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Children's TV shows......... some are so great, even grown-ups still like watching them........ others are just plain bad.

Which do you reckon are the best of the best, and all parents / guardians should give their kids a chance to watch it?
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Oooh, let's see..........

  1. Knightmare [YouTube]
  2. Dogtanian and the 3 Muskehounds [YouTube]
  3. Inspector Gadget [YouTube]
  4. Rugrats
  5. Sesame Street
  6. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (early series narrated by Ringo Starr) [YouTube]
  7. Thundercats [YouTube]
  8. Trumpton [YouTube]
  9. Camberwick Green [YouTube]
  10. Chigley [YouTube]
  11. The Dream Stone [YouTube]
  12. Henry's Cat [YouTube]
  13. Count Duckula
  14. Around the World with Willy Fogg [YouTube]
  15. Mr Benn [YouTube]
  16. King Rollo [YouTube]
  17. Roobarb [YouTube]
  18. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  19. Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show / Peanuts
  20. Postman Pat [YouTube]
  21. Fireman Sam (original version) [YouTube]
  22. Paddington Bear (original version) [YouTube]
  23. The Muppet Show
  24. Gummi Bears [YouTube]
  25. Talespin [YouTube]
  26. Duck Tales [YouTube]
  27. Wowser [YouTube]
  28. Towser [YouTube]
  29. The Legend of Whitefang [YouTube]
  30. Dungeons & Dragons [YouTube]
  31. The Racoons [YouTube]
  32. Muppet Babies [YouTube]
  33. Animaniacs [YouTube]
  34. Tiny Toon Adventures [YouTube]
  35. Garfield & Friends [YouTube]
  36. Heathcliff [YouTube]
  37. Fraggle Rock [YouTube]
  38. Top Cat
  39. The Flintstones
  40. The Jetsons
  41. Bertha [YouTube]
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