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113. You're not happy about a Fiscal Union? FU! – Telegraph Blogs
Sure enough, Cleggie is already trying to reverse the substance of Friday morning's deal, arguing that the eurozone states should be able to use EU structures and mechanisms rather than having to establish their own institutions. This would, of course, make a mockery of the veto, and I can't imagine David Cameron would countenance it – although, as I argue in the MoS, our Brussels apparatchiki will work frantically to convince him.Britain's strategic aim should be to provide for the development of two parallel bodies: the European Union (EU) and the Fiscal Union (FU). The former should be allowed to subside gradually into an amplified free trade area, while the latter becomes a federation. I suspect that, at that stage, the numbers would be far more evenly matched than 26 to one.FU is, indeed, precisely the attitude that many eurozone leaders seem to take to their voters. You're unhappy about the loans-for-austerity racket? FU! You'd prefer a devaluation to endless poverty? FU! You don't see why your business has to close so that the euro can hold together? FU!
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/danielhannan/100123265/youre-not-happy-about-a-fiscal-union-fu/ - 60KB - 11 Dec 2011
Excerpt: the courage of your convictions nick walk out sure enough cleggie is...
114. The future's electric for Britain's railways - Telegraph
The big David Cameron-Nick Clegg announcement offered little new money, but it confirmed that our railways have an exciting future.Jimmy Savile was wrong. This is the age of the train, rather than the late Seventies/early Eighties when he was the face of British Rail advertising and immortalised that slogan.The huge prominence given to yesterday’s announcement of the investment programme for the railways shows how far we have come from the dog days of the Beeching cuts and the decades that followed, years in which British Rail’s finances were permanently squeezed by a series of unsympathetic governments. When the beleaguered Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister use an announcement about the railways to show how they are going to kick-start the economy – and incidentally to tell us that they are still good friends – it is clear that ministers see the revitalised rail industry as a key part of Britain’s infrastructure for the 21st century.
URL: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/9403366/The-futures-electric-for-Britains-railways.html - 89KB - 17 Jul 2012
Excerpt: s railways the big david cameron nick clegg announcement offered little...
115. Chris Heaton-Harris MP uses 60 adjectives to condemn building of wind farm Tory MPs
During Tuesday's Adjournment debate before the start of the Christmas recess, a number of Members spoke on energy and climate change. The most remarkable contribution to the debate came from Chris Heaton-Harris, the Member for Daventry. He used 60 - yes, sixty - adjectives to describe the decision to approve the building of a wind farm in his constituency:"That brings me to some unbelievably bad news I received yesterday about my constituency. There was—how can I put it?—a disgraceful, vulgar, disrespectful, terrible, shameful, contemptible, detestable, dishonourable, disreputable, ignoble, mean, offensive, scandalous, shabby, shady, shocking, shoddy, unworthy, deplorable, awful, calamitous, dire, disastrous, distressing, dreadful, faulty, grim, horrifying, lamentable, lousy, mournful, pitiable, regrettable, reprehensible, rotten, sad, sickening, tragic, woeful, wretched, abhorrent, abominable, crass, despicable, inferior, odious, unworthy, atrocious, heinous, loathsome, revolting, scandalous, squalid, tawdry, cowardly, opprobrious, insulting, malevolent, scurrilous and basically stinkingly poor decision of the Planning Inspectorate to approve the Kelmarsh wind farm, which will devastate huge swathes of beautiful rural Northamptonshire.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2011/12/chris-heaton-harris-mp-chhcalling-uses-60-adjectives-to-condemn-building-of-wind-farm.html - 153KB - 22 Dec 2011
Excerpt: 18 dec 2011 07 00 25 comments 86 nick gibb condemns a destructive...
116. David Cameron's EU referendum law a 'dead parrot' as Labour and Lib Dems kill off in-out vote prospect
However, he could not bring forward government legislation on the idea because Nick Clegg said the Lib Dems would not back it.Instead, Tory MP James Wharton took it through the Commons but it has floundered in the Lords.Today peers voted by 245 votes to 158, majority 87, to amend the wording of the question that would be put to voters in the referendum in 2017.It means the European Union (Referendum) Bill will have to go back to the Commons for further consideration - eating up more of the little remaining parliamentary time for its consideration.Lord Hill, Conservative leader in the Lords, added: ‘Labour and the Liberal Democrats have today done yet another U-turn on their position on an In-Out referendum on the European Union.‘Having accepted this Bill in the House of Commons, they are now trying to kill it in the Lords. Having stayed mum in the Commons, they have now been revealed in their true colours.‘Although they daren’t admit they do not think the British people should have their say, they are trying to do their dirty work unnoticed in the Lords.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2545420/Camerons-EU-referendum-law-dead-parrot-Tory-anger-Labour-Lib-Dems-kill-prospect-vote.html - 356KB - 25 Jan 2014
Excerpt: legislation on the idea because nick clegg said the lib dems would not...
117. "Significant victory" for Robert Halfon MP as new Energy Minister John Hayes promises to investigate oil market practises
Robert Halfon held a debate on the oil industry in the House today, focusing on the harmful consequences of high petrol prices for many Britons, and especially those in rural areas. Mr Halfon summarised his argument for ConHome this morning, so there's not much need to re-state the case for an investigation into the oil market, but it is worth noting the response of the newly appointed Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, John Hayes. Mr Hayes agreed to look into the complaints raised by Mr Halfon and the Petrol Promise campaign.
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/parliament/2012/09/significant-victory-for-halfon4harlowmp-as-new-energy-minister-promises-to-investigate-oil-market-pr.html - 156KB - 13 Sep 2012
Excerpt: soames mp nicholas winterton mp nick boles nick boles mp nick bourne am...
118. Ignore the scaremongering: America would be better off if Britain left the EU – Telegraph...
Would a British exit from the EU harm Britain’s partnership with the United States, and weaken the Special Relationship? The idea that it would is an argument that is being increasingly deployed by Eurofederalists on both sides of the Atlantic, and the Obama administration has also sent strong signals that it is against a British withdrawal.I expect that the US angle will be hammered on heavily by the pro-EU lobby in advance of the planned 2017 UK referendum, even among those who care little about the Anglo-American alliance. In Nick Clegg’s words, “we would not be taken as seriously by the American friends. The special relationship is special because they rely on us to stand tall in our own European back yard. That would not happen if we turn our back on Europe.” Downing Street has also played into this argument, highlighting US concerns, as has the Labour opposition. Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander has warned that Britain would be “relegated diplomatically and economically.”
URL: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100253379/ignore-the-scaremongering-america-would-be-better-off-if-britain-left-the-eu/ - 58KB - 10 Jan 2014
Excerpt: the anglo american alliance in nick clegga s words a oewe would not be...
119. Nick Clegg tells Lib Dems he will 'set the agenda' at next EU summit | Mail Online
In a letter, they said the Prime Minister deserves the 'full support' of the business community saying no to a fresh European treaty. It was published as Nick Clegg declared he will aim to set the agenda at the next EU summit.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2077904/Nick-Clegg-tells-Lib-Dems-set-agenda-EU-summit.html - 146KB - 23 Dec 2011
Excerpt: 106 share setting the agenda nick clegg may go to the next eu summit...
120. Comment | Conservative Home
By JP Floru At a dinner in London two weeks ago, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Donald Tsang unwittingly rubbed the Coalition Government’s inadequate tax policies in fellow attendant Vince Cable’s face (or, more precisely, he would have done so, if...
URL: http://conservativehome.blogs.com/platform/2011/10/fao-george-osborne-hong-kongs-hk-713-billion-budget-surplus.html - 199KB - 08 Oct 2011
Excerpt: j rogers nicholas soames mp nick bourne am nick burrows nick cuff...
121. Shock poll could force Tories into UKIP pact: Labour could win a 60-seat majority at the next election
The poll by Tory donor Lord Ashcroft (pictured) has revealed that Labour is leading in 32 marginal seats, a situation compounded by UKIP splitting the Tory vote.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2420953/Shock-poll-force-Tories-UKIP-pact-Labour-win-60-seat-majority-election.html - 223KB - 15 Sep 2013
Excerpt: house of holland catwalk show with nick grimshaw harry styles heads out...
122. European Union (EU) referendum 'unlikely', says Labour leader Ed Miliband | UK | News | Daily...
ED Miliband said British voters were "unlikely" to have their say on whether to stay in the European Union (EU) if Labour win the next general election.
URL: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/464344/European-Union-EU-referendum-unlikely-says-Labour-leader-Ed-Miliband - 100KB - 12 Mar 2014
Excerpt: cent of britons 114 comments share nick clegg s a 1billion free school...
123. Wind farms are being paid millions to switch OFF their turbines as they generate too much electricity
Every day we're urged to be more and more energy conscious.But it has been revealed that wind farms were paid £8.7 million to switch off last month because there wasn't enough demand for the energy they generated.And the National Grid has been making the 'constraint payments' for years, with £32 million paid in the last year to keep the turbines powered down.According to the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF), the 'largest monthly amount paid for wind farms not to generate (£8.7 million)' was in March of this year.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2595902/Wind-farms-paid-millions-switch-OFF-turbines-generate-electricity.html - 257KB - 03 Apr 2014
Excerpt: recognition technology in or out nick clegg challenge nigel farage to a...
124. Lib Dems 'corrosive' plan for tax grab on pension pots of middle class | Mail Online
Nick Clegg’s party is calling for the total amount that can be saved into a pension pot without incurring punitive taxes to be slashed by a third from £1.5million to £1million.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2280843/Lib-Dems-corrosive-plan-tax-grab-pension-pots-middle-class.html - 227KB - 19 Feb 2013
Excerpt: liberal democrats experts warned nick clegg 8217 s party is calling for...
125. Tories' blistering attack on 'inert, scheming' Cable: Even some Lib Dems think Vince is lazy,...
Allies of David Cameron have attacked ‘inert’ Vince Cable and accused him of trying to drive a wedge between the Prime Minister and George Osborne over a mansion tax.Tory Ministers are furious at the Business Secretary’s attack on the Government’s ‘lack of direction’ in a leaked letter last week.Despite his denials, they believe that Liberal Democrat Mr Cable – or, more likely, his supporters – were behind it.Conservatives close to No 10 claim Mr Cable has stepped up his campaign to force Mr Cameron to back a mansion tax because it is one of the few policies over which Mr Cameron and the Chancellor disagree.They have now launched a provocative counter-attack by claiming Mr Cable is lazy – and they say that some Lib Dem Ministers agree.They want Mr Cameron to appoint a Tory to replace Mr Cable – possibly Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.‘Vince spends more time hatching plots to promote himself than devising an effective policy on business,’ said one Tory with close links to Mr Cameron. ‘He is inert and some Lib Dem Ministers agree. The Business Department is lacking in ideas and drive.Last night, even allies of the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg were critical of Mr Cable. Speaking at the party’s spring conference in Gateshead, one said: ‘Vince is still behaving like an Opposition politician rather than a Minister.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2113270/Tories-blistering-attack-inert-scheming-Cable-Even-Lib-Dems-think-Vince-lazy-say-allies-Prime-Minister.html - 141KB - 11 Mar 2012
Excerpt: allies of the deputy prime minister nick clegg were critical of mr cable...
126. America's deadliest city, Camden in New Jersey, disbands police force and fires 270 cops over...
Camden, New Jersey, one of the nation's poorest and most crime-ridden cities, is on the verge of dismantling its police department and starting anew with a force run by the county government.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2207690/Americas-deadliest-city-Camden-New-Jersey-disbands-police-force-fires-270-cops-budget-crisis.html - 204KB - 24 Sep 2012
Excerpt: and desperate to get on with it nick grimshaw makes his radio 1...
127. France to stop 75% super-tax after struggling to attract top international staff | Daily Mail...
When President Francois Hollande unveiled a 'super-tax' on the rich in 2012, some feared an exodus of business, sporting and artistic talent. One adviser warned it was a Socialist step too far that would turn France into 'Cuba without sun'.Two years on, with the tax due to expire at the end of this month, the mass emigration has not happened. But the damage to France's appeal as a home for top earners has been great, and the pickings from the levy paltry.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2885197/France-waves-discreet-goodbye-75-percent-super-tax.html - 359KB - 23 Dec 2014
Excerpt: evidence today see story npic by nick razzell body of death plunge tycoon...
128. Labour's private hospital stitch-up: Shocking evidence of how the Left sabotaged NHS success story
Shocking evidence of how Labour and union figures had the first privately run NHS hospital declared a failure has been uncovered by the Daily Mail.There are growing calls for an inquiry into how Hinchingbrooke in Cambridgeshire was rated ‘inadequate’ by the Care Quality Commission watchdog – only months after winning an award for patient care.But the Mail has learned that:Individuals who helped draw up the CQC’s damning report have close ties to the Labour Party and unions which oppose NHS privatisation.The local NHS body, which suddenly slashed the hospital’s funding and imposed arbitrary fines, is heavily influenced by Labour activists.
URL: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2913987/Labour-s-private-hospital-stitch-Shocking-evidence-Left-sabotaged-NHS-success-story.html - 353KB - 17 Jan 2015
Excerpt: s confidentiality clause while nick cannon would owe half that amount...

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