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For what cash for gold is obtained?

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For what cash for gold is obtained?
asked Nov 3, 2012 in Savings & Investments by NANCE Beginner (105 points)

2 Answers

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Depends on the quality of the gold, how much it weighs, the price of gold on the commodity markets + how honest the person you're trying to trade it in to is.

answered Nov 3, 2012 by admin_jduck1979 Five-hundred+ points user (736 points)
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We obtain the cash for our own potential,metal rate,copper which is used in the mixture of gold to make a good and fine cuts and designs that which is attracted by a buyers which that adds a money for gold.for these fine features cash for gold is obtained.

answered Nov 4, 2012 by KAISER Beginner (102 points)
edited Nov 5, 2012 by admin_jduck1979
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