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Behaviours commonly associated with people from the UK
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In 1985, an American movie came out called "National Lampoon's European Vacation" with Chevy Chase & Beverley D'Angelo. In the movie they stoppedoff in London], and they portrayed British television as being "Only 3 Channels, and no MTV", and the only shows on offer a choice between a documentary about cheese or static.
This was completely wrong, as British TV was at it's peak then (even if it was still on Standard Definition colour).... from what I remember from being 5 or 6 years old at the time.

Back then there was re-runs of 1960's / 1970's classics such as "Monty Python's Flying Circus" + "Fawlty Towers" + "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'em" + "Trumpton", and new(ish) episodes of shows like "Open All Hours", "The Young Ones", "Only Fools & Horses", "The Two Ronnies" + "Morecambe & Wise", as well as Kenny Everett.... and the original run of Dr Who before it was briefly cancelled and brought back.
If you got up early enough on a Saturday morning, you could watch "Eggs n Baker".... a cooking show for kids hosted by Cheryl Baker from "Bucks Fizz". This was followed by Saturday morning kids magazine show "Saturday Superstore" (later replaced by "Live & Kicking"), which at various points included breaking off for episodes of shows such as "Rent a Ghost" + the original "Thundercats" cartoon + "The Raccoons".
Saturday afternoon usually saw episodes of American shows like "Airwolf", "Knightrider" + "The A-Team".

If you got up early enough on Sunday morning's you'd have caught "Disney Club" on ITV (hardly get to see any Disney stuff on British TV nowadays unless you subscribe to their own channels on Sky)., and watch shows like "Gummy Bears" + "Tale Spin".
Sunday afternoons would include "Supergran", "The Smurfs" + "The Dukes of Hazzard".

Oh yeah, and on weekdays around 5:35pm (the slot after the afternoon kids programming had finished for the day) there was "The Flintstones" on BBC1... until it was replaced by Australian Soap Opera neighbours, which introduced us to an only just becoming famous Kylie Minogue.

Now of course we've got hundreds of channels + at least 7 MTV channels (and 2 that appear to be run by MTV, but have different branding).

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