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According to my copy of The Times Atlas of the World (Mini Edition), the USA has an area of 
3,787,422 Square Miles, which works out at 9,809,378 Square Kilometers (if you prefer using that unit of 
measurement instead).

According to the measuring tools on Google Earth, there are these distances between places there..............

Miami (Florida) - Seattle (Washington) = 2,732.24 miles

Seattle (Washington) - San Diego (California) = 1,062.68 miles

San Diego (California) - Miami (Florida) = 2,269.02 miles

Miami (Florida) - Bangor (Maine) = 1,458.19 miles

Statue of Liberty (New York City) - Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California) = 2,572.31 miles

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) - New York City (New York State) = 80miles.

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