message on tax, spending and Europe.Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and David Davis, who lost out to David Cameron in the Tory leadership, said Conservative Voice will set out a more 'distinctive' position from their Liberal Democrat coalition partners.Group founder Don Porter warned Mr Cameron’s 'detoxification' strategy to shake-off the Conservative image as the nasty party has left it out of touch with voters.He said he was 'personally very keen' to win back former Tories who have defected to UKIP.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2201509/Liam-Fox-David-Davis-say-constrained-speaking-Tory-right.html - 199KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: dem to take part in the t v debates nick clegg fooled naive voters into...
202. Was that it?
The Euro fix is a proposal for a Treaty change to make Euro area countries borrow less. Apparently if they do not comply they will be fined. The fines, I assume, will be paid for out of extra loans advaced to these countries by the EU, or perhaps the IMF!
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/12/06/was-that-it/ - 158KB - 10 Dec 2011
Excerpt: and john maynard keynes i see nick clegg studied social anthropology...
203. The end of the peer show?
Every week when Parliament is in session the executive of the 1922 backbenchers committee meets to decide what to tell the Prime Minister about backbench attitudes and reactions to the government’s business. The full 1922 Committee also meets every Wednesday, where any Conservative MP can attend, and voice any criticism in the privacy of the meeting they wish.I have never before written about these meetings. They are best kept private. Sometimes they are unremarkable. Sometimes they express support for a Minister or a policy. Sometimes we summon a Minister to get a progress report or home in on problems that matter to us. The Chancellor comes for a consultation meeting with us before a budget when he is forming his measures. He comes after budget to report. The Prime Minister comes once a term to tell us how he sees things and to take our questions. Sometimes these meetings send tough messages, wanting change to what the government is doing or how it is behaving.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/22/the-end-of-the-peer-show/ - 156KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: on the sunday politics today nick clegg was asked by andrew neal why...
204. The strange death of BNP England | Telegraph Blogs
The BNP looks like it is coming to the end of its existence, the political party’s decline and fall having a suitable touch of comedy. Having collapsed in the polls since their 2009 heyday, party leader Nick Griffin is now displaying the most obvious symptom of a movement in disarray – turning his energy on rivals.As Matthew Goodwin of Nottingham University explains, Griffin has produced a report on the English Defence League, "claiming that behind the EDL lie a number of shadowy neoconservatives and 'Zionist terrorists' who are seeking to manipulate public concern over Islam to launch new wars and split the far right nationalist scene".
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/edwest/100177567/the-strange-death-of-bnp-england/ - 58KB - 11 Sep 2012
Excerpt: on this comment on this article nick griffin the bnp is a dying animal...
205. Sore Balls in a squeeze | Left Watch | ConservativeHome
The Independent headlines its interview with Ed Balls today: "Lib Dems should leave the Coalition and join us". This is the best news angle that can be found from it, though the Shadow Chancellor is scarcely likely to have said: "So you're asking what I'd do if the Lib Dems quit government, betrayed Cameron, voted with us and offered to help make me Shadow Chancellor? It's obvious, isn't it: I'd tell them to get lost!" However, he is careful to make the obligatory reference to Nick Clegg having to go in any such circumstances. I think Balls's response is a means of spinning himself as more coalition-friendly - and less tribal - than his critics assert without conceding nothing of substance: if he'd said he was open to coalition after the next election that would indeed have been news.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/leftwatch/2011/12/sore-balls-in-a-squeeze.html - 44KB - 21 Dec 2011
Excerpt: to make the obligatory reference to nick clegg having to go in any such...
206. Karl Parkin: Why I gave up in despair on my dream of being a teacher | UK | News | Daily Express
AFTER KARL PARKIN graduated with a Masters Degree in Physics he decided to train as a science teacher, having enjoyed school himself and wanting to help transfer his passion for learning to the next generation.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/409578/Karl-Parkin-Why-I-gave-up-in-despair-on-my-dream-of-being-a-teacher - 92KB - 23 Jun 2013
Excerpt: nottingham buys a car dealership nick clegg lib dems risk decline nick...
207. Uncovering the great recycling lie in a trail that leads to India | Mail Online
After the 'bin police' threatened his grandmother, MARK JORDAN decided to find out what really happens to our green waste. His quest took him to India ... and a discovery which should make councils think twice about handing out fines.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1053015/Uncovering-great-recycling-lie-trail-leads-India.html - 298KB - 24 May 2014
Excerpt: dishonest politician in britain how nick clegg led his party towards...
208. SKY TV Leaders' Debate: Live Blog – Telegraph Blogs
Refresh this page for the latest updates. See TV Election Debate: Live for the Telegraph’s parallel live article. Will Heaven (WH) and Robert Colvile (RC) write. 10.16pm Damian Thompson concludes: Whether Clegg or Cameron was ahead on points tonight is, I suspect, immaterial.
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/willheaven/100035973/sky-tv-leaders-debate-live-blog/ - 236KB - 22 Apr 2010
Excerpt: clegg loser terms foreign policy nick clegg emerged far weakest link...

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