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129. Deliberate, defamatory lies from the Mail on Sunday | Roger Helmer MEP
On June 1st, the Mail on Sunday published what purported to be a report on my interview with their Political Editor Simon Walters.In fact, the piece bore little or no relation to our interview, and appears to be simply a pre-cooked hatchet job, packed with deliberate and defamatory lies. I have written to Mr. Walters in the following terms.
URL: http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/06/02/deliberate-defamatory-lies-from-the-mail-on-sunday/ - 372KB - 24 Jul 2014
Excerpt: says june 7 2014 at 9 12 am oh yeah nick you know me boys we certainly do...
130. I agree with Nick and with Vince!
I thought this government was going to extend our civil liberties. They made a good start, removing the threat of compulsory ID cards, and changing detention without trial. I have no wish for them to increase the surveillance of the state, and hope Mr Clegg wins his battle over the latest database issue.Nor do I think it a good idea to cut the tax relief available for charitable giving. As I wrote on 8th April here, that policy is at variance with the Big Society idea. The Treasury needs to grasp that large donors to charities do not make money themselves out of the gift – they are just being generous. The charity gets the extra advantage from the tax break.I was surprised to hear Vince Cable say he did not want this proposal. Not because I expect Vince to keep to collective responsibility and defend the government, but because I thought the limitation of total tax relief available to the rich was a Lib Dem idea brought into the budget.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2012/04/14/i-agree-with-nick-and-with-vince/ - 212KB - 11 May 2012
Excerpt: john redwood s diary i agree with nick 8211 and with vince comments feed...
131. Rachel Frosh should not have been removed from the candidates list for saying Hitler was a Socialist
By Harry Phibbs Follow Harry on Twitter Dr Rachel Frosh has been removed the Conservative Party candidates list and forced to resign as the Deputy Police and Crime Comissioner in Hertfordshire. The reason was that she used her Twitter account...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2013/02/rachel-frosh-should-not-have-been-removed-from-the-candidates-list-for-saying-hitler-was-a-socialist.html - 159KB - 17 Feb 2013
Excerpt: soames mp nicholas winterton mp nick boles nick boles mp nick bourne am...
132. Britain has a friend in Mitt Romney, so David Cameron should get to know him - Telegraph
We will always need our greatest ally – but some Americans like us more than others.Thirty years ago this coming Monday, British troops began to land at San Carlos Bay in the Falkland Islands. Just over three weeks later, the Argentine forces surrendered to them. This weekend in Portsmouth, the Navy Museum is organising a commemorative conference, and a dinner on HMS Victory.The keynote speech will come from John Lehman, who was the US navy secretary at the time. Today Mr Lehman is the most senior foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger to Barack Obama in this year’s presidential election.Mr Lehman will explain how, contrary to current historical orthodoxy, the Americans helped Britain instinctively, secretly and right from the start of the Falklands war. He should know, because he did it.Mr Lehman’s key point is that this help came from the bottom up. So great were what were called “the customary patterns of cooperation” between Britain and the US that they could provide the cover for a huge operation. Weeks before the US announced its public policy “tilt” to Britain on April 30, 1982, there was, as Mr Lehman puts it, “already water flowing through the pipes”. President Reagan felt benign towards Britain, and particularly towards Mrs Thatcher, his friend since both were in opposition, but it was not necessary for him to approve anything for help to start.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/9274985/Britain-has-a-friend-in-Mitt-Romney-so-David-Cameron-should-get-to-know-him.html - 84KB - 19 May 2012
Excerpt: in david cameron david cameron and nick clegg attempt to show a united...
133. Keep an eye on Nick Clegg: Brussels would love to install him as our PM – Telegraph Blogs
It is not so much that Berlusconi has been toppled. That had been coming for a long time. It is that he is to be replaced by a former EU Commissioner, Sgr Monti, which demonstrates the extent of the power exerted by those Masters of Europe. It is the second coup d' état in less than a fortnight. “Who next?” we might well ask. Could it be us? Certainly not just now, but who would be Brussels’ man in London and how might they hope to get him into office?
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/normantebbit/100117089/keep-an-eye-on-nick-clegg-brussels-would-love-to-install-him-as-our-pm/ - 64KB - 29 Feb 2012
Excerpt: news rss feed news keep an eye on nick clegg brussels would love to...
134. £140 million poured into pothole repair by British ministers | UK | News | Daily Express
MINISTERS last night pledged to tackle a major scourge of the British motorist by pumping an extra £140million into fixing the country's potholes.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/463854/140-million-poured-into-pothole-repair-by-British-ministers - 103KB - 10 Mar 2014
Excerpt: and gushes about his love of uk nick clegg says nigel farage is smiling...
135. Francois Hollande: French president says Britain only cares about the City | Mail Online
Socialist election victor Francois Hollande has threatened the UK with new Europe-wide taxes to neuter the City of London. David Cameron has warned that the Euro is in extreme trouble.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2141040/Francois-Hollande-French-president-says-Britain-cares-City.html - 155KB - 08 May 2012
Excerpt: will use a speech alongside nick clegg to point out that the chaos...
136. Tories' new Iron Lady leads Eurosceptics demands for Cameron to pull rank on Nick Clegg over EU...
Eurosceptic MP Andrea Leadsom (pictured) demanded the Prime Minister override deputy Nick Clegg and reclaim power back from Brussels.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2083007/Tories-new-Iron-Lady-leads-Eurosceptics-demands-Cameron-pull-rank-Nick-Clegg-EU-powers.html - 130KB - 06 Jan 2012
Excerpt: demands for cameron to pull rank on nick clegg over eu powers prime minister...
137. Nick Clegg's pledge over keeping 45p tax rate puts him on collision course with Tory Right |...
Speaking at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, Nick Clegg said there could be 'no question' of further reducing the income tax charged on earnings over £150,000.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2209125/Nick-Cleggs-pledge-keeping-45p-tax-rate-puts-collision-course-Tory-Right.html - 194KB - 27 Sep 2012
Excerpt: on collision course with tory right nick clegg was making keynote address at...
138. Cameron to face U.S. chat show grilling as he attempts to raise his profile and promote British Business | Daily Mail
In a potentially risky move, Mr Cameron will become the first sitting British Prime Minister to appear on David Lettermans long-running Late Show.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2208178/Cameron-face-U-S-chat-grilling-attempts-raise-profile-promote-British-business.html - 195KB - 25 Sep 2012
Excerpt: us to help them 8217 more awkward nick clegg loses patience with tv host...
139. Speak for the UK, Mr Cameron
Mr Cameron has a simple choice. He can either go along with the plans for a German Europe, and be hailed by federalists as a good European, or he can call their bluff and speak for the UK.The Merkel plan will not save the Euro. It does nothing to tackle the underlying problems of too much government borrowing, and too little competitiveness. It increases the gap between the governed and the governing. Fining countries who have no money is ludicrous.
URL: http://johnredwoodsdiary.com/2011/12/08/speak-for-the-uk-mr-cameron/ - 201KB - 10 Dec 2011
Excerpt: walks into his bedroom and finds nick clegg in bed with his wife samantha...
140. Anyone for the John Redwood manifesto? | Tory MPs | ConservativeHome
It is by far the best blog written by any Tory MP. Each day - without fail - John Redwood offers a thoughtful reflection on a policy or strategic issue of the day. I suspect many ConHome readers are already regular readers but here is my selection of the former Welsh Secretary's wisdom as blogged by him in the last couple of months. My guess is that many Tory Party members wish that wisdom was more regularly embraced by those leading our party...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/12/the-john-redwood-manifesto.html - 167KB - 15 Dec 2012
Excerpt: soames mp nicholas winterton mp nick boles nick boles mp nick bourne am...
141. Dom Raab MP advocates ten policies to help the little guy Tory MPs
On Majority Conservatism I've argued that we need a 'Conservatism for the little guy'. An 'outsiderism' on behalf of consumers, taxpayers and small business entrepreneurs was also one of four big ideas from an FT series on the future of US conservatism.Dom Raab MP has responded with a paper for the Centre for Policy Studies in which he advocates ten policies which, in his words, "promote the great British underdog". The Conservative Party, he writes, "ought to be the party that breaks down glass ceilings and monopolistic vested interests. Above all, this agenda ought to appeal to those who prize the work ethic as a value that transcends class, ethnicity, faith or other social differences."
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/07/writing-for-cpsthinktank-dom-raab-mp-advocates-ten-policies-to-help-the-little-guy.html - 155KB - 30 Jul 2012
Excerpt: soames mp nicholas winterton mp nick boles nick boles mp nick bourne am...
142. Secret justice plan crumbles: Clegg says he'll block it, report by MPs and peers damns it and...
Plans for a huge extension of ‘secret justice’ are close to ruin after Nick Clegg warned the Prime Minister he cannot support them as they stand.Last night Government sources said Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke would signal a U-turn on the proposals within weeks.The Deputy Prime Minister told Mr Cameron and other members of the highly secretive National Security Council that without major changes, the Liberal Democrats will not back legislation allowing more court hearings and inquests to be held behind closed doors.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2124781/Secret-justice-plan-crumbles-Clegg-says-hell-block-report-MPs-peers-damns-ministers-close-u-turn.html - 150KB - 04 Apr 2012
Excerpt: 8217 are close to ruin after nick clegg warned the prime minister he...
143. Ed Miliband shows he doesn't trust the British public | Leo McKinstry | Columnists | Comment |...
LABOUR leader Ed Miliband constantly trumpets his commitment to “nation” politics. Tragically that nation is not ours. It is the European Union’s federal superstate. This is the truth behind his wilfully obscure rhetoric about Britain’s relationship with the EU.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/leo-mckinstry/464544/Ed-Miliband-shows-he-doesn-t-trust-the-British-public - 91KB - 03 Apr 2014
Excerpt: after nigel farage s showdown with nick clegg the main parties are rattled...
144. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sabotaging the West's battle to crush ISIS | Daily Mail Online
President Erdogan's planes have aimed their missiles almost exclusively at the one army which poses a real threat to ISIS - the Kurdish PKK forces inside Syria, writes MICHAEL BURLEIGH.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3335819/Double-dealing-tyrant-s-sabotaging-West-s-battle-crush-ISIS-Turkey-s-Erdogan-doing-cripple-forces-actually-fighting-ISIS-writes-MICHAEL-BURLEIGH.html - 451KB - 27 Nov 2015
Excerpt: carey spends thanksgiving with ex nick cannon and their children after...

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