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USA, in particular:

  • Pennsylvania (my first online g/f back in 1999 came from Philly)
  • Virginia (had a friend there I REALLY liked, but she quit talking to me 2 years ago today)
  • Kentucky.... used to have quite a few online friends from there
  • Arkansas... my best online friend lives in Gurdon, Arkansas
  • Illinois... another of my best online friends is originally from there (but now lives in the UK, but 5hrs from me)
  • California

Used to want to go to Florida for the fishing at Islamorada, but I've developed a real dislike for the place in recent years, because:

  • I was watching Police Academy 5 (set in Florida) the time my Mum collapsed on the kitchen floor before she was first diagnosed with a brain tumour.
  • Had a big falling out with my online friend from Illinois when she went to live there for a while, and she married some butt ugly film director + got involved with half-assed radio show hosted by a pair of numbnuts called "Ron & Fez".
  • Florida is also the spot the girl I fancied most at school went on holiday and got hitched to the carpet fitter she picked instead of me.

South Carolina's just been scrubbed from the list 'cos the chick there I've been after for the last 9 years just got engaged to someone else.

Also wanna visit Canada... got friends in Peterborough (Ontario) + Edmonton (Alberta)

Wanted to visit Egypt to go fishing for Nile Perch on Lake Nasser... but with the civil nest there the last couple of years can screw that idea.

Japan's been scrubbed from the list 'cos the the friend from Virginia who quit talking to me went on an exchange visit there shortly after... so mention of the spot tends to make me want to smash something in the same way Florida does.

Can't be bothered with Australia any more since my main friend over there never replies to me any more.

Perhaps Denmark, as one of my favourite episodes of my favourite fishing show was set there...

Germany, to do a few laps of the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit

Belgium to do some laps round the Spa-Francorchamp race track (the only interesting thing in Belgium) / go watch the F1 cars thundering over the crest of the Eau Rouge / Raidillon section at c. 175mph into the 200mph Kemmel Straight... Or perhaps the high-speed (185mph) Blanchimont corner. (can you tell I like this track?)

Italy to check out Venice, Rome, Pisa, Florence + do some laps round the Imola & Monza race tracks.

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