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Usually by the fact your sites are WAY down the search results, and by checking via Google Webmaster Tools (user account required + the uploading of a file to your webspace to verify the site is yours), you can also get a rough idea of how the SEO of your website is progressing by looking at the Data for it at a website valuation site I came across - ValueIs.com

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Here are guidelines provided by seo company London. You should check if the site has no quality backlinks, no .gov and .edu back links, site may be spam, check if the site have its own blog, fresh good original contents, bandwidth and speed of the site, proper meta description and meta title, doesn’t use domain name in the title and site doesn’t satisfy google trust rank algorithm. A well organized SEO campaign will deliver good results that will help increase website visitors which will lead to increase in sales and increase in revenues. Building high quality links will definitely improve the site search engines visibility.

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