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Diversify your news, try these:

- The Daily Signal: outlet created by the Heritage Foundation (leading American think-tank) that has real stories you should probably know about when the MSM is trying to distract you with stories about the latest pictures of Kim Kardashian's butt, the Daily Signal has real stories about things like government finance. https://www.dailysignal.com/

- Breitbart: dissed by many in the mainstream media as "fake news", but they get their stories from places like Reuters + AP just like any other news outlet + also provide commentary on stories from other news websites, and their journalist have previous experience at other news outlets (often got ousted for "not being liberal enough") http://www.breitbart.com/

- My "News" Twitter list feed.... got 409 local and national News twitter accounts from around the world listed on it https://twitter.com/ConservativeCCh/lists/news

Other good sources (should be in the twitter list as well)

- Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer)

- Washington Times (@WashTimes)

- One America News (@OANN)... also has a YouTube channel and website.

- Twitchy.com (@TwitchyTeam)... news of happenings on Twitter

- The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller)

- Fox Business (@FoxBusiness).... a bit more restrained than the main Fox News channel, and they also have a YouTube channel worth having a poke around on.
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