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I've been out of the loop for a while, but let's see.........


  • Graham Farish 4412 "Yeoman Hopper Wagon": been wanting since at least 1998
  • PECO NR-P167 "United Dairies" Milk tank wagon
  • PECO NR-P112 Lime Wagon
  • PECO NR-P102A / NR-P102B / NR-P102C 7-Plank Coal Wagon
  • PECO NR-P120 SAXA Salt Wagon
  • PECO NR-P121 SHAKA Salt Wagon


  • Bach/Farish 372-388: A2 Pacific 60532 "Blue Peter"
  • Bach/Farish 371-061 Class 03 Shunter (Green with yellow wasp stripes)
  • Dapol 2D-005-000 Class 59 in Yeoman silver
  • Bach/Farish 371-384 Class 66 in EWS Livery
  • Bach/Farish 371-165 Class 37/4 in BR Large Logo blue
  • Bach/Farish 371-455 Class 37(251) in BR Blue
  • Bach/Farish 371-511 Class 101 DMU in BR Blue/Grey
  • Dapol ND112A Class 156 DMU in Northern Rail livery
  • Dapol ND116C Class 142 "Pacer" DMU in Northern Spirit livery
  • BR Class 4MT Tank Engine in BR Green, #80035 (currently n/a)
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