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... and what (if anything) isn't quite as good?
in AlltheInterweb Answers by Five-hundred+ points user (737 points)

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1) Doesnt hand out violation warnings & bans for something as simple as accurately answering a question with a full compliment of links to useful resources to help answer the question - e.g. showing someone wanting to set-up a business links to all the start-up help, trade publications, equipment suppliers & wholesalers they'll need to get going.

2) Can make answers neater by hyperlinking text in the answer instead of bunging the full URL somewhere convenient such as towards the end of a sentence.

3) If needed, you can put pictures in with your answer (e.g. to show a diagram, or a picture of a place you're recommending someone to visit).

4) Run from Yorkshire, England (the home of stubborn common sense) instead of California, USA (Libtard central)..... see #1^

Not so better:

1) Lack of users, mostly seems to get swamped by Indian SEO spammers posting crap, then logging in with a different user name to answer their own question.

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