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Reduce the amount of tax on Petrol & Diesel from 60% of the total price to 49% of the total price.

Somehow it isn't right that a tax on a product costs more than the product being taxed.

Reduce the amount of tax on Booze & Fags by 10p... as already so high, reports from last year were saying the government were losing £28.5billion tax from Booze, Fags & Vehicle fuel via the Blackmarket over the last 5yrs.


Raise threshold people have to pay income tax to £12,000 & introduce a flat rate of 30% income tax on money earned over that.

Currently (or due to be soon) it's about £10,000 before people start having to pay income tax, this would allow them to earn another £2,000 before they have to pay income tax.
Min. wage = £6 an hour(ish), £6 x 40hrs a week = £240 x 52 weeks in a a year = £12,480
With that flat tax idea idea they'd get an extra £2,000 free of tax, and only pay income tax on the £480 = £144
(instead of the current £496 they have to pay with 20% tax on the £2,480 paid after their £10,000 allowance - lefties never seem to be able to get this round their thick heads whenever you bring up mention of
Flat Taxes - example).


Streamline the number of different categories for vehicle road tax, with £0 vehicles like the Toyota Pious (Prius) + current £35 a year vehicles (e.g. Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 Turbo Diesel) bundled together at a starting rate of £50 a year & capping off at a maximum of £200 a year.

Eliminate home fuel poverty by binning the sham green taxes introduced by Ed Milliband when Labour were last in charge... then continued by speeding points dodger extraordinaire Chris Huhne + the
Potato faced nobody (Ed Davey) who replaced him.


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