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I know many individuals who just join online IT training lessons and waste their time. If on the web computer system training websites are very easy to access than exactly why this pattern isn't growing in people around the world?

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There's lots, such as ICS Home Learning + the Open University, but I find most computer courses are bloody useless and most the ones I've been sent on in the past teach you anything you want to know about computers as long as it's what you already know about doing Word Processing in Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel & Databases in Microsoft Access + various other functions of Microsoft Office.... rarely anything you actually want to learn such as Web Design or poking around inside the computers internals to do something like add more RAM or an extra Hard drive.

Over the years I've learned far more about computers pissing about with them at home in my own time by looking-up sites such as HTML GOODIES or Dynamic Drive or Javascript Kit or FreewareJava or CGI Resource Index or PHP Resource Index for web design knowledge, or PC Mech and similar sites for poking around inside the computer than I've ever learned on a computer course.

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